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Latin America sees Trade Deficit with Europe for Another Year

After years of trade surpluses, Latin America now imports more from Europe than it sends back. Trade volumes fell 5.5 percent over 2012.

Spain’s law firms go it alone in Latin America

Spain’s largest law firm broke its ties with a local firm to go solo in the region. The other law firms are following suit. What are their strategies?

Latin America: instability at home and abroad

While the Ukraine crisis has made headlines around the world in the past weeks, instability in Venezuela and Argentina also has an impact on Latin America’s economies – starting with Brazil.

Oi’s Acquisition of Portugal Telecom: Top M&A of 2013

Petrobras also unloaded more than $4 billion in assets.

LBC 2014 Outlook: All Eyes on Mexico and Brazil

Read LBC’s predictions on what will happen in the region this year.

LAC’s Top Trade Partners: India a growing force

Our list of Latin America’s top trading partners shows declines in trade with East Asia, but growth with India and Europe.

UK Bribe Act Impacts Latin America

Britain's new Bribery Act will have a significant impact on doing business in Latin America.

Latin America: Casino, Nokia Grow Most

French retailer Casino and Finnish wireless producer Nokia gain most among multinationals in Latin America.

Latin America: Record Europe Trade

Brazil and Germany are among the winners in EU-Latin American trade, while Venezuela is among the losers.

SAP Doubles Sales in Brazil

Brazil grew nearly four times more than SAP's global software revenues last year.

Latin Wireless: NII Gains Most

NII Holdings leads wireless growth in Latin America ahead of America Movil and Telefonica.

Argentina Third-Largest Exporter to EU

Argentina, Colombia, the United Kingdom and Denmark move up in EU-Latin America trade rankings.

SAP Surges in Latin America

SAP revenues surge in Latin America after a flat performance in 2009. Brazil leads the way in growth.

Latin America: Audi Growth in Key Markets

Audi expects to see growth in Mexico, Brazil and other key markets this year despite the global crisis.

Carrefour: Latin America Boost

Strong Latin America sales growth helps offset European declines at Carrefour.

Latin Wireless: Telefonica Declines 

Oi, Vivo gain most. Telefonica declines and Iusacell grows the least.

Dutch-Latin Trade Boom

The Netherlands has replaced Germany as Latin America’s largest EU market. Chile is losing out in EU trade.

Porsche: Brazil Demand Grows

Brazil and Chile are starting to see increased demand and Colombia is expected to become a key market.

Latin America Helps Barcelo

Spanish hotel group Barcelo sees volatile results in Latin America this year, but expects better times next year.

G4S Secures Latin America Growth

Security giant G4S is seeing double-digit growth in Latin America despite the economic slowdown. Argentina is the star performer.

Latin America Jump for Adidas

Expanding distribution, along with solid demand, is boosting Adidas sales in Latin America.

SAP: Latin Record

Latin America remains SAP's best-performing region worldwide after growing by double-digits last year.

Latin Model for SAP?

SAP's SME business is growing strongly in Latin America. It's doing so well that it may serve as a model for SAP worldwide.

Telefonica and America Movil: Who Leads?

An in-depth analysis of first quarter revenue, profit and subscriber data from Telefonica and America Movil.

Digicel: Caribbean Success

Digicel is hoping to copy its Caribbean telecom success to Panama, El Salvador and Honduras.

Latin America's Top 500 Companies

Brazil and energy dominate the ranking of Latin America's top 500 companies.

German-Latin Trade Grows

Germany's trade with Latin America is setting new records, led by strong growth with Brazil and Argentina.

German Business Bullish on LatAm

German business confidence in Latin America has returned. And German firms are not unduly worried about the rising populism.

Millicom: Strong Niche Player

Swedish-owned Millicom is carving out a profitable niche in Latin America's wireless sector.

Brazil Top EU Market in Latin America

EU trade with Latin America grows twice as much as U.S. trade with the region. Brazil and Paraguay lead the way in growth.

Spain and US: Latin Partners?

The United States should explore broader cooperation with Spain in Latin America, where their companies face similar challenges.

Central America: Strong DHL Growth

DHL's business is growing throughout Central America, helped in part by CAFTA and increased business with China.

Lufthansa Consulting Targets Latin America

Brazil and Mexico top focus, but the company also aims for business in Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Paraguay.

SAP Boosts Latin Revenues

SAP boosts revenues and market share in Latin America, which again is the fastest-growing region for the software giant.

Not Just Airport Food...

Spain-based Áreas has successfully built up a major pan-regional chain of restaurants at airports in Latin America.

Siemens PLM Software: LatAm Sales Up

Latin America's growing auto production benefits companies like Siemens PLM Software.

InterContinental Grows in Latin America 

Central America and Venezuela - along with growing franchises - help boost InterContinental's Latin America revenues.

Latin America 2008: Business, Economic and Political Outlook

Read Latin Business Chronicle's exclusive report on Latin America's outlook.

SAP: Booming Latin Business

German software giant SAP is significantly growing its business and market share in Latin America.

Electrolux: Latin Profit Jumps

Latin America grows faster than any other market in sales and posts second-best results in operating income.

EU Trade With Latin America Sets New Record

Chile replaces Mexico as the second-largest Latin American exporter to the European Union, while Italy replaces the Netherlands as the third-largest EU partner for Latin America.

Colombia: Strong Business Optimism

Foreign companies are pleased with their business in Colombia and express strong optimism about the future outlook.

DHL: Booming Latin Business

DHL, the market leader in express cargo in Latin America, boosts its revenues and expects further growth this year.

Scania: Mining Sector Spurs Growth

Brazil is the second-largest market worldwide for the Swedish truck giant, but Peru is growing most, thanks to its mining boom.

Central America's Vienna Victory

The EU still has to wait for the big prize - a free trade agreement with Mercosur, but in the interim Central America and parts of the Andean Community are ready.

EU-Latin Trade Up

The European Union posted strong trade growth with Latin America last year, led by Venezuela and Mexico. But future EU relations with the region will depend on expanding free trade agreements.

Rösler: A Failed Partnership

The EU-Latin American strategic partnership is one that once again failed to materialize, thanks to divisions in Latin America and a lack of interest from the EU.

Latin America: Prospects for German Business

German companies already in Latin America will expand their activities in the region, but new ones are deterred by various challenges in countries like Brazil and Venezuela, argues Peter Rösler.

German-Latin Business Outlook

A speedy conclusion of an E.U.-Mercosur free trade agreement can help Germany maintain its strategic position in Latin America. So can local reforms aimed at improving infrastructure and security and reducing bureaucracy and corruption.