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Wednesday, June 23, 2010
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Latin America: India’s Next Frontier

Despite the global crisis last year, many Indian companies boosted their Latin America investments.
INDIAN INVESTMENTS From hairspray in Argentina (top) to lights (above), Indian companies are expanding in Latin America. (Photos: Arcencos and Havells-Sylvania)


India is seeing strong economic growth, an increasing number of Indian companies are now looking at Latin America as the “next frontier.”


“We are very upbeat about Latin America and view it as the next frontier of growth,” says Harshul Asnani, head of Latin America and US West operations for BPO company TechMahindra.


The rapid growth in IT and network spending, increased mobile/broadband penetration and large scale consolidation in the telecoms sector in Latin America offers “vast potential” for a specialized telecom-focused systems integrator like Tech Mahindra, he says.


Omar Momin, vice president of strategy and M&A at Godrej Industries, also sees strong Latin America potential. “There are tremendous opportunities in Latin America that...

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