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Tuesday, January 09, 2007
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Updated June 19, 2007

Venezuela Crisis Resources

An overview of useful resources on Venezuela as it becomes more socialist.
ME, MYSELF & I: Hugo Chavez, recently re-elected for a new term, is now consolidating economic and political power in his hands. (Photo: MinCi Venezuela)


With Chavez re-elected what will happen to Venezuela's private sector? Results / Other Polls

Venezuela is in the process of implementing what President Hugo Chavez calls "21st century socialism."

With the announcement yesterday of plans for nationalizing the telecom and electricity sectors and pulling the central bank's autonomy, he has started what appears to be the first in a new wave of radical economic policies aimed at creating a fully socialist economy. 

Latin Business Chronicle has compiled this guide to useful resources on the Venezuelan crisis.

We have divided the resources into categories Commentary & Analysis, News, Special Reports and Other Resources.





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From: Gustavo Coronel

Washington DC
Very useful set of references on the Venezuelan situation.

From: Larry Mitchell

Alpine, TX
Chavez has become the new Castro in Latin America.

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