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Tuesday, March 30, 2010
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Latin America Security: Best & Worst

The safest and most dangerous countries in Latin America for foreign multinationals and executives.
WORSE: Members of Venezuela's new national police (top) and pedestrians in San Pedro Sula, Honduras (above).  (Photos: Policia Nacional Bolivariana and Juanirias)


What are the safest countries for foreign multinationals and executives? What are the most dangerous? How is security compared to last year in each country? The fourth annual Latin Security Index developed by FTI Consulting Ibero America for Latin Business Chronicle has the answers.

Overall, Latin America has maintained a similar level of public insecurity to last year, with some notable exceptions of either a worsening situation or substantive improvements. "Public insecurity continues to be one of the main concerns of citizens in practically all countries of the region, as well as an inhibitor of growth and a detriment to overall quality of life," says Frank L. Holder, Senior Managing Director at FTI.

The most notable change in the index was ...

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Latin Security Index 2010
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