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Xerox: more than just printing

LBC sat down with Xerox’s CTO Sophie Vandebroek to learn about the company’s innovation and progress – especially in Latin America.

Cheryl McDowell: The Role of the CFO Is Evolving

The Vice President of Finance & Operations, Latin America at Oracle sat down with LBC to discuss her view on the changing position of the CFO, and her experiences with professional development.

Technology Changing the Mexican Market

The Mexican financial market is going through a period of technological changes and is set to see a dynamic year.LBC spoke with Jorge Alegría, CEO of Mexican Derivatives Exchange, MexDer, about what CFOs should expect in the near future, as well as the latest developments in the markets.

Millicom: from mobile provider to digital lifestyle company

LBC spoke with Millicom’s Martin Lewerth, Executive Vice President for Home and Digital Media about the company’s transition into providing new services.

After strong 2013 growth, SAP places bets on 2014

Sales of cloud technology saw triple-digit growth

Oi’s Acquisition of Portugal Telecom: Top M&A of 2013

Petrobras also unloaded more than $4 billion in assets.

Samsung offers B2B solutions for the modern enterprise

LBC spoke with Samsung Latin America’s Marcelo Zuccas about opportunities in B2B

Samsung unveils new product line for Latin America

The Korean company presented its new line at their Samsung Latin Forum this month

Latin America’s new trade routes

Increasingly, cross border commerce is being facilitated through the internet.

Latin America and the Cloud

LBC speaks with IBM’s Worldwide Cloud Leader for Banking & Financial Markets David Zimmerman about the potential for cloud technology for Latin America’s business.

Google develops contest for Latin America’s developers

The contest will challenge the region’s developers to make innovative apps with Google software to improve the workings of SMEs.

Latin America’s Best 100 Companies 2013

The 100 companies on our list come from six countries, largely dominated by the Pacific economies. begins service in Latin America

Company is expanding to seven countries and expects global revenue growth of over 40 percent this year.

Autos and energy lead 2Q13 MNC Index

Nokia continues to see steep declines in revenues.

Top 50 Businesswomen in Latin America

LBC publishes its annual list of the top business women – this year expanded to include 50 names.

SAP: Pedal to the Metal

By the end of this year, German technology company SAP will achieve 14 consecutive trimesters of double-digit growth in Latin and the Caribbean. What’s the secret behind their growth?

Latin America could supply 100% of its power from renewable sources

The region has a “fantastic endowment” for renewable energy, but regulatory and policy barriers impede its implementation.

Mexico telecom reform could be a boon for business

The new law will be a boon for consumers and business, and open the floor to smaller operators.

Latin 500 Top 50 technology companies

Telefonica Brazil was the growth champion. America Movil had a lackluster year

Latin America Embraces Mobile Money

Latin America is one of the most dynamic regions for mobile money.

Panama Pushes Technology

Government efforts to use technology and lure investors spur boom.

Latin America: 100% Wireless Penetration

Latin America reaches the historic milestone of 100 percent wireless penetration.

Latin America: Casino, Nokia Grow Most

French retailer Casino and Finnish wireless producer Nokia gain most among multinationals in Latin America.

Panama: Latin America’s Technology King

PC, Internet and broadband penetration jump in Panama, already the region's wireless leader.

Telefonica Outperforms Wireless Index

For the second quarter in a row, Telefonica is the leader of the Latin Wireless Index.

America Movil: Latin America's Top Technology Company

America Movil is the top technology company in Latin America in revenues.

Telefonica Leads Wireless Growth

Telefonica's wireless operations saw a strong first quarter in Latin America.

Latin America: E-Commerce Leader

Latin America will see the highest e-commerce growth worldwide through 2015.

Latin America Moguls on Twitter

Eike Batista leads the way in using Twitter, with Lorenzo Zambrano and Emilio Azcarraga also frequent users.

Cardenuto: It's Brazil's Decade

Despite some clouds hanging over the global sporting events the next few years, private sector companies are continuing to invest heavily in Brazil.

Latin America: Facebook and Twitter Boom

The number of Facebook users in Brazil triples since June, but Mexico is still the regional leader.

Latin America Leads Microsoft Growth

Latin America is the star region for software giant Microsoft, outpacing all other areas in growth.

