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Marina, better than Lula. Dilma, minister of everything

Huge challenges for next Brazilian president, in a conflictive economic panorama.

A fresh start for the Brazilian electoral campaign?

Eduardo Campos’ tragic death on August 13th has shifted the goal posts in the presidential race. Marina Silva is a tough challenger to the establishment. “Don’t give up”, say his supporters.

Starbucks brings their coffee to Colombia

The chain plans to open 50 stores in five years.

Storm Clouds Gathering over Latin America?

LBC consults with two experts about what the tapering of QE will mean for the region.

Mexico telecom reform could be a boon for business

The new law will be a boon for consumers and business, and open the floor to smaller operators.

Where are the Brazilian protests going?

Protests have brought a quarter-million people to Brazil’s streets – with implications for next year’s presidential election says Marcos Troyjo of Columbia’s BRICLab.

Nicaragua announces plans for transoceanic canal

President says the country will move forward with $40 billion canal project, pending feasibility studies.

Full-steam ahead on Brazilian port reform

The president pushed a major overhaul of the country’s ports through Congress, which will increase investment by $27 billion.

Azevêdo becomes first Latin American head of WTO

The new chief says he will ease the blockages in global trade.

Latin America to grow 3.5 percent this year

IMF report predicts modest growth, and urges the region’s economies to lay the groundwork for long-term, sustainable development.

What the new President has in store for Paraguay

Analysts believe he will promote pragmatic policies and restore relations with neighbors.

Hugo Chavez' signature

Venezuela’s economy will close this year with an inflation greater than 30 percent and growth of only 1.8 percent. Can that forecast be altered? What comes after Chavez.

Brazil rolls out mega concession program

Minister of Finance Guido Mantega lists economic conditions, tax incentives and figures of a large underserved market to convince investors to participate in a $200 billion concession program to be announced Tuesday in New York.

The 2013 State of the Union Address

Full text of the 12 February address

Korea: Peru Exports Double

Peru trade with Korea jumps after they implement a new FTA.

LBC Gets A New Look, New Channels 

Launches new design and new channels on travel and CFOs.

Brazil Auto Tax Violates WTO

Korean auto official urges change of new Brazil tax hike.

Behring Gets Bravo

Latin Trade Recognizes Burger King’s Alex Behring as Investor of the Year

Latin Trade Group Acquires Datarisk

The Latin Trade Group acquires Argentina-based corporate assurance company Datarisk.

Panama Canal CEO Gets Bravo Award

Panama Canal Authority CEO and Administrator Alberto Aleman among 2011 Bravo Business Award winners.

Odebrecht, Sarmiento Win Bravo Awards

CEOs of Odebrecht, Grupo Aval and Globant among 2011 BRAVO Business Awards winners.

Fernandez, Carstens Receive Bravo Awards

Dominican President, Mexican Central Bank Governor and Chilean Minister among 2011 Bravo winners.

Latin America: IHG Top Hotel Chain

UK-based IHG has the largest number of rooms in Latin America, followed by Sol Melia from Spain.

Petrobras, Copersucar CFOs Win Awards

The CFO’s of Petrobras and Copersucar win Latin Trade awards as CFO’s of the Year in Brazil.

Sao Paulo: Even More Expensive

Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro jump on the latest cost of living survey.

Santos: Colombia FTA This Year

Despite continued delays, both Colombian and US officials say the Colombia FTA will be approved this year.

Brazil Fast Track to Avoid Bottlenecks

Brazil is working to avoid bottlenecks during the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, official says.

Business Applauds US-Colombia Deal

Colombia FTA may be approved by Congress as soon as July.

Judge Blocks Chevron Ruling

A U.S. injunction blocks the $18.2 billion ruling against Chevron in Ecuador.

Economic Freedom: Colombia Advances

Venezuela's economy is more repressed than that of Iran, while Chile's is freer than those of Germany and the UK.

Brazil GDP Larger Than Germany and Japan

Brazil's economy will become larger than the economies of France, the UK and Germany the next 14 years, PwC predicts.

Brazil: "Pretty Girl" With Challenges

Brazil remains a magnet for foreign companies despite major challenges like taxes, education and infrastructure.

Venezuela: World's Highest Inflation

Venezuela beats all other countries worldwide when it comes to inflation.

Brazil-Iran Trade Grows

Brazil remains top exporter to Iran, but Venezuela becomes Iran's top market in Latin America.

UPS Boost From LatAm Trade Growth

UPS Latin America benefits from trade expansion in 2010

Bulltick: LatAm Growth of 5.9%

Brazil's economy will grow 7 percent, but Argentina will have the highest growth among leading economies.

Ecuador: Chevron Asks for Dismissal

Presents video footage showing Ecuadorian court-appointed investigator in collusion with plaintiffs.

Traffic Commute: Mexico City Worst

Mexico City's traffic is worse than Moscow and New Delhi and is only getting worse.

Cost of Living: Sao Paulo Most Expensive

Sao Paulo is now more expensive than New York and Rome, while Rio de Janeiro is more expensive than St. Petersburg and Helsinki.

Garcia: Strong Peru GDP, FDI Growth

Peru's economy will grow by 6.5 percent annually the next five years, President Alan Garcia says.

Colombia More Competitive

Colombia and Argentina have become more competitive, while Peru sees a strong decline.

GDP Growth: Peru, Uruguay Lead

Peru, Uruguay and Brazil lead growth, while Haiti and Venezuela are the laggards.

Governments React to Latin Business Index

The governments of Panama and the Dominican Republic react to their improved rankings on the Latin Business Index.

Stagnant Productivity Stems Growth

Stagnant productivity is causing poor growth in Latin America and the Caribbean, the IDB says.

