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Monday, February 28, 2011
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Colombia: Bogota Hotel Boom

Hotel developers look to international chains for growth in Colombia’s capital Bogota.
The JW Marriott in Bogota has quickly become a business favorite since opening in July. (Photos: JW Marriott)


BOGOTA -- As Colombia continues to build on its growing reputation for economic stability and improved safety, the nation’s capital has become a hot spot for hotel investment.

The recent debut of several international brands in
Bogota — including JW Marriott, Ibis and Sonesta — is the most telling indicator of how companies are banking on Bogota’s potential to fill guest rooms.

And the growth spurt is far from over. This year, some 578 internationally branded rooms will come online. In July, Hilton will return after a 20-year absence with the 245-room Hilton Bogota, the same month that Holiday Inn will ...


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