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Korea-LatAm Trade: Korea Eyes the Pacific Alliance

New statistics from LBC show that almost half of South Korea’s trade occurs with the Pacific Alliance, a group the Asian country has highlighted as a priority.

Japan-LatAm Trade: On the up

Trade between Latin America and the world’s third-largest economy continued to grow in 2013, driven by stronger growth in Japan.

China-Latin American Trade: An end to the good old days

Year over year trade with China is slowing, but there are still some regional success stories.

Is slow growth Latin America’s new normal?

World Bank economist Augusto de la Torre warns it might be, but that the region has built a “better immune system” to absorb international shocks.

Latin America’s Investment Stars

LBC takes a look at how each country in the region fairs in attracting foreign investment.

Latin Hotel Index: Accor, Starwood See Gains

The two chains saw gains in their stature in Latin America this year.

Best to Invest: Latin America 2014

LBC looks at which countries provide the safest climate for investment this year.

Security Index: Venezuela is the Most Dangerous Country in Latin America

Venezuela has replaced Haiti as the most dangerous country in Latin America in this year’s Security Index.

Latin America sees Trade Deficit with Europe for Another Year

After years of trade surpluses, Latin America now imports more from Europe than it sends back. Trade volumes fell 5.5 percent over 2012.

Measuring social impact, a necessary approach in philanthropy

Traditionally, donors had limited information to make difficult giving decisions. New trends in the way social cause organizations measure their impact is now helping donors get more “bang for the buck.”

Venezuelan Trade with the United States down 19 percent in 2013

LBC’s statistics on U.S.-Latin Trade evidence the strength of the Mexico-U.S. trade relationship, and that trade with Venezuela has continued to fall.

The Keys to Latin American Growth

A panel of experts agree female empowerment, entrepreneurship, and physical activity are the key factors in promoting growth

Latin American Cities Must Learn to Access Global Financing

Helping cities to finance infrastructure is a major challenge

Small companies in Latin America: a lack of innovation

How Miami is becoming a hub for innovation.

LBC 2014 Outlook: All Eyes on Mexico and Brazil

Read LBC’s predictions on what will happen in the region this year.

Getting to the top

With the publication of the Top 50 Businesswomen, LBC explores what’s necessary for women to make it to the top in Latin America.

Peru sees largest gains in US-Latin Trade

The Andean country saw bilateral trade up 19.4 percent in the first half of this year.

Latin Technology Index: Uruguay Latin America’s most plugged-in

The Southern Cone and Panama top most categories in our index. Cuba ranks better than many Central American countries in internet and PC penetration.

LAC’s Top Trade Partners: India a growing force

Our list of Latin America’s top trading partners shows declines in trade with East Asia, but growth with India and Europe.

Canada trade with Latin America registers declines

While smaller markets saw growth, trade with the region’s major economies saw declines.

Spain drags down LatAm remittance growth in 2012

Remittances were largely flat year-over-year in 2012 due to a sluggish Spanish economy.

Educating the Children to Succeed

Students with limited access to education in Latin America sometimes fail to develop cognitive skills needed for success. Latin Education Index shows how Guatemala and Haiti lag in this area.

Cuba: Straight Talk on the US Embargo

Were the embargo lifted tomorrow, U.S. manufacturers and wholesalers would not be able to ship directly to private distributors and retail stores.

Cuba Lags in Communication Technology

While Cuba's cellular sector is growing, other tech sectors like computers and Internet are stagnant or declining.

Latin America Boosts Harper Meyer

Latin America business is helping boost the bottom line at law firm Harper Meyer.

U.S. Presence in Cuba Oil?

U.S. companies can help Cuba achieve the economic independence needed in order to consider a political and economic evolution.

Cuba Telecom: No Quick Boom

President Obama's liberalization of Cuba restruictions won't lead to any overnight boom in U.S. telecom services on the island.

Gutierrez: Don't Ease Cuba Travel

The Obama Administration should not ease travel restrictions until Cuba makes real changes, some experts say.

Fidel Strolls, Raul Rules

Raul is battening down the hatches, centralizing control and turning to his military to navigate the difficult times ahead.

More Reforms From Raul Castro?

Is Raul Castro preparing the ground for more substantive, pro-market economic reforms in Cuba?

Raul and the Beijing Duck  

Raul Castro clearly has a taste for the Chinese model of capitalism and authoritarianism.

How Fidel Ruined Cuba's Economy

Cuba's GDP is now five percent of what it was before Fidel Castro assumed power.

Che's Economic Failure

Ernesto "Che" Guevara helped destroy Cuba's economy, including its key sugar industry, experts say.

Cuba Before Fidel

A detailed look at Cuba's economy before Fidel Castro. An economy that was semi-industrialized and showing robust growth.

Cuba's Health System Better Than US?

Cuba experts disagree with information in Michael Moore's Sicko movie.

Political Problems? What Problems?

Trade trumps political tensions with Venezuela, Argentina, Nicaragua - and even Cuba.

Latin Economic Freedom Declines

Chile and CAFTA have the freest economies, while Cuba and ALBA have the most repressed ones, according to the Heritage Foundation.

Latin Technology: Chile Best, Cuba Worst

Uruguay improves most and Bolivia the least, the second annual Latin Technology Index shows.

Will Raul Reform Cuba's Economy?

Cuba will initiate some degree of economic reform - including more space for private economic activity - during the coming year.

Cuba: Big Potential

Cuba has the potential to become one of the major emerging markets, one economist says. Meanwhile, US business leaders visited the island

Cuba: New US Sanctions Debate

We take a closer look at the effects the US embargo against Cuba has had on trade with the island.

Chavez and the Fascist Left in Latin America

Like Cuba before it, Venezuela is moving rapidly in the direction of state fascism. And other Chavista nations may follow.

Sanctions Don't Work

Just as sanctions against Cuba and Panama haven't worked, neither will they against a Slavic Castro in Belarus.

Cuba:  Who's to Blame for Corruption?

What if the corruption problem lies not in the moral failings of individuals, but in some aspect of the system itself?

Viva Felipe!

The accidental coincidences of Fidel Castro's demise and Felipe Calderón's ascendance have the potential to reshape the political geography of Latin America.

Raul, China, and Post-Fidel Cuba

Raul Castro will likely implement Chinese-style, market-oriented economic reforms, argues William Ratliff.

Cuba After Castro

How Cuba can significantly boost its economy and become a regional powerhouse in business and technology.

Cuba's Future Economic Model

There is no one formula that will guarantee a successful transition for Cuba. But significant market-oriented reforms are required to enable centrally planned economies to recover and grow, argues Daniel Erikson.

Cuba's Economy: Mistaken Blame

Cuba's inequality is not mainly the result of deviant behavior; it is caused in larger measure by Cubans' lawful earnings in an economy separated by the government's own economic policies. The number of licensed entrepreneurs and foreign investors are falling, argues Philip Peters.

Ratliff on Cuba and China

Why is economically successful China interested in the economically failed Cuba? And vice versa, asks William Ratliff.

Economic Freedom:  Venezuela Worst

Venezuela has the least-free economy in Latin America, while Chile and Costa Rica have the freest, according to the latest ranking of economic freedom worldwide by the Cato Institute.

TradeTalk, 8/2/06

Key trends in Latin business

China-Latin America Trade: Balancing out

Trade with China is reaching more normal rates of yearly growth; Colombia and Costa Rica are this year’s success stories.

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