SAP Doubles Sales in Brazil

Brazil grew nearly four times more than SAP's global software revenues last year.

Latin America: Strong Technology Optimism

2010 was a strong year for Latin America's technology sector and executives and experts predict another banner year.

Latin Wireless: NII Gains Most

NII Holdings leads wireless growth in Latin America ahead of America Movil and Telefonica.

Wireless Rates: Brazil Most Expensive

Brazil has Latin America's highest wireless prepaid rates, while Venezuela has the lowest.

Latin America’s 100 Best Companies

Latin America’s 100 best companies measured by growth and profit margins.

Peru: Claro Boosts Business

America Movil is giving Telefonica a run for its money in Peru's wireless market.

Latin America Leads Twitter Growth

Twitter, Starbucks, Colombia, Sao Paulo and Aston Martin are the key topics of this week's TradeTalk.

Latin Wireless Index: The Vivo Factor

Latin Wireless Index gains in the second quarter, with Vivo and Oi leading the way.

Uribe's Legacy: Business Booms

Foreign companies report strong growth during Alvaro Uribe's tenure as Colombia's president.

Latin Technology Index 2010

Panama and Uruguay replace Chile in technology and Internet penetration.

Brazil Helps Boost Xerox

Brazil, Mexico and Chile help boost Xerox sales in Latin America, compensating for negative impacts in markets like Venezuela.

Latin America Wireless: Panama Boom

Latin America's wireless market grew 12.5 percent last year. Brazil leads in real numbers, Panama in penetration.

Wrong Number: Chile Call Centers Decline

Chilean call centers are losing customers and jobs to less expensive Peru and Colombia.

Latin America: India’s Next Frontier

Despite the global crisis last year, many Indian companies boosted their Latin America investments.

SAP Surges in Latin America

SAP revenues surge in Latin America after a flat performance in 2009. Brazil leads the way in growth.

Global Crossing: Growth Despite Crisis

Global Crossing posted Latin America growth last year and expects an even better year in 2010.

Latin Wireless: Telefonica Declines 

Oi, Vivo gain most. Telefonica declines and Iusacell grows the least.

CA: Record Latin America Sales

Ken Arredondo, CA's Latin America head, talks to Latin Business Chronicle about the company's record results last year.

Brazil: Strong Internet Potential  

The potential for Brazil’s fast-growing Internet market remains strong.

Latin Wireless Index: Oi Gains Most

Brazilian wireless carriers Oi and Vivo gain most, while Millicom and Iusacell post the weakest results.

Neoris: Strong Growth Despite Crisis

US sales jump at offshore company Neoris despite the crisis. Next up: Brazil expansion.

Latin America PC Sales Grow

Latin America's computer market will grow by double digits this year, spurred by netbook and notebook sales.

Brazil In the Eyes of a Non-Brazilian

Despite challenges like Sao Paulo traffic, foreign executives who arrive in Brazil will enjoy the country.

NII Holdings: Brazil, Peru Up 

Brazil and Peru grew, while Mexico and Argentina declined at NII Holdings.

Latin America: Digital Music Sales Grow

Digital music sales — especially through wireless phones — help offset declines in CD’s in Latin America.

Nokia Sales Decline in Latin America

The company is betting on improved sales in 2010 thanks to economic recovery and products like Comes with Music.

HP Boosts Stores in Latin America

Hewlett-Packard doubles the number of retail stores in Latin America and plans to expand further.

Latin America's Best Websites

Latin America's 50 best websites for business, economics and corporate data.

Latin Technology Outlook: Recovery, Growth

Latin America will see strong IT growth led by the economic recovery, technology executives predict.

Latin Wireless Index: Telefonica, Vivo Gain

Telefonica and Vivo gain on the Latin Wireless Index, while America Movil and NII lose.

Latin America: More Indian Business

Indian and Latin American exporters are finding new markets to offset weaker growth in developed countries.

TCS: Double-Digit LatAm Growth

Indian tech company TCS expects double-digit growth in Latin America this year despite the global crisis.

Brazil: Foreign Companies See Recovery

Brazil's economy is starting to recover, boosting the overall business outlook for this year, foreign executives say.

Latin America: Strong Growth in Internet Ads

Online advertising is growing in Latin America, especially Brazil and Argentina.

