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Brazil, Mexico Dominate Multilatina Index

Mexico's Grupo Alfa led the way in growth, with 46 percent.

Argentina: More Statism in Economy 

The state is increasing its control of key sectors.

Can Latin America Feed China?

Most of China's imports of soybean come from Latin America.

Brazil's Growing Africa Connection

How important are Brazil and Africa to each other?

Province of Chubut: Model Citizen

Argentina's oasis of sound macroeconomic management and prosperity.

Latin America: Female Boardroom Blues

Latin America's businesswomen struggle to break through the glass ceiling.

Container Trade: Colombia More Expensive

Replaces Brazil as second-most expensive country to export and import container cargo.

Infrastructure: Mexico Improves

Which Latin American countries are best and which are worst when it comes to infrastructure?

Boosting Latin America’s Education

How the private sector is helping to improve education.

Latin America: Long Way to Go

Latin America still has a long way to go, one expert says.

CSR Key Part of Business

CSR should be a core part of any business, executives say.

Fernandez Attacks Energy Speculation

Dominican President argues for regulating food and energy price speculation.

Third Term for Chavez?

Protests, food shortages and mismanagement undercut Chavez's chances in 2012.

Latin America Embraces Mobile Money

Latin America is one of the most dynamic regions for mobile money.

Latin American Pension Funds: Previ Widens Gap

Brazil's Previ widens its lead over Chile's Provida on pension rank.

Korea: Peru Exports Double

Peru trade with Korea jumps after they implement a new FTA.

Brazil Auto Tax Violates WTO

Korean auto official urges change of new Brazil tax hike.

Latin American Education: Uruguay Best

The first Latin Education Index shows the best and worst countries.

Business Leaders Applaud FTA Passage

U.S. congressional delay had cost companies billions of dollars in tariffs.

Latin Leaders Hail FTA Passage

Leaders of Colombia and Panama -- as well as Korea -- hail the US congressional approval of FTA's.

Colombia FTA: Trade, FDI Boost

The US-Colombia free trade agreement will significantly boost trade, and increase foreign direct investment.

US-Panama Trade: Fast Facts

Key facts about U.S. trade with Panama.

US-Colombia Trade: Fast Facts

Key facts about U.S. trade with Colombia.

Colombia's Outward FDI Jumps

Colombian companies' foreign investments jumped nearly eight-fold the past decade.

Efromovich: Hardworking Visionary

Avianca Chairman German Efromovich talks about his vision and future plans.

Chickens in China Made in Brazil

Brazil's exports of poultry to China jumped last year and are expected to continue soaring the next few years.

Ecuador: From Waste to Luxury

A German entrepreneur wants to tap Ecuadorian craftsmanship to create high quality goods.

Happy Colombia Day!

Congressional approval of the US-Colombia FTA can help stem lost market share by US exporters.

Violence Hits Mexico Business

Violence is beginning to affect consumption patterns and the labor market in Mexico.

India Eyes Latin America

Why India can and should become a counterbalance to China in Latin America.

China Threat to Brazil?

How big of an economic threat does China actually pose to Brazil? Four experts share their insights.

Colombia: Back in the Saddle

Consumption and mining booms make Colombia one of the hottest investment destinations in Latin America.

Shougang: Latin America's Best Company

Latin America’s best companies in revenue and profit growth and profit margins

Singapore-Latin America Trade Jumps

Trade between Singapore and Latin America grew by double-digits last year.

Argentina Inflation: Nr. 2 in World?

Its rate this year could be the second-highest in the world after Belarus.

Argentina: Latin America's Highest Growth

Argentina and Panama lead Latin American GDP growth this year, while El Salvador and Venezuela are the laggards.

Venezuela, Ecuador Lag GDP Growth

Panama is expected to be the Latin American GDP growth leader the next five years.

LBC Gets A New Look, New Channels 

Launches new design and new channels on travel and CFOs.

Competitiveness: No Time for Complacency

Latin America still needs to implement reforms to sustain further improvements.

Passenger Traffic: Sao Paulo Gains

Sao Paulo becomes top passenger airport in Latin America and the one growing fastest in international traffic.

Air Cargo: Monterrey, Caracas Gain

Mexican airports among the top cargo winners and Brazilian airports among top losers.

UK Bribe Act Impacts Latin America

Britain's new Bribery Act will have a significant impact on doing business in Latin America.

Andean Risks: Ecuador and Bolivia

Regulatory risks and reforms that will impact business in Ecuador and Bolivia.

Chinese Carmakers Eye Brazil

Chinese automakers want to capture a slice of the world’s fourth-largest car market.

Panama Pushes Technology

Government efforts to use technology and lure investors spur boom.

Latin America: Outsourcing Thrives

Call center providers are thriving in Latin America, thanks to increased popularity of near-shoring and robust domestic demand.

Peru Energy: Greater State Role?

Will Peru's energy sector see a greater state role in the economy? Three experts share their insights.

Mexico: Softtek's Global Strategy

How Mexico-based Softtek’s Beni Lopez plays up local strengths to grow globally.

Latin America: Record Korea Trade

Korean trade with Brazil and Mexico jump, helping set a new record with Latin America.

Latin Trade Group Acquires Datarisk

The Latin Trade Group acquires Argentina-based corporate assurance company Datarisk.

Bolivia: Boom Amid Problems

Bolivia’s government is wealthier than ever, but institutions are weaker than ever, experts say.

Argentina: From Cattlemen to Crops

Can Argentina's ranchers cash in on the commodities boom?

Multilatinas: Marfrig Leads Growth

Marfrig and Vale lead growth among multilatinas, the Multilatina Index shows.

Latin America: 100% Wireless Penetration

Latin America reaches the historic milestone of 100 percent wireless penetration.

Latin America: Casino, Nokia Grow Most

French retailer Casino and Finnish wireless producer Nokia gain most among multinationals in Latin America.

Brazil: Recipe for Success

Case Study: How Aldaci (Dadá) dos Santos built a culinary brand name in Brazil.

Panama: Latin America’s Technology King

PC, Internet and broadband penetration jump in Panama, already the region's wireless leader.

Panama Canal CEO Gets Bravo Award

Panama Canal Authority CEO and Administrator Alberto Aleman among 2011 Bravo Business Award winners.

Fernandez, Carstens Receive Bravo Awards

Dominican President, Mexican Central Bank Governor and Chilean Minister among 2011 Bravo winners.

Odebrecht, Sarmiento Win Bravo Awards

CEOs of Odebrecht, Grupo Aval and Globant among 2011 BRAVO Business Awards winners.

Telefonica Outperforms Wireless Index

For the second quarter in a row, Telefonica is the leader of the Latin Wireless Index.

Latin America Withstands Crisis

A resurgent Latin America swims against the current of recurring global crisis.

US Imports From Latin America Jump

Latin American exports to the US jump despite sluggish US economy.

Mexico's Major Antitrust Reforms

An overview of Mexico’s major antitrust reforms, including increased sanctions and fines for violators.

