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Monday, June 15, 2009
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America Movil: Latin America's Top Tech Company

Brazil and telecom dominate the ranking of Latin America's top 40 technology companies.
HOMERUN: Mexican mogul Carlos Slim with New York Yankees' player Alex Rodriguez last fall. Slim companies account for four of Latin America's top tech companies, including the largest. (Photo: CarlosSlim.Com)


Mexico-based America Movil, Latin America's largest pan-regional wireless operator, is also the region's top technology company, according to a new ranking from Latin Business Chronicle.

Its rival, Spain-based Telefonica, ends up in second place among Latin America's Top 40 Technology Companies, a ranking based on data from Economatica and individual companies.

While Mexico tops the ranking, Brazil has most entries. Brazil accounts for 16 companies versus seven from Mexico.

Four U.S. companies made the list - NII Holdings, Emerson, Rockwell Automation and eLandia. Another, GC Impsat is a unit of Bermuda-based Global Crossing, which in reality has its headquarters in the United States.

The ranking also includes Luxembourg-based Millicom, which is owned by Swedish investors.

From Latin America, leading nations were Chile and Argentina, with four and three entries, respectively.  Peru and Venezuela rounded out the list, with two and one.

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Ranking of Latin America's Top 40 Tech Companies


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