Latin America Needs Stronger  Online Security

Today's innovation entrepreneurs in Latin America must create stronger online protection rather than a complicated façade of security.

Latin America Wireless: Central American Boom

Latin America's largest wireless market Brazil leads real growth, while the smallest one, Cuba, leads in percentage growth.

Cuba Lags in Communication Technology

While Cuba's cellular sector is growing, other tech sectors like computers and Internet are stagnant or declining.

Latin America Broadband Jumps

Mexico grows most in broadband users, while Colombia sees the strongest increase in Internet usage.

Latin America: Smartphone Outlook

Will smartphones remain on hold in Latin America? Three experts share their views.

Latin America Technology: Uruguay Leads

The latest index over telecom, PC and Internet penetration in Latin America. Which countries lead? Which lag?

America Movil: Latin America's Top Tech Company

Brazil and telecom dominate the ranking of Latin America's top 40 technology companies.

Latin America: Mobile Internet Outlook

What is the future of mobile Internet in Latin America? Three experts share their insights.

Latin America PC Market: Uruguay, Brazil Lead

Uruguay and Brazil are the Latin America leaders when it comes to PC penetration and total PC's in use.

Latin Wireless: First Quarter Growth

The economic slowdown has not stopped Latin America’s wireless sector from seeing another increase in the first quarter.

Adobe: Latin Growth Despite Crisis

Brazil, Colombia and Peru and government and education segments are helping drive Adobe’s growth in Latin America.

Cuba Telecom: No Quick Boom

President Obama's liberalization of Cuba restruictions won't lead to any overnight boom in U.S. telecom services on the island.

Mexico: Strong BPO Potential

Proximity to the U.S. market, the same time zone, Spanish language and a solid regulatory framework are boosting Mexico's BPO sector.

Avaya: Brazil Still Strong

Brazil continues to perform strongly this year for Avaya after a strong year in Latin America.

Razorfish Optimistic on Brazil

Strong potential in Latin America, especially Brazil, spurs cautious optimism at digital ad agency Razorfish.

Venezuela Wireless: 100 Percent

Venezuela has reached 100 percent wireless penetration, but neighboring Colombia shows the strongest growth.

America Movil: Top Revenue Earner

America Movil beats Telefonica when it comes to wireless revenues, profits and subscribers in Latin America.

SAP, Avaya, HP

Key appointments and promotions in Latin American business and technology.

Q&A: Gustavo Berdinas, Redmond Software

Gustavo Berdinas, CEO of Redmond Software, talks to Latin Business Chronicle about the firm's Latin America success.

Dialogic: Latin Sales Jump

Dialogic boosts Latin America growth and expects moderate growth this year despite the region's economic slowdown.

SAP: Latin Record

Latin America remains SAP's best-performing region worldwide after growing by double-digits last year.

Earnings Reports: Nokia, CNH, Schlumberger

Strong Latin America growth last year at Nokia, Ericsson, CNH and Schlumberger, but declines in the fourth quarter.

Latin American M&A's Set Record

The value of Latin America's mergers and acquisitions grew strongly last year thanks to a doubling in Brazil.

Tigabytes: Google's Face in Chile

A small Chilean technology company aims to use its ground-breaking partnership with Google to expand throughout the region.

Buenos Aires Becomes IT-Wise  

Buenos Aires invites ITC businesses to set up in its forthcoming world-class Technology District.

Latin Technology: Cautious Optimism

Latin America's technology sector should benefit next year from a strong base. Colombia, Mexico and Brazil will lead the way in growth.

Q&A: Latin Technology Challenges

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading business executives about Latin America's key technology challenges in 2009.

Q&A: Latin Technology Outlook

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading business executives about Latin America's technology outlook for 2009.

Terra Expands, Revamps

Terra expands its operations - and revamps its content - even in the midst of a financial crisis.

Servers: IBM, HP Grow Most

IBM, HP and Brazil lead the way in server growth in Latin America, while Sun is the big loser.

Wireless: Strong Growth Despite Crisis

Wireless phone vendors like Nokia and operators like America Movil and Telefonica are all seeing strong growth.

Strong Growth for eLandia

IT and telecom company eLandia sets new revenue records, thanks to strong growth in Latin America.

