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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Political Problems? What Problems?

Trade trumps political tensions with Venezuela, Argentina, Nicaragua - and even Cuba.
Despite being critical to the US, Argentine president Cristina Fernandez is overseeing one of latin America's strongest trade increases with the United States. (Photo: Argentine President's Office)


Last year marked a low point in U.S.-Argentina relations. Argentina's new president dismissed a U.S. investigation that indirectly linked to her campaign as "garbage."

However, that didn't stop the two countries from boosting their trade ties. Total U.S. trade with Argentina last year reached $10.3 billion, an increase of 18.2 percent. That means Argentina ended up among the top five winners in Latin America when it came to both trade with, and exports to, the United States, according to a Latin Business Chronicle analysis of new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.


Only three other countries in Latin America boasted stronger trade growth with the United States. And when it came to Argentine exports to the United States, it managed to post the third-highest growth, according to our analysis.

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