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Security Index: Venezuela is the Most Dangerous Country in Latin America

Venezuela has replaced Haiti as the most dangerous country in Latin America in this year’s Security Index.

Latin American Cities Must Learn to Access Global Financing

Helping cities to finance infrastructure is a major challenge

Latin Entrepreneur Index 2014

Our index evaluates the easiest places to start and grow a business in Latin America

Latin Infrastructure Guide 2014

A guide to the region’s major concessions for 2014

Latin America’s middling human capital development scores

The region ranks fourth globally for human capital development.

Autos and energy lead 2Q13 MNC Index

Nokia continues to see steep declines in revenues.

Latin America’s Top 50 Energy Companies

Revenues were largely up through the region, but Brazilian companies saw particularly steep drops in profits.

Getting to the top

With the publication of the Top 50 Businesswomen, LBC explores what’s necessary for women to make it to the top in Latin America.

Peru sees largest gains in US-Latin Trade

The Andean country saw bilateral trade up 19.4 percent in the first half of this year.

Latin America’s Top 100 Banks 2013

Brazilian banks suffer amid slow economic growth, but an election year in Venezuela helps drive up that country’s bank’s assets and net incomes.

Latin America’s Top 100 Banks 2013

Brazilian banks suffer amid slow economic growth, but an election year in Venezuela helps drive up that country’s bank’s assets and net incomes.

Latin Technology Index: Uruguay Latin America’s most plugged-in

The Southern Cone and Panama top most categories in our index. Cuba ranks better than many Central American countries in internet and PC penetration.

LAC’s Top Trade Partners: India a growing force

Our list of Latin America’s top trading partners shows declines in trade with East Asia, but growth with India and Europe.

Canada trade with Latin America registers declines

While smaller markets saw growth, trade with the region’s major economies saw declines.

China-Latin America Trade: Balancing out

Trade with China is reaching more normal rates of yearly growth; Colombia and Costa Rica are this year’s success stories.

Spain drags down LatAm remittance growth in 2012

Remittances were largely flat year-over-year in 2012 due to a sluggish Spanish economy.

Caracas: the most murderous capital

Haiti, Venezuela, and Honduras top our index for the second year as the most dangerous countries in the Americas.

What the new President has in store for Paraguay

Analysts believe he will promote pragmatic policies and restore relations with neighbors.

Educating the Children to Succeed

Students with limited access to education in Latin America sometimes fail to develop cognitive skills needed for success. Latin Education Index shows how Guatemala and Haiti lag in this area.

Latin America Trade: New Record

Latin American exports and imports set new records, helped by strong growth in Brazil.

Latin Competitiveness Improves

Chile and CAFTA remain most competitive, while Paraguay and ALBA continue to be the least competitive.

Millicom: Strong Niche Player

Swedish-owned Millicom is carving out a profitable niche in Latin America's wireless sector.

Some Advice for Paraguay's Lugo

Paraguay needs to follow Chile's - not Venezuela's - example as a way to reduce the country's poverty and corruption.

Brazil Top EU Market in Latin America

EU trade with Latin America grows twice as much as U.S. trade with the region. Brazil and Paraguay lead the way in growth.

Mexico More Globalized, Brazil Less

Panama and CAFTA are most globalized, while Brazil and the Andean Community are the least globalized.

Latin American Trade Sets New Record

Mexico, Chile and Peru are among the key winners, while most of CAFTA are among the losers in export growth.

Latin Digital Music Sales Grow

Digital music sales in Latin America is growing strongly, but piracy remains a serious problem.

Mercosur: Unclear Outlook

The expansion of Mercosur is weakening, not strengthening, the group, experts warn.

Paraguay Least Competitive

Paraguay is the least competitive country in Latin America, while Chile is the most competitive, the World Economic Forum reports.

Mexico-US Trade Boom

U.S. trade with Latin America is growing strongly, led by Mexico and Chile. Venezuela is now the second-largest U.S. partner.

FedEx Ship Manager Lite, an easy shipping solution for SMEs in Latin America

Shipments can now be easily processed in Latin America and the Caribbean through a user-friendly online tool from FedEx Express

Sabino: Mercosur's Uncertain Fate

Mercosur is shaping up to be an overall small economy, and — worse — one that is riddled by significant internal conflicts, argues Carlos Sabino.

Latin Software Piracy Grows

Software piracy is growing in Latin America. Bolivia and Paraguay now have the worst piracy rates, while Colombia continues to have the best record.

Latin American GDP Growth Stats 2011-15

Panama, Paraguay, and Peru will be the region’s growth champions for the near future. Brazil should outperform Mexico.

Small companies in Latin America: a lack of innovation

How Miami is becoming a hub for innovation.

LBC 2014 Outlook: All Eyes on Mexico and Brazil

Read LBC’s predictions on what will happen in the region this year.

Argentina, Brazil lead declines in Latin Labor Index

Increased difficulty in hiring new employees was the main factor in the declines.

Iran and its Proxies--A Growing Security Threat in Latin America

Does the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism pose a threat to the region’s security?

Chile: Globalization star

Chile is the region’s only large economy to make the top 10. Mexico also shines.

Venezuelan Trade with the United States down 19 percent in 2013

LBC’s statistics on U.S.-Latin Trade evidence the strength of the Mexico-U.S. trade relationship, and that trade with Venezuela has continued to fall.

Latin Education Index 2013

Which countries do the best at giving their citizens a head start?

Latin Music Sales Fall

Recording industry sales are up in Mexico and most of South America, but down in Brazil and Central America.

Latin America sees Trade Deficit with Europe for Another Year

After years of trade surpluses, Latin America now imports more from Europe than it sends back. Trade volumes fell 5.5 percent over 2012.

Measuring social impact, a necessary approach in philanthropy

Traditionally, donors had limited information to make difficult giving decisions. New trends in the way social cause organizations measure their impact is now helping donors get more “bang for the buck.”

The Keys to Latin American Growth

A panel of experts agree female empowerment, entrepreneurship, and physical activity are the key factors in promoting growth

What’s in store for Paraguay in 2014?

An interview with Gustavo Leite, Paraguay’s Minister for Industry and Commerce

Panama leads 2013 Infrastructure Index

Despite improvements to ease of importing and exporting, Mexico dropped in the ranking.

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