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The Threat From Hugo Chavez

Douglas Schoen and Michael Rowan have written an excellent book that clearly shows how dangerous Chavez is.

Explaining an Andean Enigma  

"The Ecuador Reader" provides a useful but limited collection of essays that showcase the diversity and anomalies of one of the most fascinating nations in the hemisphere.

Useful Strangers or Faithful Friends?

Ronn Pineo’s book misinterprets the history of Ecuadorian-American relations.

A Tribute to Panama and its Canal

A unique perspective on Panama and its canal from a former US canal chairman.

The Case for Privatization

As state intervention increases in parts of Latin America, this book shows that privatization is still the best alternative despite some negative examples in the region.

Where Am I?

NAFTA has created a new geographical reality for U.S. and global companies. A new book takes a closer look at the differences and similarities of the "new" North America.

Up, Not Down

Globalization means upward mobility andincreased prosperity for Latin America and the developing world, a new book argues.

Beyond NAFTA

NAFTA was only the beginning. Now, policymakers need to think of solutions that will improve the pact and create a North American Community, this book argues.

Lessons from the Past

The problem in Latin America isn't too many market reforms, it's too few, argues Alvaro Vargas Llosa.

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