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Thursday, January 22, 2009
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Latin M&A's: Credit Suisse Top Advisor 

Credit Suisse replaces Citibank as the top financial advisor in Latin American mergers an acquisitions.
BOVESPA BOOST: Credit Suisse advised Bovespa (above) on its $10.3 billion sale to BM&F. (Photo: Bovespa)


Credit Suisse captured the top spot among the top 25 legal M&A advisors in Latin America last year, according to Latin Business Chronicle and Thomson Reuters.  The bank advised in 48 deals with a rank value of $40.2 billion. That gave it a market share of 27.1 percent. It also represented a nice increase from 2007, when Credit Suisse rank value in Latin American M&A deals reached $30.3 billion.

Credit Suisse advised Bovespa on its $10.3 billion sale to BM&F (the third-largest M&A deal in Latin America last year) and IronX Mineracao on its $5.5 billion sale to Anglo-American (the fourth-largest M&A deal).


Citibank not only lost its previous top spot, but fell by three spots to a fourth place behind Goldman Sachs and Banco Itau, which both jumped five spots on the ranking.

Goldman advised in 11 deals with a rank value of $37.8 billion, which was more than three times higher than its 2007 rank value of $10.3 billion. Goldman's market share stood at 25.5 percent last year, more than twice the 9.7 percent share it had in 2007. Goldman advised Telmex Internacional on its $16 billion spin-off from Telmex (the top M&A deal in Latin America last year), Bovespa on its sale to BM&F and Namisa on its $3.1 billion sales to an Asian investment group. 


Banco Itau advised on 16 deals with a rank value of $34.2 billion last year, giving it a market share of 23 percent. The 2008 value was nearly five times higher than the bank's $7.5 billion rank value in 2007. 

JP Morgan rounded out the top five financial advisors, with 41 deals with a rank value of $30.0 billion and a market share of 20.2 percent. The bank's rank value last year was about twice the $15.7 billion it boasted in 2007.  JP Morgan was a financial advisor to BM&F on its purchase of Bovespa and the Asian investor group that purchased Namisa.  

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