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Thursday, October 01, 2009

GDP Outlook 2009-10: Peru Best

Peru will grow most among Latin America's top economies the next two years, the IMF forecasts.
GDP CHAMPION: Peru, here represented by capital Lima, will grow more than any other country in Latin America this and next year, the IMF says. (Photo: Coco Martin / PromPeru)


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Peru will have the fastest-growing GDP among Latin America's top economies both this and next year, the International Monetary Fund predicts in its latest World Economic Outlook released today.

Meanwhile, the fund revised up its forecasts for Brazil, the region's top economy, and it now predicts that MexicoLatin America's second-largest economy, will leave recession next year.

Peru's GDP should expand by 1.5 percent this year and 5.8 percent next year, the IMF says.


Brazil's economy will likely ...

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From: Roberto Abusada

Come on!
While asian tigers improve on 9% average every year. latinamerica is lagging.
Peru is not a star, as more than 30% of their population live under extreme poverty.
I start to like Chavez proposals. The rich become even richer in Peru, and the poor poorer. Peru one country with the worst infraestructure. Who you want to cheat?

From: Alvaro Fidel Martinez

Toronto, Canada
"Peru is not a star, as more than 30% of their population live under extreme poverty."

It has a per capita income of $8,500, so it will take time to reach the levels of developed countries. The great thing is that it's experiencing growth rates of 8-9 percent (and low inflation of 2 percent) so no doubt it will reach developed status in the future. Not to mention the fact that the Nuevo Sol (Peru's currency) is the most stable currency in Latin America (unlike Venezuela).

From: Jorge Diaz Spielberger

Los Angeles
It is really impressive how Peru has outpaced other countries in the region in just a few years. In 1992, Peru was at the bottom, and it was compared with Haiti and African nations regarding income, health care, and education. Now, Peru has printed out a new page. You can see it as soon you get in the country, people look different, they feel better, too. You can speak with Peruvian people and they are really confident that they won't stop growing for the next 10 years.

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