Latin America's Middle Class Potential

Can Latin America's growing middle class deliver on its potential?

Latin America: Mixed Power Outlook

Latin America’s electricity supply and outlook varies strongly from country to country.

How Safe is Mexico?

How does the drug violence really affect business and tourism in Mexico?

Venezuela: After Hugo

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is leaving a permanent scar on Latin America.

Concha y Toro Speaks Mandarin

China's wine imports boom. Chile's Concha y Toro aims to have its share of that growth.

Latin America: IHG Top Hotel Chain

UK-based IHG has the largest number of rooms in Latin America, followed by Sol Melia from Spain.

Latin America Trade: Asia Leads Growth

Asia is gaining most in trade with Latin America, led by China and Taiwan.

Copersucar: We Have Alternatives

Copersucar, Brazil's top ethanol and sugar company, has several alternatives after it delayed its IPO.

Petrobras CFO: We Are Prepared

With $35 billion available in cash, Petrobras is prepared for any market turmoil.

Petrobras, Copersucar CFOs Win Awards

The CFO’s of Petrobras and Copersucar win Latin Trade awards as CFO’s of the Year in Brazil.

Searching for Quality Education

Countries like Argentina urgently need to improve the quality of their education system.

Latin America’s Wireless Boom

Latin America’s wireless sector, the world’s fastest-growing, is expected to expand even more, partly spurred by smartphones.

Peru Heaven for Inclusion

How an eco-lodge in Peru proves that protecting the Amazon and making money can co-exist sustainably.

Latin America Insurance: ING Among Top Five

GrupoSura's purchase of ING creates a new Latin American insurance giant.

Setting Up a Business in Colombia

Practical legal advice for setting up a business in fast-growing Colombia.

Peru Heaven for Inclusion

How an eco-lodge in Peru proves that protecting the Amazon and making money can co-exist sustainably.

Brazil: Tax Reform Likely

President Rousseff's tax reform will likely be approved by Congress, but piecemeal and within the next two years.

China Spurs Brazil Soy Boom

Brazil's soy exports to China are jumping, but profits are hampered by poor infrastructure.

It’s All About Leadership

Why Agustin Carstens should have been chosen as the IMF’s managing director.

Latin America: Canada Trade Rebounds

Canada's trade with Latin America grew 26 percent last year, especially helped by rising imports.

Canada: A True Partner

While the the United States talks the talk; Canada walks the walk on Latin American business and trade relations.

Latin America: Brazil Leads Compensation Costs

Brazil has the highest executive compensation costs in Latin America after growing significantly in recent years.

Is Brazil's Business Climate Difficult?

Brazil business climate is still challenging and needs to improve, experts say.

Latin America: Brazil Top Japan Partner

Brazil replaces Panama as Japan’s top trade partner in Latin America.

Peru: Which Path Will Humala Follow?

There are fears that Humala's victory could mean a change in the economic model, and wind up putting an end to Peru's period of prosperity.

Panama: Caution! Men at Work

Panama is on track to becoming a major logistics, transportation and tourism hub for Latin America.

CBD Top Brazil Employer

Latin Business Chronicle ranks Latin America’s Top 100 Employers.

Peru: Increased Contract Risk

There is increased risk of contract cancellations in Peru with president-elect Ollanta Humala.

Latin America: M&A Boom

Mergers and acquisitions are booming in Latin America and expected to continue at full speed.

New Hope for Brazil Ethanol

The US legislative road to opening the market to duty-free Brazilian ethanol remains long, but there is some new hope.

Peru: Some Optimism

Some executives voice optimism that Peru's president-elect Ollanta Humala will follow today's economic policies.

Q&A: Denise Farinos, CFO, GM South America

Denise Farinos, the CFO of General Motors in South America, on her career, Brazil and more.

Colombia: AFL-CIO’s Stuck in the Past

The AFL-CIO is using old arguments – and images – in its campaign against the Colombia FTA.

Colombia FTA Supports US Interests

US approval of the Colombia free trade agreement should not be delayed any further.

Latin America's Top 50 Businesswomen

Latin Business Chronicle selects the 50 top women in Latin American business.

The Latin America We Dream Of

Economic and political stability need to be accompanied by better infrastructure, health and education.

Latin America Taxes: Mexico Improves

Mexico improved its tax environment the most, while Ecuador deteriorated most.

Chavez, Lula, or Humala?

Peru’s president-elect Ollanta Humala can only reduce poverty by continuing the country’s openness to the international economy.

Santos: Colombia FTA This Year

Despite continued delays, both Colombian and US officials say the Colombia FTA will be approved this year.

Brazil, Argentina Hit Insurance Markets

Brazil's new insurance rules could adversily affect the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Rio Olympics.

Ecuador: Correa’s Economic Legacy

Correa's four years have resulted in slower GDP growth despite higher oil prices and political stability.

Panama's Dash for Growth

How Panama went from a declining economy to a business star in a decade.

Business Executives: Integration Focus

Executives from the hemisphere will focus on integration at this year’s Business Future of the Americas.

The Importance of Free Trade

Colombia strengthens its ties with its hemispheric neighbors.

CBD, Carrefour = Latin America's Top Retailer

If Brazilian retailer CBD were to merge with the Brazil unit of Carrefour, it would replace Walmex as the top retailer.

Latin America's Top 50 Energy Companies

Petrobras tops the list and Brazil dominates the ranking of the top 50 energy companies in Latin America.

Latin America: Profits Soar

Corporate profits in Latin America jumped 37 percent last year. Among the stars: Mining giant Vale.

Brazil: O Maior do Mundo

Brazil may be “o maior do mundo,” but at the current pace it is headed for an unnecessary explosion.

Latin America: The Quest for Talent

Some Latin American countries are now experiencing a “reverse” brain-drain.

Lionel Messi: Latin America's Most Marketable

Lionel Messi, Alberto Pujols, Neymar and Anderson Silva among world's most marketable athletes.

Brazil Shoemakers Set Foot in China

After years of fierce competition from China, Brazilian shoemakers are now entering their rival’s home turf as well.

Latin America: Store Cards Surge

Promotions and rewards programs fuel card lending in Latin America.

Colombia: Too Much of a Good Thing

Colombia is on a very good trajectory, but must end the legacies of corruption and class privilege to make it a truly prosperous place.

Indian Business Grows in Latin America

After expanding to Europe and the U.S., Indian companies target Latin America.

Argentina: Frankenstein’s Monster

The Kirchners helped CGT's Hugo Moyano become powerful. Now only Cristina Kirchner can stop him.

Caterpillar, Volkswagen Lead Growth

Caterpillar, Volkswagen and AB InBev are the Latin America growth winners among multinationals.

Vale: Agnelli Leaves Strong Legacy

Vale’s CEO Roger Agnelli, ousted by Brazil’s government, helped Vale outperform its multilatina peers.

