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Tuesday, May 11, 2010
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Latin America Business: Panama Best

Panama, Uruguay and Dominican Republic improve their business climate, while Venezuela worsens.
GOLD WINNER: Panama and its president Ricardo Martinelli win gold in this year's Latin Business Index. Here the president with the national boxing team after the recent Central American Games. (Photo: Panama President's Office)



Panama has replaced Chile as the Latin American country with the best business climate, according to the fifth annual Latin Business Index from Latin Business Chronicle.

The index of 19 countries is the broadest measure of business climate in Latin America. Rather than looking at the size of a country’s GDP or GDP per capita, it looks at five key categories and 27 subcategories to measure the recent, current and future business environment in a country.  They are:

  • Macro Environment (GDP growth 2008 and 2009, estimated growth this year and forecasted growth next year, inflation 2008 and 2009, estimated inflation this year and forecasted inflation next year).
  • Corporate Environment (corporate tax rates, access to capital for entrepreneurs,  ease of doing business (including starting and closing a business) and economic freedom).
  • Globalization & Competitiveness (globalization, competitiveness, tariffs, education/ health and security for companies and business executives).
  • Technology Level (PC, Internet, broadband, wireless and fixed telephony penetration).
  • Political Environment (political freedom, political stability, political outlook, business policies of government and corruption).


Brazil, Latin America's largest economy, ends up in...

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From: Adolfo Gómez, ing.

Quebec city, Canada
Kudos to the last government and the current president and his goverment that are pushing hard to change things and mentalities to improve Panama's as a country but more than anything their people.

Panama's needs to focus in improving the quality of their education system, the security, fight corruption and poverty, protect the environment, so Panama can really aspire to become a more balanced (less unequal) developed country.

From: Panama Vacations

Panama City, Panama
Sometimes I wonder if the authors of these types of articles have actually talked to anybody doing biz in these countries. I guess it's possible that Panama is among the best for BIG multi-nationals who come into town with barrels blazing, write their own tax, labor and enviro-rules, etc...but I can tell you first-hand, as a foreigner doing business in Costa Rica and Panama... Panama is NOT an easy place to do biz. The outlook could be bright, but there are plenty of red flags for those who have been in Panama for a while. I wish the new Prez the best of luck in providing much needed reform in key areas, but Panama has a long, long, long way to go.

From: Verna McDonald

Panama Cerro Azul
I retired in Panama and every day I am more happy to be in this country. Yesb it has many different things we can ifind n other places, but the people are wonderful, helpful, friendly and we find everything we need. We can save money in many ways which we could not do in the US and now can afford lots of travel and fun. Come on down to Panama!

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