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New Hope for Brazil Ethanol

The US legislative road to opening the market to duty-free Brazilian ethanol remains long, but there is some new hope.

China Sneezes, Latin America Catches a Cold  

Latin America’s economic story is remarkably different if China slows. The energy sector may be in the most perilous position.

Mexico: A Light Energy Reform?

Although too light for many foreign oil companies, the proposed reform of Pemex is a smart effort by President Felipe Calderon at this point.

Chile’s Energy Crisis: No Magical Solution

Chile’s energy sector faces a dangerous level of insecurity, inefficiency and lack of sustainability - but there's no magical solution.

Latin America’s Energetic August

August was no vacation for Latin America, especially in the energy sector.

Argentina’s Energy Tango

Argentina has failed to take serious policy action to solve the depressed domestic hydrocarbon production.

U.S. Elections: Will Latin America Pay the Price?

The protectionist rhetoric emanating from Washington is shortsighted and potentially harmful for U.S. exports to Latin America.

Latin America's Lean Left

Neoliberalism, Geopolitics, and Oil - What is Really Occurring South of the Border?

Bolivia: Negative Business Outlook

Bolivia’s nationalization of its gas sector will deter foreign investors and further impoverish the country, South America’s poorest, business leaders and experts say.

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