Latin America: E-Commerce Leader

Latin America will see the highest e-commerce growth worldwide through 2015.

China No Easy Market for Brazil

Brazil's commodity exports to China are booming, but manufacturing in the Asian country is proving to be tougher

China: Latin America Trade Jumps

China's trade with Latin America is growing twice as fast as U.S. trade with the region.

Business Climate: Brazil Remains Laggard

Despite its success attracting foreign investment, Brazil remains a laggard when it comes to overall business climate.

LatAm Social Entrepreneurs Awarded

Social entrepreneurs from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela honored at the World Economic Forum.

Executives Samba in Rio

Local and foreign investors gather in Rio de Janeiro for the World Economic Forum.

Panama: Latin America's FDI Leader

Panama has Latin America’s highest percent of FDI, while Venezuela has the lowest.

Latin America Business: Chile Best

Chile and Panama are best for business, while Venezuela is worst. How do the other countries rank?

Social Networks: Back to Basics

Why business leaders should engage in “real” social networks – face-to-face meetings.

Brazil Fast Track to Avoid Bottlenecks

Brazil is working to avoid bottlenecks during the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, official says.

Investors Praise Brazil President

Dilma's style and decisionmaking talk of the corridors at the World Economic Forum in Rio de Janeiro.

Latin America: Colon Top Port

Panama’s top container ports are now the largest in Latin America, thanks to strong growth.

Brazil: Generic Drugs Boom

Sales of generic drugs in Brazil jumped 53 percent last year and are expected to grow by double-digits the next two years.

Pemex: Fighting Output Declines

Reforms at Mexico's state oil company Pemex may be too little, too late, some experts warn.

Energy: Chile Follows Europe Lessons

France-based GDF-Suez aims to help Chile learn from the energy lessons of Europe.

Latin America Moguls on Twitter

Eike Batista leads the way in using Twitter, with Lorenzo Zambrano and Emilio Azcarraga also frequent users.

Colombia: Textiles Innovate

Fierce competition from lower-priced Chinese rivals has forced Colombia’s textile sector to innovate.

Peru: Continuity or Radical Changes?

Peru next month will choose between continuity or market hostility, experts say.

LatAm, Middle East: Expanding Relations

Latin America and the Middle East have an expanding, yet limited partnership.

GDP: Brazil Passed Italy

Argentina remains the richest country in Latin America in GDP per capita terms.

Tapping Latin America’s Lithium

Latin America’s abundant lithium reserves are highly attractive for investors, particularly from China.

Brazil: Brain Strain

As Brazil's economy grows faster, so does the gap between demand and supply of skilled labor.

Inflation: Venezuela World’s Worst

Venezuela and Argentina have the world’s highest inflation rates. In Latin America, Peru and El Salvador boast the lowest rates.

Latin America: Peru GDP Winner

Peru and Panama will likely see Latin America's best economic performance this year, while Venezuela will see the worst.

Peru: Investors Worry About Humala

Investors are worried about the likelihood of a radical change in economic policies in one of Latin America’s stars.

China: Sany Builds Brazil Business

Chinese machinery producer Sany finds a strong market in Latin America, especially Brazil.

Business Applauds US-Colombia Deal

Colombia FTA may be approved by Congress as soon as July.

Venezuela: An Air of Desperation

Venezuela is losing almost half of the oil revenue that was being generated to service its external debt obligations.

Latin America: Billionaire Fortunes Jump

The estimated fortune of Latin America's billionaires jumped nearly 50 percent the past year.

The Dragon and the Anaconda

Tensions are growing between BRIC countries Brazil and China.

Cardenuto: It's Brazil's Decade

Despite some clouds hanging over the global sporting events the next few years, private sector companies are continuing to invest heavily in Brazil.

Brazil: Real Estate Bubble?

The Brazilian real estate market is headed for a crisis, warn some experts.

Pet Care: Latin America Global Star

Led by Brazil, sales of pet food and pet care products are surging in Latin America.

2011 IDB: Is it Different This Time?

Latin America will return to its old ways once the commodity boom comes to an end.

Teobaldo Palacios, Samsung

Teobaldo Palacios, Vice President Latin American Telecom Operations at Samsung Electronics, on his favorite restaurants, hotels and airports in the region.

Ecuador: End of Dollarization?

De-dollarization has becomes inevitable. And Correa’s track record shows it will likely be quite messy.

Quito Airport: Too Little, Too Late? 

The Quito airport project is back on track, but may be too little, too late, some experts warn.

Brazil: North by Due North

Brazil is more than the big cities, soybeans and gauchos. The Northern territories are rich on commodities.

Brazil Safer, Venezuela Worse

The safest and most dangerous countries in Latin America for foreign multinational executives.

The Lure of Brazilian Agriculture

Brazil is well positioned to play an important role in meeting world demand of food amidst shortages and price increases.

Colombia FTA Delay Hurts US Workers

The delay of US passage of the Colombian FTA is costing American workers.

Oil: Latin America Winners & Losers

What countries in Latin America will benefit from the oil price surge? What countries will lose most?

Ecuador's Expensive Policies

Default and oil expropriations have cost Ecuador billions of dollars in lost foreign direct investments the past few years.

Brazil: Lowest Remittance Rate

Booming Brazil now has Latin America’s lowest rate of remittances compared with its GDP.

Wireless: Telefonica Beats America Movil

Spain's telecom giant outperformed Mexico's America Movil in the fourth quarter, but not during the full year.

Latin America: Facebook and Twitter Boom

The number of Facebook users in Brazil triples since June, but Mexico is still the regional leader.

For Obama, a New World to Discover

On his upcoming trip, the president will find abundant opportunities for American business.

Mercosur Turns 20

Mercosur is still far away from its original goal of a customs union, experts say.

Brazil: What a Party!

To avoid a nasty hangover, Brazil needs to cut into the bureaucratic fat and frivolous expenses.

Judge Blocks Chevron Ruling

A U.S. injunction blocks the $18.2 billion ruling against Chevron in Ecuador.

Latin America: Record Europe Trade

Brazil and Germany are among the winners in EU-Latin American trade, while Venezuela is among the losers.

Brazil Sends Wrong Message

Turning back the clock, the Brazilian government tightens land rights legislation.

Colombia: Strong Growth Outlook

Colombia is set to become one of the leading emerging economies after BRIC, experts agree.

Brazil: The Labor Challenge

Brazil's economy may be booming, but cumbersome labor regulations make it difficult to hire people.

Colombia: Bogota Hotel Boom

Hotel developers look to international chains for growth in Colombia’s capital Bogota.

Tug of War Over Belo Monte Dam

The proposed Belo Monte will create 18,700 direct jobs and 25,000 indirect jobs, but is facing stiff opposition.

CAFTA Five Years Later

DR-CAFTA has been positive for the United States, Central America and the Dominican Republic.

Confronting Corruption in Colombia

Colombia can position itself as an example to the rest of Latin America by confronting corruption head on

Latin America: Record US Trade

Panama, Mexico and Brazil advance most in US trade, while Cuba and Argentina are among the losers.