Colombia: Markets Favor Santos

With Alvaro Uribe out of the running for Colombia's presidency, investors now pin their hopes on Juan Manuel Santos.

Obama Urged to Move on Latin FTAs

Latin America business leaders and experts urge President Barack Obama to move on the Colombia and Panama FTA's.

GDP Outlook 2009-10: Peru Best

Peru will grow most among Latin America's top economies the next two years, the IMF forecasts.

Competitiveness: Brazil Improves

Brazil improves, but Mexico and Chile drop when it comes to competitiveness.

Latin America: Caracas Most Expensive

Caracas becomes more expensive, while Brazil's and Mexico's top cities become less expensive for expats.

Bulltick Revises Up Colombia Growth

Colombia's economy should expand by 1.5 percent this year, predicts Bulltick, beating the consensus and even government forecasts.

Bulltick: Uribe Plans 2010 Run

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe's re-election will boost foreign direct investment despite international protests, one expert predicts.

Latin America's Richest & Poorest

What are the wealthiest markets in per capita terms and by size? What are the poorest? We take a closer look.

IMF: Peru Growth Star

Peru and Panama will post the highest growth, while Mexico and Venezuela will see the worst declines, the IMF predicts.

Venezuela: Inflation Grows

Venezuela is the only country in Latin America that will likely see higher inflation this year.

U.S. Exports to Venezuela Fall

U.S. exports to Latin America fell by 23 percent in February, while imports declined by 34 percent.

Rent: Caracas Most Expensive

Caracas is more expensive than Copenhagen, while Mexico City is among the least expensive house rental locations worldwide.

Gutierrez: Don't Ease Cuba Travel

The Obama Administration should not ease travel restrictions until Cuba makes real changes, some experts say.

Latin SME's Optimistic

Colombian companies are most optimistic, while Argentine SME's are most pessimistic about their outlook.

US-Latin Deficit Falls Sharply

The U.S. trade deficit with Latin America fell sharply in January thanks to double-digit declines in exports and imports.

Trade Groups Urge Quick Truck Rule

Business groups urge U.S. lawmakers to respect NAFTA's trucking rules.

Ivanka Trump: Panama Hottest Market

Ivanka Trump sees Panama’s real estate market as the hottest worldwide, with demand outstripping supply on the Trump tower there.

Venezuela Wireless: 100 Percent

Venezuela has reached 100 percent wireless penetration, but neighboring Colombia shows the strongest growth.

SAP: Latin Record

Latin America remains SAP's best-performing region worldwide after growing by double-digits last year.

Latin Profits Help Ford

South America provided the highest profits for Ford last year and its only profits in the fourth quarter.

Earnings: DuPont, Halliburton, Weatherford

DuPont posts a decline in the fourth quarter, while Halliburton, Weatherford and Caterpillar post double-digit growth.

Earnings Reports: Nokia, CNH, Schlumberger

Strong Latin America growth last year at Nokia, Ericsson, CNH and Schlumberger, but declines in the fourth quarter.

Latin Sales Help Caterpillar

A solid quarter in Latin America helped offset weak results in the United States for Caterpillar.

Ericsson Recovers Latin Sales

Ericsson's Latin America sales outpace North America and grow more than any other region worldwide outside of Asia.

Canada's Harper Supports Colombia

Canada starts free trade talks with Colombia and indirectly rebukes US lawmakers.

Coca-Cola: Latin Sales Grow

Latin America posts Coca-Cola's highest net revenue growth worldwide in the second quarter.

Electrolux: Latin Profit Jumps

Latin America grows faster than any other market in sales and posts second-best results in operating income.

Bogota and Caracas More Expensive

More expensive: Bogota, Buenos Aires and Caracas. Less expensive: Mexico City, Santiago and Sao Paulo.

Software Piracy: Venezuela Worst, Colombia Best

Brazil makes progress, but still has Latin America's highest software piracy losses.

Latin America Less Competitive

Chile and Colombia are most competitive in Latin America, while Venezuela and Argentina are least competitive.

Cost of Living: Guatemala City Most Expensive

Guatemala City is Latin America's most expensive city, while Asuncion remains the cheapest, a new survey shows.

Tourism: Costa Rica Most Competitive

Venezuela is now among the least-competitive tourism markets in Latin America.

DHL Grows in Latin America

Economic growth in the region is helping DHL boost its Latin America revenues.

Inflation Forecast:  Venezuela Worse

Venezuela will post higher inflation this and next year than originally anticipated.

Latin America: Better Outlook

Brazil will grow less and Mexico more than originally expected, the IMF forecasts.

Corruption:  Latin America Worse

Brazil and Mexico have become more corrupt, but Haiti remains the worst in Latin America.

Radisson Expands in Latin America

The US hotel chain is boosting its presence in Latin America through new hotels in Brazil and Chile.

Brazil Auto Show Unveils New Models

The Sao Paulo auto show, the largest in Latin America, unveiled a broad range of new models.

Global Crossing Expands Latin Coverage

By acquiring Impsat, Global Crossing has boosted its business in Latin America further.

Citigroup Acquires GFU

Citigroup expands its Central American presence through acquiring a regional bank and credit card leader.

CSR More Important in Latin America

A majority of Latin American executives say corporate social responsibility is becoming more important.

Mexico: Axtel Acquires Avantel

The acquisition consolidates the second-largest fixed line telecom operator in Mexico.

Fernandez Moves on Tax Reform Bill

Dominican president Leonel Fernandez to introduce tax reform bill next week.

American Airlines: Latin Traffic Up

Revenue grew most in South- and Central America, although Mexico did well too.

Latin Revenues Up at Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola boosted its revenues and profits in Latin America in the third quarter, helping the overall bottom line of the company.

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