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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Latin America's Top 25 Businesswomen

Latin Business Chronicle selects the 25 top women in Latin American business.
TOP 25 See who Latin Business Chronicle identifies as the top 25 businesswomen in Latin America.  (Collage by Selvin Chi/Latin Trade Group with archive photos)



While Latin America’s business sector is undoubtedly one dominated by men, there are a few women who have been able to distinguish themselves.

The editorial staff of Latin Business Chronicle has selected more than two dozen of them to be included in our first annual list of
Latin America’s Top 25 Businesswomen.


The group includes natives of Latin America as well as foreign executives who have a significant impact on the region, supervising companies that are among the top tax payers and employers in several countries in the region.

We have not ranked them and their entries on the list appear by alphabetical order of last name.

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Keywords: Adobe, Alstom, First Data, Ford, Fulbright & Jaworski, General Motors, Kimberly Clark, Manpower, Microsoft, MTV, NovoPayment, Petrobras, Radisson, Scotiabank, Siemens, Softtek, Starwood, UPS, Western Union

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From: Olga Corpion

I am so pleased to FINALLY see women identified in the media in positions with great responsibiilities and exposure. Keep up the Good Work!

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