Sao Paulo Airport: Latin America's Worst

Sao Paulo has Latin America's worst airport and Santiago the best, according to business travelers.

Latin America: A Year of Recovery Ahead                          

Latin American firms like Odebrecht (Brazil), and Grupo Bimbo (Mexico) will be in the vanguard of global FDI in 2011.

Chevron & Ecuador: Highway Robbery

The $9 billion verdict against Chevron in Ecuador represents a travesty of justice.

Multilatinas: Full Speed Ahead

Multilatinas like Vale outpace multinationals when it comes to revenue growth.

LAN Leads Travel Survey

LAN, TAM, Avianca, American Ailines and Delta Air Lines win reader survey from Latin Trade magazine.

São Paulo: Metro Delays Worsen Transit

A bidding scandal to extend Sao Paulo's beleaguered transit system is delaying needed improvements.

Greystar: Colombia Permits This Year

Greystar expects to get its environmental permit for Angostura in Colombia this year.

Latin America Leads Microsoft Growth

Latin America is the star region for software giant Microsoft, outpacing all other areas in growth.

Latin America: Star of Multinationals

Latin America continues to outperform global sales for US and European multinationals.

Schott: Colombia FTA This Year

The Colombia FTA will finally be passed this year, trade expert Jeffrey Schott predicts.

Sao Paulo: The Crime Problem

Crime and insecurity remains a major concern in Brazilian business hub Sao Paulo, but progress is being made.

Panama Canal Expansion No "Disaster"

Several experts refute the notion that the Panama Canal expansion is a 'disaster" and praise its transparency and on-time schedule.

Chevron Countersues Over Ecuador

Chevron levels RICO charges over $113 Billion trial in Ecuador.

Sao Paulo: The Crime Problem

Crime and insecurity remains a major concern in Brazilian business hub Sao Paulo, but progress is being made.

Latin America: Avoiding the Hangover

Latin America needs to improve its infrastructure, education and efficiency, experts say.

The Rapid Decline of PDVSA

Production is too low and too little of it is commercially driven, resulting in a need for more cash.

Latin America: Strong Technology Optimism

2010 was a strong year for Latin America's technology sector and executives and experts predict another banner year.

Colombia FTA: What Our Readers Say

LBC readers urge President Obama to move forward on the Colombia FTA.

SAP Doubles Sales in Brazil

Brazil grew nearly four times more than SAP's global software revenues last year.

Who Supports the Colombia FTA?

US companies, state and local chambers of commerce, mayors and prominent newspapers support the Colombia FTA.

Brazil: Avoiding the Potholes of Fraud

The opportunities for foreign suppliers, contractors and investors are considerable. So, too, are the risks of fraud.

Brazil Boosts Legal M&A Business

Brazil helped boost international law firms' M&A business in Latin America last year.

Brazil Tax Reform? Not Soon

Experts doubt Brazil will reform its cumbersome tax system anytime soon.

Venezuela: Hell on Earth

The reckless tyranny of Hugo Chavez squandered away Venezuela's abundant natural resources, sound infrastructure and skilled labor.

Deal of the Year: LAN-TAM Merger

The merger of Latin America’s top airlines is shaking up the region’s aviation sector.

Brazil: Food Industry Boom

A growing consumer class in Brazil is spurring strong growth for multinational food companies.

Latin America M&A’s: China Surges

China has become the third-largest buyer of Latin American assets, as the region's M&A's double.

Latin American Construction: Solid Outlook

Growing real estate, infrastructure and economic expansion is spurring Latin America's construction sector.

Colombia: Canada’s Competitive Edge

Canada's trade with Colombia is growing at a faster rate than US trade with the country.

Economic Freedom: Colombia Advances

Venezuela's economy is more repressed than that of Iran, while Chile's is freer than those of Germany and the UK.

Brazil: A Quick Honeymoon?

Dilma Rousseff must take the unpopular measures needed to keep inflation and account deficits from getting out of control.

China: More Latin America Energy Investments

Chinese firms will likely invest more in Latin America's energy sector, especially in the Southern Cone, experts say.

Brazil GDP Larger Than Germany and Japan

Brazil's economy will become larger than the economies of France, the UK and Germany the next 14 years, PwC predicts.

Latin America 2011: Solid Outlook

Latin America is expected to see another year of solid macro economic results, with Brazil leading the way.

Latin America 2011: Expert Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading Latin American experts about the region’s business outlook in 2011.

Brazil 2011: CEO Q&A on Challenges

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading business executives about Brazil’s key challenges in 2011.

Brazil 2011: CEO Q&A on Outlook

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading business executives about Brazil’s outlook for 2011.

CEOs: Bright Brazil Outlook 

Brazil remains a shining star for many multinationals despite its share of challenges.

Latin America 2011: CEO Q&A on Challenges

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading executives about Latin America's main business challenges for 2011.

Latin America 2011: CEO Q&A on Outlook

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading business executives about Latin America's outlook for 2011.

Latin America 2011: CEOs Bullish

Multinational executives are bullish about Latin America, especially Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

Brazil: Lula’s Historic Legacy

Brazil’s outgoing president made history more than once, realizing the country’s long-dormant potential.

Latin America Business: Best of 2010

The ten best events of 2010 for Latin American business.

Latin America Business: Worst of 2010

The worst events of 2010 for Latin American business.

Year’s Most Popular in LBC

The most popular articles in Latin Business Chronicle this year.

Chile: No Rest for the Weary

The Pinera Administration is moving fast to introduce the necessary reforms that will make Chile into a stronger economy.

Internet Ads: Brazil Grows 

Brazil dominates Latin American online ad spending and will see strong growth this year.

Latin America Fuel Theft Serious Problem

Latin America's major hydrocarbon producers lose billions of dollars in crude and oil product theft.

Brazil: A Latin Bollywood?

The economics of Brazil's film industry have never been better.

How Petrobras Compares

Petrobras outperforms foreign oil giants, but lags Ecopetrol.

Petrobras: State Threatens Efficiency

Petrobras is a great driller but government agenda threatens its efficiency, experts warn.

Peru Retail Boom

Peru's retail sector is booming -- spurred by a growing economy and under-penetration.

Mexico, Colombia More Globalized

Venezuela becomes the least-globalized country in Latin America.

U.S.-Panama Trade: A Step Forward

It's time to get the US-Panama free trade agreement approved by Congress.

Latin Labor Index: Best & Worst

Labor issues are a key challenge in Latin America. What countries are best and worst when it comes to labor environment?

IDB Eyes China Projects Financing

China moves beyond mere trading with a growing role in financing China-Latin American business.

Mexico Gains from Costlier China

Mexico is first in line to benefit from rising labor costs in China.

Latin Wireless: NII Gains Most

NII Holdings leads wireless growth in Latin America ahead of America Movil and Telefonica.

