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Opportunities in the healthcare industry

Expenditure and technology adoption have been growing fast in the healthcare industry in Latin America. These trends open new possibilities for entrepreneurs.Interview with Henk de Jong, CEO of Philips Latin America.

Dilma’s strength

Elections Brazil 2014

Flight Patterns

Copa Airlines CEO Pedro Heilbron weighs in on growth strategies, consolidation and the importance of a strong hub

The time to look South

Collectively, emerging markets will remain the biggest source of growth for decades, a BCG report says.

Assessing Maduro’s first 100 days

The Venezuelan president has faced more opposition than his predecessor, forcing him to be more collaborative and pragmatic.

Brazil creates special ministry for small business

Experts consider the changes more a short-term fix than a lasting solution.

Assessing one year of the U.S. –Colombia FTA

Bilateral trade grew by 5 percent. Total US and Colombian exports, excluding coffee and oil, grew 20 percent this year.

What effect will Argentina’s judicial reforms have for business?

Analysts view the reforms as negative for business, but do not believe they will lead to more expropriations.

The richest people in Latin America

The total number and fortune of Latin American billionaires increased substantially in 2012 compared to 2011. The exclusive club of the billionaires grew by 34 names to 98 last year from 64 in 2011.

A record-breaking year for M&A deals

Most of the acquired companies were in Brazil, Mexico and Chile. Most of the acquirers were in Brazil, the US and -- surprisingly -- in Colombia. Trends and data drawn from the Latin Business Chronicle 2012 Latin America’s top 100 M&A ranking.

Latin America needs a shake-up in commercial law

George Mencio, associate of Holland & Knight, examines existing legal structures for creating companies, arbitration and bankruptcy laws throughout the region.

Nobis to invest in Peru's sugar industry

Isabel Noboa, head of Consorcio Nobis, highlights the group's domestic and international expansion plans. Nobis is one of Ecuador's most important business conglomerates.

Consistent economic policies foster economic growth and stability: Larraín

The reasons behind the Chilean economic success. An exclusive interview with Minister of Finance, Felipe Larraín

Argentina Inflation: Nr. 2 in World?

Its rate this year could be the second-highest in the world after Belarus.

Argentina: Latin America's Highest Growth

Argentina and Panama lead Latin American GDP growth this year, while El Salvador and Venezuela are the laggards.

Competitiveness: No Time for Complacency

Latin America still needs to implement reforms to sustain further improvements.

Executives Samba in Rio

Local and foreign investors gather in Rio de Janeiro for the World Economic Forum.

Peru: Investors Worry About Humala

Investors are worried about the likelihood of a radical change in economic policies in one of Latin America’s stars.

Brazil: Lula’s Historic Legacy

Brazil’s outgoing president made history more than once, realizing the country’s long-dormant potential.

PDVSA: Financial Collapse? 

PDVSA's dispute with Exxon Mobil isn't the only problem for the company. Falling profits and production are posing even greater challenges.

Political Problems? What Problems?

Trade trumps political tensions with Venezuela, Argentina, Nicaragua - and even Cuba.

Dealing With Latin Populists

Populist rhetoric and policies will continue as long as natural resources prices remain high. But what happens after they fall?

Argentina: What Now?

Argentina urgently needs several reforms, but they may not happen under Cristina Fernandez, experts say.

Argentina Outlook Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading experts about the outlook for changes in Argentina, including debt and energy policies.

Ecuador Oil: More Trouble Ahead

President Correa's oil policies will result in more disputes with foreign companies and reduced oil production, experts predict.

Costa Rica & CAFTA: What Next?

With CAFTA passed, Costa Rica now must approve several key laws to comply with the free trade accord.

Venezuela: More Corruption and Inefficiency

Venezuela returns to corrupt and inefficient state companies, but oil will help soften the blow.

Venezuela: Instability & Isolation

Chavez's nationalization will lead to uncertainty, instability and isolation, experts say.

Mercosur: Unclear Outlook

The expansion of Mercosur is weakening, not strengthening, the group, experts warn.

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