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Monday, March 10, 2008
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Q&A: Minoru Itaya, Sony Ericsson

Minoru Itaya, president of Sony Ericsson in Latin America, talks to Latin Business Chronicle.
Minoru Itaya, president of Sony Ericsson in Latin America. (Photo: Sony Ericsson)


UK-based Sony Ericsson last year shipped 17.3 million wireless phones to Latin America - an increase of 74.7 percent, according to Strategy Analytics. (See Latin Wireless: Strong Growth). That means it has replaced Korea-based LG as the third-largest wireless phone vendor in Latin America. Sony Ericsson's market share in Latin America now stands at 12.5 percent, an increase from the 8.0 percent it held in 2006. Latin Business Chronicle asked Minoru Itaya, president of Sony Ericsson, about the key drivers of the growth and the company's outlook in Latin America.

Latin Business Chronicle: What are the key drivers of your wireless handset sales growth in Latin America?

Itaya: Our main strength is music phones.  Since we launched the first Walkman Phone in 2005, we have been maintaining the leadership position.  A recent hit was the W580 model, our first slider Walkman phone which is...

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