Terpel: Colombia Still Key 

Colombian fuel distributor Terpel sees higher profits in Ecuador and great potential in Mexico.

The Benefits of MILA

The integrated stock exchange of Chile, Colombia and Peru is larger than Mexico's.

Expropriations Hurt Venezuela

Hugo Chávez's nationalizations are hurting Venezuela's chances of economic recovery, experts warn.

Peru Mining: The Social Factor

Social factors are key, but not enough, for the success of Peruvian mining company Buenaventura.

Latin America Ads: Brazil Grows Most

Latin America tops global ad growth this year. Brazil leads growth, with other key markets posting strong increases.

Innovation: The Next Challenge

Competitiveness requires more than sound macro policies and a good business environment.

China Investments: Brazil Top Focus

Brazil and natural resources are the main focus for China’s investments in Latin America

Brazil: "Pretty Girl" With Challenges

Brazil remains a magnet for foreign companies despite major challenges like taxes, education and infrastructure.

Trade: Brazil More Expensive

Container cargo costs grow double-digits in Brazil, while falling in Mexico.

Latin Infrastructure Index: Best & Worst

Which Latin American countries are best and which are worst when it comes to infrastructure?

Chevron Lawsuit: Greed & Deceit

The legal action against Chevron in Ecuador is a story of greed and deceit.

Rogelio Caceres, Frontier Strategy Group

Rogelio Caceres, Latin America Vice President, Frontier Strategy Group, on his favorite restaurants, hotels and airports in the region.

Experts Praise Colombia Oil Plans

Experts praise Colombia's president Juan Manuel Santos for his plans for oil and gas revenue reforms.

Doing Business Ease: Mexico Best

Peru and Chile improve most, while Brazil remains a laggard in ease of doing business.

Previ: Latin America's Largest Pension Fund

Brazil dominates the ranking of Latin America's 100 top pension funds, with Mexico in a distant second place.

Uribe Applauded for Colombia Success

Colombia's former president received widespread praise and applause at the Latin Trade Symposium and Bravo Awards.

Coutinho Sees Tax As Hindrance

Brazil's high payroll taxes are a hindrance for competitiveness, while broadband taxes in Latin America undermine demand.

Uruguay Lures Investors

Uruguay is increasingly attracting foreign multinationals thanks to clear regulations and a growing economy.

Sale of Citgo Would Be Suicidal

The political and economic effect of a sale of Citgo would be disastrous for Venezuela.

Argentina: Dangerous Precedent

The immediate outlook for Argentina is positive, as the dark shadow of Nestor Kirchner fades away.

Hunt Oil Bets on Peru

Hunt Oil – already behind the largest investment in Peru – plans further expansion.

Multilatinas Outperform Multinationals

The multilatinas post higher growth than multinationals operating in Latin America.

Brazil: Why Executives Should Care Who Wins

Why Wall Street doesn’t care who wins Brazil’s watershed elections, but executives should.

Asia, Latin America Help Drive Global Growth

Asia’s growing importance to Latin America’s growth became particularly evident during the recent financial crisis.

Chile's Tradition Helped Mining Rescue

Chile's successful mining rescue reflects its tradition of strong leadership, commitment to mining and sense of nationalism.

Power 100 Colombia's Top Businesspeople

Latin Business Chronicle selects Colombia's most powerful businesspeople.

Power 100 Chile's Top Businesspeople

Latin Business Chronicle selects Chile's most powerful businesspeople.

Power 100 Mexico's Top Businesspeople

Latin Business Chronicle selects Mexico's most powerful businesspeople.

Power 100 Brazil's Top Businesspeople

Latin Business Chronicle selects Brazil's most powerful businesspeople.

Latin America's 100 Most Powerful Businesspeople

Latin America's 100 most powerful businessmen and women.

New FX Law Hurts Venezuela

Venezuela's new foreign exchange law will lead to a significant and enduring loss of intellectual capital and financial resources.

Colombia: Closing the Equity Gap

Can Colombia's new president Juan Manuel Santos close the equity gap?

Uruguay: The Pearl of the West

Uruguay's economy is booming, partly helped by foreign direct investment.

Wireless Rates: Brazil Most Expensive

Brazil has Latin America's highest wireless prepaid rates, while Venezuela has the lowest.

Brazil Broadband? Yes. Telebras? No

Brazil's ambitious aim to boost broadband usage receives praise, but not its plans to revive Telebras.

Brazil Set to Pass Italy in 2011

Brazil will be world's seventh-largest economy the next five years.

Latin America Inflation: Peru, Panama Best

Peru and Panama keep inflation low despite strong economic growth.

Venezuela: World's Highest Inflation

Venezuela beats all other countries worldwide when it comes to inflation.

GDP Outlook: Panama Leads Latin America

Panama, the Dominican Republic and Peru will have Latin America's highest growth the next five years.

Brazil-Iran Trade Grows

Brazil remains top exporter to Iran, but Venezuela becomes Iran's top market in Latin America.

Corruption Costs: Mexico Worse Than Brazil

Brazil is better than Mexico, but Chile and Uruguay are the best in Latin America in transparency.

Brazil: Corruption Costs $41 Billion 

Corruption costs Brazil up to $41 billion a year, but progress is being made.

LAN-TAM: Unprecedented Merger

The unprecedented merger of Chile’s LAN and Brazil’s TAM transforms Latin American aviation.

Brazil On A Roll

The Petrobras share sale cements Brazil as one of the world’s top economic stars.

Latin America Avoiding US Double Dip 

Latin America -- led by Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Chile -- should avoid the brunt of any potential US double dip recession.

Subpoena Looms for Chevron Opponent

A subpoena looms for attorney Steven Donziger, the lead US attorney in the Ecuador lawsuit against Chevron.

UPS Boost From LatAm Trade Growth

UPS Latin America benefits from trade expansion in 2010

Has Brazil's Investment Hype Faded?

A year after Brazil achieved full investment grade, has the country's investment hype faded?

Chevron, Software, Banking

The Ecuador lawsuit against Chevron gets even bigger, Colombia best on software piracy and second-best on banking.

Uribe, CEO's Win Bravo Awards

Colombia’s former president joins a roster of prominent CEO’s at this year’s Bravo Awards.

Latin America Trade: Asia Bigger Than Europe

Latin America continues to trade more with Asia than the European Union.

Janszky: Brazil's Time Has Come

Brazil's time has come, but it needs to get its act together in terms of infrastructure, argues Milbank’s Janszky.

Venezuela: Brain Drain Champion

Chile is best and Venezuela worst when it comes to retaining talent and paying fairly.

Brazil’s Infrastructure Challenge

The most problematic areas are the quality of port infrastructure, roads and air transport infrastructure.

Latin America: Competitiveness Improves

Panama sails up as second-most competitive economy in Latin America.

Latin America: Bogota, Mexico Top Airports

Latin America's top 50 airports for cargo and passenger traffic and aircraft movements.