CANTV: Fraying at the Edges

CANTV is boosting clients, but its service is declining - and corruption is growing.

Emerson Boosts Latin Sales

Latin America sales for Emerson are growing swiftly thanks to markets like Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

US & Brazil Spur Softtek Growth

The U.S. and Brazilian markets are helping Softtek post strong growth this year.

PC Sales, Corruption, Bulletbroof Bora

Latin corruption remains unchanged, bulletbroof Bora launched and PC sales soar.

AOL Plans Brazil Launch Soon

AOL plans to launch a Brazil site soon following launches in Mexico and other markets in Latin America.

iPhone Boosts Replacement Market

Latin America's wireless market grows solidly in the second quarter, with Nokia boosting its gap to Motorola.

NII Holdings: Good Outlook

NII Holdings is expected to deliver a solid second half in line with its strong first half, experts say. Brazil leads the growth.

Latin America: iPhone Fever

3G and handsets like the iPhone are helping boost Latin America's wireless market, already the fastest-growing worldwide.

SAP Boosts Latin America Sales

SAP can boast a strong half year in Latin America — with more growth to come in the second half.

Canada: Latin Business Boom

As Canada prepares for free trade with Colombia and Peru, its overall exports to Latin America are already growing strongly.

Brazil: Wireless Boom Continues

With a little help from a booming economy, fierce competition and affordable handsets, Brazil's wireless market continues booming.

Toshiba Doubles Latin Sales

Toshiba sales in Latin America are growing strongly. Agustín Corona, Latin America commercial director, explains why.

Q&A: Julio Gaitan, Kyocera Wireless

Julio Gaitan, senior director of international sales for Kyocera, talks to Latin Business Chronicle.

Latin Model for SAP?

SAP's SME business is growing strongly in Latin America. It's doing so well that it may serve as a model for SAP worldwide.

Latin Servers: Dell & HP Grow Most

Dell and HP are the big winners in the first quarter when it comes to server sales to Latin America.

Latin America's Top 500 Companies

Brazil and energy dominate the ranking of Latin America's top 500 companies.

Latin Technology:  Best & Worst 

Uruguay is challenging Chile as the top technology nation in Latin America. But Cuba remains unchallenged as the worst.

Telefonica and America Movil: Who Leads?

An in-depth analysis of first quarter revenue, profit and subscriber data from Telefonica and America Movil.

Software Piracy: Venezuela Worst

Colombia has the lowest piracy rate in Latin America, while Costa Rica is the best country in Central America.

Digicel: Caribbean Success

Digicel is hoping to copy its Caribbean telecom success to Panama, El Salvador and Honduras.

Latin 3G: Strong Outlook

3G demand in Latin America will be spurred by growing supply, affordable prices and low Internet penetration, experts say.

Latin 3G Outlook: Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks five leading experts about the outlook for 3G in Latin America.

Brazil Leads Internet Attacks

Brazil and Argentina are Latin America's worst offenders when it comes to malicious activity, including spam.

Millicom: Strong Niche Player

Swedish-owned Millicom is carving out a profitable niche in Latin America's wireless sector.

Latin Internet Ads Jump

Online advertising is growing strongly in Latin America, with Brazil leading the way.

APC: Latin Sales Surge

Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia are helping boost APC sales in Latin America.

Q&A: Lou Viveros, Logitech

Lou Viveros, Latin America vice president for Logitech, talks to Latin Business Chronicle about the company's results and outlook.

PC Sales: LatAm Leads Growth

Latin America continues to be the fastest-growing PC market worldwide. Brazil and Peru lead the growth.

Brazil, Venezuela Boost NewMarket

Brazil and Venezuela help NewMarket Technology post another strong year in revenues and profits.

Multimedia Spurs Nokia Growth

Nokia boosts Latin America sales and widens the gap with Motorola. Multimedia phones are helping drive the growth.

Venezuela's Wireless Boom

Wireless in general, and GSM in particular, is exploding in Venezuela. Meanwhile, the overall economy is deteriorating.

Q&A: Minoru Itaya, Sony Ericsson

Minoru Itaya, president of Sony Ericsson in Latin America, talks to Latin Business Chronicle.

