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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
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Latin America PC Market: Uruguay, Brazil Lead

Uruguay and Brazil are the Latin America leaders when it comes to PC penetration and total PC's in use.
REGIONAL LEADER: Brazil (photo) leads in number of PC's in use in Latin America, but Uruguay leads in PC penetration. (Photo: Sao Paulo State Government, Brazil)


Uruguay has Latin America's highest PC penetration, followed by Chile and Costa Rica, according to a Latin Business Chronicle analysis of 2008 data from Computer Industry Almanac.

All in all, Latin America reached a PC penetration rate of 14.7 percent last year thanks to a total of 83,6 million PC's in use. Measured in real numbers of PC's in use, Brazil is the leader, followed by Mexico.


Uruguay had an estimated 870,000 PC's in use at the end of 2008, giving it a penetration rate of 27.2 percent. Chile had 4.4 million PC's and a penetration...

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