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Tuesday, October 04, 2011
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Shougang: Latin America's Best Company

Latin America’s best companies in revenue and profit growth and profit margins
BEST IN LATIN AMERICA Shougang Hierro Peru is the best company in Latin America.
REVENUE WINNER Santos Brasil, which operates terminals in Brazil, leads the way in three-year revenue growth.
PROFIT WINNER Altos Palermo SA, developer of Patio Bullrich and other shopping malls in Argentina, leads three-year profit growth.



How successful is China in Latin America? Apart from the trade boom, Chinese companies in Latin America are also doing well. Earlier this year, Latin Business Chronicle revealed how China became the third-largest buyer of Latin American assets.


Now, a Chinese company tops the second annual ranking of Latin America’s 100 Best Companies from Latin Business Chronicle.

The ranking uses these six metrics:

  • Revenue growth in 2010
  • Profit growth in 2010
  • Profits as a percent of revenues in 2010
  • Average revenue growth the past three years
  • Average profit growth the past three years
  • Average profits as a percent of revenues the past three years

We analyzed 779 publicly-traded companies in the region using data from Economatica. We narrowed it down by looking at companies with more than $100 million in annual revenues.


The final result shows Shougang Hierro Peru, majority owned by China-based iron and steel conglomerate Grupo Shougang, as the best company based on our six metrics.


The next five winners are...


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Latin America’s 100 Best Companies

Revenue Winners 2008-10

Profit Winners 2008-10

Profit Margin Winners 2008-10

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