Latin Wireless: Strong Growth

An in-depth report on the fast-growing wireless market in Latin America. Both operators and handset vendors are gaining strongly.

Latin Servers: Unisys Jumps

Unisys, Sun and HP posted the strongest growth in Latin America server revenues. IBM replaces Dell as second-largest unit vendor.

Correanomics Spells Disaster

President Rafael Correa's economic policies are nothing but a recipe for disaster in Ecuador.

Brazil: Record PC Sales

Brazil's PC boom continues to set new records. And the boom is expected to continue - as long as the price is right.

SAP Boosts Latin Revenues

SAP boosts revenues and market share in Latin America, which again is the fastest-growing region for the software giant.

Brazil Wireless: Lasting Boom

Brazil's wireless market is booming and will grow even more thanks to upcoming 3G licenses.

Microsoft Grows in Latin America

Increased demand throughout Latin America helps boost Microsoft's sales.

Mexico: PC Market Grows

Despite a freeze on government purchases, Mexico's PC market is growing. NAFTA has helped lower prices.

Latin America 2008: Technology Outlook 

Leading executives of key technology companies talk to Latin Business Chronicle about the outlook for the sector in 2008.

Yahoo! Expands in Latin America

Yahoo's Latin America sales are up thanks to growing advertisements. It now hopes to get a further boost from wireless.

Latin Technology: Chile Best, Cuba Worst

Uruguay improves most and Bolivia the least, the second annual Latin Technology Index shows.

Rapid Latin Growth for TCS

TCS is growing in Latin America thanks to markets like Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

Mexico's Wireless Boom

Mexico, Latin America's second-largest wireless market, is growing the number of subscribers and the size of the market. Telcel remains the undisputed market leader.

Siemens PLM Software: LatAm Sales Up

Latin America's growing auto production benefits companies like Siemens PLM Software.

MercadoLibre: E-Commerce Success

Part eBay, part, MercadoLibre is boosting revenues, profits and registered users throughout Latin America.

PC Sales: Dell Recaptures Second Spot

Dell grows, but market leader HP continues to widen its gap. Brazil's growth has now made it the world's fifth-largest PC market.

Latin Smartphone Market Explodes

The sales of smartphones in Latin America are expected to jump dramatically the next five years.

LatAm Charges Up VeriFone

Latin America is one of the fastest-growing markets for VeriFone. And the outlook remains bright thanks to increased credit card usage.

Executive Q&A: Hector Alonso, Global Crossing

Hector R. Alonso, managing director of Latin America for Global Crossing, talks to Latin Business Chronicle about the integration of Impsat and the 2007 results so far.

General Imaging: Ambitious Plans

General Imaging, the GE camera licensee, has ambitious plans in Latin America.

Carlos Triviño, Avaya

Carlos Triviño, managing director for Avaya's Vecca division, on his favorite hotels, restaurants and airports in the region.

Latin Sales Help Avaya

Latin America helps Avaya offset declining sales in the United States. Venezuela is among the key growth markets.

Nokia Widens Gap With Motorola 

Nokia gains and Motorola loses marketshare in Latin American wireless sales. Also Sony Ericsson and LG post strong growth.

Servers: HP & Dell Boost Sales

HP and Dell boosted their shares of the Latin American server market, but IBM remains the undisputed leader.

Q&A: Rui da Costa, HP Latin America

Rui da Costa, HP's managing director for Latin America and Caribbean, talks to Latin Business Chronicle on the FY3Q results.

LatAm: HP Boosts Gap With Dell 

HP has widened its lead over Dell in Latin America. Meanwhile, Positivo Informatica has captured the number two spot overall.

Latin America Sales Help Nortel

Latin America was the fastest-growing region for Nortel Networks in the second quarter and one of the few with revenue growth.

Latin Broadband Doubles

Broadband subscriptions in Latin America will grow nearly three times faster than total Internet subscriptions.

NII Boosts Latin America Sales

Aggressive expansion and low churn rates boost revenues and profits for NII in Latin America.

Ericsson Recovers Latin Sales

Ericsson's Latin America sales outpace North America and grow more than any other region worldwide outside of Asia.

Q&A:  Francisco Navarro, Orange Business Services

Latin Business Chronicle talks to Francisco Navarro, vice president of sales and marketing for Latin America for Orange Business Services.

