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Emilio Botín: the Man, the Legacy

The world of banking and finance lost a giant, Emilio Botín, chairman of Banco Santander and Spain’s most influential business leader.

Latin America 2014: A Mixed Bag So Far

There are reasons to be optimistic about Latin America this year – but temper that optimism.

The Keystone XL Pipeline: A Win-Win for the United States and Canada

The United States would do well to move forward on the project.

Iran and its Proxies--A Growing Security Threat in Latin America

Does the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism pose a threat to the region’s security?

Argentina. A Downward Spiral

A famous quote from the infamous Eva Perón states: “One cannot accomplish anything without fanaticism.” Lamentably, Evita’s reincarnation who currently occupies the Casa Rosada is increasingly taking those words to heart.

Alternative Energy for Latin America, no Panacea

While alternative energy holds great promise for Latin America, serious limitations and costs limit its potential at present.

Latin America Embraces Mobile Money

Latin America is one of the most dynamic regions for mobile money.

Canada: A True Partner

While the the United States talks the talk; Canada walks the walk on Latin American business and trade relations.

Latin America: M&A Boom

Mergers and acquisitions are booming in Latin America and expected to continue at full speed.

Latin America: The Quest for Talent

Some Latin American countries are now experiencing a “reverse” brain-drain.

LatAm, Middle East: Expanding Relations

Latin America and the Middle East have an expanding, yet limited partnership.

The Lure of Brazilian Agriculture

Brazil is well positioned to play an important role in meeting world demand of food amidst shortages and price increases.

Latin America: A Year of Recovery Ahead                          

Latin American firms like Odebrecht (Brazil), and Grupo Bimbo (Mexico) will be in the vanguard of global FDI in 2011.

Innovation: The Next Challenge

Competitiveness requires more than sound macro policies and a good business environment.

Mexican Multinationals: Outbound FDI Grows

Mexican outbound foreign direct investment has been growing -- even durting during the global crisis last year.

Latin America 2010: A Return to Boom Times?

Helped by growing exports and local demand, Latin America is poised for a solid recovery in 2010.

Cuba: Straight Talk on the US Embargo

Were the embargo lifted tomorrow, U.S. manufacturers and wholesalers would not be able to ship directly to private distributors and retail stores.

Summit of the Americas: Much Ado About Nothing

Searching for substance in the summit's declaration is akin to looking for a polar bear in a snowstorm.

Lessons from Mexico

The lessons from our Mexican neighbor for handling a financial crisis.

Latin SME's in the Global Economy

The harsh reality of Latin American SMEs in the new global economy.

Costa Rica's Free Trade Victory

CAFTA's main effect will be to change Costa Rica's business environment, which needs urgent improvements.

Latin America's Inflation Success

Better monetary, fiscal, and structural policies are paying off for Latin America.

Jerry Haar: Can DR-CAFTA Compete?

DR-CAFTA countries have several advantages, including close proximity to the region’s major export market and relatively inexpensive labor. But challenges include weak public structures and low access to capital.

Puede RD-CAFTA Competir?

Los países signatarios del RD-CAFTA tienen varias ventajas, incluyendo la cercanía a los mercados de exportación más importantes de la región y una mano de obra relativamente barata. Pero los inconvenientes incluyen estructuras públicas débiles y bajo acceso al capital.