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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chile Tops Trade Index

Chile, here represented by its top container port at Valparaiso, is the most trade friendly nation in Latin America. (Photo: Mathias Klode)

Venezuela worst in Latin America.


Chile is the most trade friendly country in Latin America, according to the 2012 Enabling Trade Index from the Swiss-based World Economic Forum.

The Enabling Trade Index measures institutions, policies and services facilitating the free flow of goods over borders and to destination. It breaks the enablers into four issue areas: market access, border administration, transport and communications infrastructure, and business environment.

The index of 132 countries globally ranks Chile in 14th place ahead of countries like Austria, Australia and the United States.

Meanwhile, Uruguay and Costa Rica also do well on the index. Uruguay is ranked 40th on the index, ahead of the Czech Republic. Costa Rica ranks 43, ahead of countries like Tunisia and Poland.

Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy, ends up in 84th place, significantly behind Mexico (65th place).

Argentina is ranked 96, but Venezuela is ranked as the worst country in Latin America. It comes in 130th place, behind Zimbabwe. That also means it ranks as the third-worst country in the world in terms of enabling trade.

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