Wireless: Latin Churn Remains High

Latin American churn rates for wireless subscribers remain high and are expected to continue being high for some time.

Brazil Business: Solid Five-Year Outlook

Brazil's business outlook the next five years is strong, business leaders say. And Lula will likely be followed by a more market-friendly president, experts predict.

Brazil Outlook: Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks five leading experts about Brazil's business, economic and political outlook the next five years.

SAP: Booming Latin Business

German software giant SAP is significantly growing its business and market share in Latin America.

LatiNode Finds The Right Tone

Using the right technology and focusing on niche markets has boosted LatiNode's bottom line.

Nokia and VeryCool

New camera- and music-phones launched in Latin America.

Software Piracy: Venezuela Worst, Colombia Best

Brazil makes progress, but still has Latin America's highest software piracy losses.

Latin America Boosts NewMarket Growth

Latin America helps NewMarket become one of the five fastest-growing technology companies in North America.

Sony Ericsson Hits the Right Notes

Music helps Sony Ericsson boost sales and market share in Latin America.

Citrix: Strong Latin America Growth

Citrix boosts sales in Latin America, thanks to growth in markets like Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

Samsung SGH-D900

Samsung launches the ultra-thin D900 in Latin America.

Nokia Boosts Latin Marketshare

Nokia posts a record year in Latin America, helped by more advanced wireless devices.

Oracle: Strong Latin Growth 

Increased offer and market presence has helped spur Oracle sales throughout Latin America.

Latin America: Contact Centers Expand Strongly 

Thanks to more attractive time zones and other factors, Latin America is increasingly competing with India for contact center business.

Qualcomm: CDMA Slowdown Temporary

The decline in CDMA marketshare in Latin America is only temporary, predicts Qualcomm's Carlos Rivera.

Nokia 9300

An ideal device for frequent business travelers.

Latin Technology Index: Best & Worst

Mexico is slightly better than Brazil, but Mercosur beats the Andean Community and CAFTA. But which country is best? And worst?

Latin American Broadband Explodes 

Broadband growth is driven by demand, but also by the level of competition in each market, experts say.

Strong Latin Growth for Nokia

Nokia is growing strongly in Latin America, thanks to the sale of new products and improved distribution.

Global Crossing Expands Latin Coverage

By acquiring Impsat, Global Crossing has boosted its business in Latin America further.

Mexico: Axtel Acquires Avantel

The acquisition consolidates the second-largest fixed line telecom operator in Mexico.

Dell Grows in Latin America

Helped by strong sales of both desktop PCs and notebooks, Dell is seeing strong growth throughout Latin America.

Brazil WIMAX Mess Deters Investors

Confusing rules and repeated delays in granting WiMAX licences in Brazil is deterring foreign companies.

Site of the Week:

Great company web site from one of the largest mining companies in the world.

Site of the Week:

An excellent site that should serve as a model for other government sites in Latin America.

WiMAX Boom in Latin America

WiMAX, the wireless broadband technology, is set for a boom in a region with traditionally low Internet rates.

Nortel Success in Latin America

Brazil and broadband will drive future growth in Latin America for the Canadian telecom company.

SAS: Latin Sales Boom

Latin America is the fastest-growing region for software giant SAS, helped by strong demand in Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

Global Crossing: Latin Boost

Latin America is the fastest-growing market for Global Crossing. Strong demand, growing local economies and free trade are among the reasons behind the success.

Latin American VoIP Surge

Phone calls over the Internet are growing in Latin America thanks to steep long-distance rates and growing broadband connections. But new entrants find several challenges.

HP: Strong Latin Growth

HP, the market leader in Latin American PC sales, is growing strongly and set for further expansion thanks to strong local economies, free trade and a successful strategy.

Record Wireless Sales

Latin America is setting a new record in sales of wireless phones. All the top vendors are gaining, but Motorola most: It captured the top spot, replacing Nokia. Brazil remains the leading market, but Colombia has now replacedVenezuela as the fourth-largest market.

Telecom War Heats Up

The war over Latin America's telecom sector is heating up, thanks to the latest acquisitions by Spanish operator Telefonica and Mexican operator Telmex/America Movil. The two now solidly dominate the region's fixed and wireless markets.

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