Peru: Claro Boosts Business

America Movil is giving Telefonica a run for its money in Peru's wireless market.

Pemex: Bigger Budget Not Enough

A bigger budget won't be enough to help Mexican oil company Pemex meet its goals, experts say.

Peru: Attention K-Mart Shoppers

A wave of consumerism is washing over Peru, thus helping to create a strong base of domestic demand.

Can Chile Recapture'Golden Decade'?

Can Chile recapture the growth of its 'golden decade'?

Juan Valdez Turns 50

Juan Valdez celebrates 50th anniversary, Dominican economy booms, Costa Rica wireless delays, Colombia BPO King.

China’s Latin America Deficit Jumps Fourfold

Chile replaces Mexico as China’s second-largest trading partner in Latin America.

Latin America’s Legal Stars

Latin Business Chronicle selects the top 30 foreign lawyers in Latin America.

Bulltick: LatAm Growth of 5.9%

Brazil's economy will grow 7 percent, but Argentina will have the highest growth among leading economies.

Peru: Exotic Ingredients Re-Shape Food 

Traditional Peruvian products become mainstream in modern packaged food.

Ecuador Oil: Reduced Investments

Private foreign investment in Ecuador's oil sector is likely to fall as a result of new laws for the sector, experts say.

U.S.-Latin America Trade Rebounds

Mexico and Costa Rica lead Latin America's growth in U.S. trade in the first half of 2010.

Discovery: Double-Digit LatAm Growth

Ad revenues at Discovery Networks rose more than 20 percent in the first six months of 2010.

Latin America Leads Twitter Growth

Twitter, Starbucks, Colombia, Sao Paulo and Aston Martin are the key topics of this week's TradeTalk.

Manuel Ayau, LatAm Champion of Free Markets

The legacy of Guatemalan businessman Manuel Ayau, 1925-2010.

Multilatinos: Latin America's Other Export

Latin Business Chronicle looks at 25 Latin American executives who excel internationally.

How Safe Are Latin America's Ports?

How safe and efficient are Latin America's ports? Four experts share their insights.

Brazil's Tax Monster

Brazil's tax system is the most negative aspect of doing business in Latin America's largest economy.

Uruguay: Investment Grade Next

Uruguay is resolutely on its way to reclaim the investment grade status it lost in 2002

Asia Seeks Closer Colombia Ties

Japan’s planned investment treaty with Colombia could lead to an FTA, while China wants a Colombia FTA as well.

Canada-LatAm Trade: Peru, Ecuador Lead

Peru and Ecuador lead growth in Canada trade, but Mexico remains the top partner.

Latin Wireless Index: The Vivo Factor

Latin Wireless Index gains in the second quarter, with Vivo and Oi leading the way.

Crime Cost: El Salvador Worst

The best and worst countries in Latin America when it comes to crime costs for companies.

Colombia: Team Santos

Latin Business Chronicle takes a closer look at the new cabinet of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

Democratic Prosperity for Colombia

How Democratic Prosperity will boost investments and reduce poverty and unemployment in Colombia.

Ecuador: Chevron Asks for Dismissal

Presents video footage showing Ecuadorian court-appointed investigator in collusion with plaintiffs.

Peru: Kimberly Clark Grows

Empowering the workforce has helped the bottom line of Kimberly-Clark Peru.

Luis Guillermo Plata: Tireless Trade Booster

Luis Guillermo Plata - the driving force behind Colombia's growing trade ties with the world.

Executive Q&A on President Alvaro Uribe

Latin Business Chronicle asks executives about President Uribe’s impact on their business and what they most admired about him.

Uribe: Smart & Hard Working

The secret to Alvaro Uribe’s impressive success as Colombia’s president.

Uribe's Legacy: Business Booms

Foreign companies report strong growth during Alvaro Uribe's tenure as Colombia's president.

Alvaro Uribe: The Turnaround Champion

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe gets widespread praise for dramatically improving Colombia's image and business climate.

PDVSA: More Contradictions

PDVSA's 2009 profits are half of what company president Rafael Ramirez said they were only a few months ago.

Brazil: Shaky Infrastructure

Brazil's poor infrastructure tops the challenge among local and foreign companies.

Tax Alert: Brazil Blacklist Includes US LLC

Brazilian tax authorities Issue controversial “Tax Blacklist” which includes the United States Limited Liability Company.

India: Latin America's Next Big Thing?

Reducing tariffs and non-tariff barriers such as costs can boost trade between India and Latin America.

Latin America: Walmart Largest Employer

Walmart, Pemex and Femsa are the top employers in Latin America.

Venezuela: No Vuvuzela for Chavez

The Venezuelan economy is spiralling out of control and President Chavez's political future looks bleak.

Latin America Taxes: Brazil Worst, Chile Best

Brazil has Latin America's worst tax environment while Chile has the best, the Latin Tax Index shows.

Dominican El Crisis: What Next?

How can the Dominican Republic's power sector finally get on track? Three experts share their insights.

Latin Tourism: Colombia Grows Most

Uruguay overall champion of tourism in Latin America, according to the Latin Tourism Index.

Ecuador Law Threatens Oil Assets

Foreign oil firms in Ecuador have to accept renewed contract terms or face expropriation. Chevron presents evidence of fraud.

Letter to Ecuador's Prosecutor General

Letter to Ecuador's Prosecutor General Washington Pesantez from Chevron attorney Thomas F. Cullen, Jr.

Brazil Helps Boost Xerox

Brazil, Mexico and Chile help boost Xerox sales in Latin America, compensating for negative impacts in markets like Venezuela.

Brazil Banks: Argentine Shopping Spree?

Are Brazil’s banks gearing up for a shopping spree in neighboring Argentina?

Cafe Britt Eyes Europe, IPO

How Costa Rica's Cafe Britt has become the country's most international company. Now it's eyeing Europe and an IPO.

Camposol: World's Asparagus Champion

How Peru's Camposol became the world’s largest exporter of asparagus.

Retail Champions, Rio and more

Brazil is among the top global targets for retail expansion, with a strong outlook in tier 2 cities.

Latin America Wireless: Panama Boom

Latin America's wireless market grew 12.5 percent last year. Brazil leads in real numbers, Panama in penetration.

Latin Technology: Panama Replaces Chile

Panama and Uruguay replace Chile in technology and Internet penetration.

Brazil Elections: What to Expect

Both candidates in this year’s presidential elections in Brazil are broadly committed to the existing economic policy consensus.

Foreign Subsidiaries: Costa Rica Best

Best rules for starting a foreign subsidiary: Costa Rica and Peru. Worst: Venezuela and Ecuador.

Venezuela's 'Animal Farm'

The expropriations of Diego Arria's properties in Venezuela are punishments for his criticism of President Hugo Chávez.

Chocolates Eyes Asia and Africa

How Compania Nacional de Chocolates became Colombia’s most international company.

Bradesco, Latin America’s Top Insurer

Brazil dominates the ranking of Latin America’s top 100 insurance companies.

Mexico Consumer Finance: Beyond the Crisis

Mexico is still underdeveloped in consumer lending, especially financial cards.

Wrong Number: Chile Call Centers Decline

Chilean call centers are losing customers and jobs to less expensive Peru and Colombia.

M&A's: Carso Top Deal Worldwide

Mexico replaced Brazil as Latin America's top M&A market in the first half.

Traffic Commute: Mexico City Worst

Mexico City's traffic is worse than Moscow and New Delhi and is only getting worse.

M&A Outlook: Brazil, Colombia, Peru Best

Brazil and energy will dominate mergers and acquisitions in Latin America, experts predict.

Cost of Living: Sao Paulo Most Expensive

Sao Paulo is now more expensive than New York and Rome, while Rio de Janeiro is more expensive than St. Petersburg and Helsinki.

Real Estate Transparency: Latin America Weak

Chile is best and Dominican Republic worst in Latin America in real estate transparency.

How to Avoid FCPA Violations in Latin America

Experts share their advice on how US companies can avoid violating the FCPA in Latin America.

FCPA: Execs See Benefits, Challenges

U.S. and Latin American business people see benefits and challenges with the FCPA.

More FCPA Cases in Latin America

Growing enforcement leads to more focus on the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in Latin America.

FCPA in Latin America: Case Studies

A closer look at some case studies of criminal FCPA violations in Latin America.

Drop Argentina From G-20

Given its track record of disdain for the international financial community, Argentina does not belong in the G-20.

Latin America: India’s Next Frontier

Despite the global crisis last year, many Indian companies boosted their Latin America investments.

Indian Companies Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks Indian companies about the opportunities, challenges and outlook in Latin America.

Colombia: Canada 1, USA 0

Canada advances in the world cup of free trade, leaving the United States behind.

Colombia: Investment Grade, Strong GDP Growth

Colombia will grow its GDP almost 5 percent yearly and get investment grade this year.

Rio's Steel Giant, Argentina's Debt Failure

Rio de Janeiro's new giant steel mill, Argentina's debt problems, top real estate investment picks in Latin America.

Argentina Third-Largest Exporter to EU

Argentina, Colombia, the United Kingdom and Denmark move up in EU-Latin America trade rankings.

Costa Rica: Chinchilla's Challenges

Lost competitiveness and rising social problems are among the key challenges facing Costa Rica’s first woman president.

Latin America Mortgage Lending: Strong Outlook

Mortgage lending has strong potential for growth in Latin America, especially in Brazil and Peru.

SAP Surges in Latin America

SAP revenues surge in Latin America after a flat performance in 2009. Brazil leads the way in growth.

Mexico Trucks: No Quick Solution

Mexico and the United States won't resolve their longstanding trucking dispute anytime soon, experts warn.

Parque Patricios: Buenos Aires' Growing IT District

How Buenos Aires's IT district Parque Patricios aims to copy best practices from global technology districts.

Global Crossing: Growth Despite Crisis

Global Crossing posted Latin America growth last year and expects an even better year in 2010.

Pacific Rubiales: Strong Colombia Growth

How a group of former PDVSA executives are creating success across the border.

Venezuela: Rotten Food in a Rotten Revolution

The spoiled food scandal is only the latest blow to Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA.

Latin Wireless: Telefonica Declines 

Oi, Vivo gain most. Telefonica declines and Iusacell grows the least.

Colombia: Santos Strengthens, Business Happy

Juan Manuel Santos is now the clear frontrunner in the presidential runoff. Local and foreign investors are happy.

Capital Access: Brazil, Chile Improve

Brazil, Chile and Colombia improve most, while the Dominican Republic sees the worst decline in capital access.

Brazil: BNDES Grows Up

Brazil's development bank BNDES has been boosting infrastructure loans. Does it threaten private sector financing?

Chile's Reconstruction Plans Create Controversy

President Piñera's earthquake reconstruction plans are causing controversy among Chilean companies.

Striving for Competitiveness

With the right reforms, Latin America could grow as fast as South East Asia in the 80’s and 90’s, or even surpass them.

Peru: Infrastructure Boom

Peru hopes to attract more than $1 billion in investments to planned infrastructure projects.

Arcos Dorados: Golden Success

How the world’s largest McDonald’s franchisee is setting new records n Latin America.

Latin America's Companies Boost Revenues, Profits

A closer look at the winners and losers among Latin America's 500 largest companies.

Colombia More Competitive

Colombia and Argentina have become more competitive, while Peru sees a strong decline.

The Europe Crisis and Latin America

How has the European debt crisis affected Latin America? Three experts share their insights.

Chile External FDI: New Record

Chile, the top Latin American investor in GDP terms, last year set a new record in its foreign direct investment.

CA: Record Latin America Sales

Ken Arredondo, CA's Latin America head, talks to Latin Business Chronicle about the company's record results last year.

Chile: Latin America's FDI Champion

Chile, Dominican Republic and Peru advance, while Ecuador and Venezuela fall on the FDI-GDP ranking.

The Rebirth of Juan Dolio

How the Group Metro is converting once-decayed Juan Dolio into a new hotbed for upscale living and tourism in the Dominican Republic.

Sao Paulo Airport:  More Traffic, More Complaints

As traffic jumps at São Paulo’s Guarulhos airport, so do complaints about long lines and slow service.

Latin America Business: Panama Best

Panama, Uruguay and Dominican Republic improve their business climate, while Venezuela worsens.

Argentina Richest in Latin America

Argentina replaces Chile as Latin America's wealthiest country in GDP per capita terms.

Q&A: Fabio Villegas, Avianca

Avianca and TACA are aiming for more business by creating more hubs and using larger planes.

Brazil: Strong Internet Potential  

The potential for Brazil’s fast-growing Internet market remains strong.

LBC Article Wins Burton Award

A Latin Business Chronicle column on Latin American firms going global wins the prestigious Burton Awards.

Bolivia: State Most Important

The most important actor in the economy is the state, Bolivia's Minister of Economy & Public Finance says.

Intelsat: Steady Growth in Latin America

Brazil and media services are boosting Intelsat's growth in Latin America.

Inflation: Venezuela Global Champion

Venezuela will have the world’s highest inflation this year, while El Salvador will have the lowest.

GDP Growth: Peru, Uruguay Lead

Peru, Uruguay and Brazil lead growth, while Haiti and Venezuela are the laggards.

Latin Wireless Index: Oi Gains Most

Brazilian wireless carriers Oi and Vivo gain most, while Millicom and Iusacell post the weakest results.

Latin America's Top 50 Ports: Cartagena, Caucedo Grow

Most of Latin America’s ports see declines, but some managed to expand despite the crisis.

PDVSA's Credibility Problem

PDVSA’s chief Rafael Ramirez faces a huge credibility problem over his investment plans.

Latin America M&A's: Strong Outlook

Brazil will continue to be the main driver of mergers and acquisitions in Latin America, experts say.

Peru's Pisco Boom

Peru pisco exports have grown an impressive 215 percent over the past six years.

Gigliani: More Transparency Needed

Latin America's business environments are generally more closed and less transparent than the United States.

Colombia, Uribe Stars of World Forum

Colombia and its president were the stars of this year's World Economic Forum Latin America.

Colombia: Santos Wants Tax Reduction

Colombia's likely next president favors reducing the corporate tax rate.

Network Heaven Draws Executives

Latin America's business elite - local and foreign investors alike -- gather in Cartagena for some serious networking.

Uribe Defends Private Sector

Colombia's president warns investors against Communist countries that won't respect their rights.

GE Official: Corruption the Enemy

Corruption and insuffiicient infrastructure and education are key challenges for foreign multinationals in Latin America.

Hochberg: Colombia Great Opportunity

The president of the US Exim-Bank sees good opportunities in Latin America, including Colombia.

Brazil: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

New Brazilian rules increase the risk that executives may be held personally responsible for their company’s tax liabilities.

Colombia: Call Centers Boom

Colombia's call center business has grown significantly and is expected to expand revenues fourfold by 2012.

Venezuela: Robust Times for Private Security

Demand for private security guards and professional drivers have exploded in crime-ridden Venezuela.

Latin America Security: Best & Worst

The safest and most dangerous countries in Latin America for foreign multinationals and executives.

Petrobras: Unclear Value Outlook

It is unclear how the planned capitalization of Brazilian oil giant Petrobras will effect the company's share price.

BCP Picks: Brazil, Peru, Mexico

Peru will grow most among Latin America's top economies this and next year.

BlackBerry Doubles Latin America Sales

Latin America is one of the fastest growing markets for BlackBerry smartphones.

Los Bandidos Ride Again

Cargo theft, a growing problem in Mexico for the past decade, spiked 40 percent in 2009.

Bonaparte: Brazil Has Become a Model

Despite the differences, the Brazilian-U.S. trade relationship is at its highest point ever, argues Sueli Bonaparte.

Sueli Bonaparte: Brazilian Dynamo

How Sueli Bonaparte from the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce boosted U.S. business with Brazil.

World Cup 2010: Team Latin America

Latin Business Chronicle creates the Latin American "Dream Team" in soccer.

World Cup 2010: Executives Choose Favorites

Latin Business Chronicle asks prominent business executives to select their favorites for the World Cup.

Stagnant Productivity Stems Growth

Stagnant productivity is causing poor growth in Latin America and the Caribbean, the IDB says.

How Rio Won its Olympic Bid

The strategy behind Rio de Janeiro's winning bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Logistics, Quality of Life, Remittances

Which Latin American countries are best when it comes to logistics performance and quality of life?

Neoris: Strong Growth Despite Crisis

US sales jump at offshore company Neoris despite the crisis. Next up: Brazil expansion.

Venezuela: Mismanagement Creates Recession

President Hugo Chavez' mismanagement of Venezuela's economy has produced recession and sky-high inflation.

Ecuador: Chevron Bets on Arbitration Case

A U.S. ruling last week should help Chevron's case as it continues to fight a major lawsuit in Ecuador.

Uruguay: In Lula’s Footsteps

By emulating Brazil instead of Venezuela, Mujica will make Uruguay one of the most attractive economies in Latin America.

Chile: Team Piñera

Latin Business Chronicle takes a closer look at the new cabinet of Chilean President Sebastian Piñera.

Chile Earthquake Changes Piñera Agenda

President Sebastian Piñera will have to solve urgent issues like homelessness among quake victims before his economic plans.

Mexican Multinationals: Outbound FDI Grows

Mexican outbound foreign direct investment has been growing -- even durting during the global crisis last year.

Latin America: Billionaire Fortune Jumps

Latin America's billionaires now have a larger fortune than the economy of Colombia.

Claudio Muruzábal, Neoris

Claudio Muruzábal, CEO of Neoris, on his favorite restaurants, hotels and airports in the region.

Brazil In the Eyes of a Non-Brazilian

Despite challenges like Sao Paulo traffic, foreign executives who arrive in Brazil will enjoy the country.

Latin America PC Sales Grow

Latin America's computer market will grow by double digits this year, spurred by netbook and notebook sales.

CAFTA Five Years: Seal of Approval for FDI 

CAFTA has not been a panacea, but it has provided a seal of approval for foreign direct investment and democracy.

Lieblein:  Let the Job Speak for Itself

Getting too tied up in gender, dilutes efforts by female executives, argues GM Mexico head Grace Lieblein.

Latin America's Top 25 Businesswomen

Latin Business Chronicle selects the 25 top women in Latin American business.

Peru's Real Estate Boom

Peru's real estate did not suffer from the global crisis and is expected to continue expanding at strong rates.

Colombia: Markets Favor Santos

With Alvaro Uribe out of the running for Colombia's presidency, investors now pin their hopes on Juan Manuel Santos.

Chile Real Estate Recovers

Major office towers, along with other development, is helping boost commercial real estate in Santiago.

Aldrich: Successful Skadden Anniversary

Richard Aldrich celebrates his first year at Skadden with a solid track record and strong outlook.

Panama: Investment Grade Benefits

The pending investment grade will spur more foreign investment and better financing terms for Panama, experts say.

Economic Freedom Falling in Bolivarian Andes

Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela are among the most repressed economies in the world.

Brazil, Infrastructure Drive Law Business

Brazil, energy and infrastructure are driving legal business in Latin America.

Latin American Legal Outlook Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks US law firms about the outlook for their Latin American business and results last year.

Costa Rica Boosts Exports to US

While Latin American exports to the United States drop by two digits, they jump from Costa Rica.

Latin America: Past Lessons Help Recovery

The road to recovery is shorter for Latin America than for other nations.

Walmex Growth Despite Mexico Crisis

Mexico's top retailer boosts sales and profits amidst the country's worst economic crisis.

Disorder in Venezuela and Argentina

Populism gives rise to disorder in 2010 in Venezuela and Argentina.

Alberto Culver: Beautiful Sales Growth in Latin America

"Must-have" products for Latin American women leads to double-digit growth for Alberto Culver despite last year's economic crisis.

Brazil: Solid Outlook Despite Elections

Market experts don't see any downside from the result of Brazil's presidential elections this year.

Bulltick: Strong Year for Mexico

Mexico's stock exchange will be the star in Latin America this year, and the economy will grow 6 percent, Bulltick predicts.

Colombia 2010: Uribe Yes, FTA No

It is little likely that the US-Colombia free trade agreement will be approved by the US Congress this year, experts say.

Juergen Deforth, Audi

Juergen Deforth, vice president for Latin America for Audi, on his favorite restaurants, hotels and airports in the region.

Colombia: Positive Business Outlook

Foreign multinationals are upbeat on Colombia despite challenges that include lagging infrastructure.

Colombia Business Outlook Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading business executives about Colombia's business and economic outlook.

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