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Reemerging Markets

Productivity and innovation will be the true markers of success in the new global economy.

Has Brazil’s downgrade already been priced in?

Is the market indifferent to S&P’s downgrade?

A New Era of Talent

Technology and globalization have changed the way people, companies, and countries specialize.

Emerging markets: the great reckoning

As pessimism grows around emerging markets, how will Latin America fare?

Argentina: the accordion country

Brazil has much to learn from its neighbor to avoid following the same path.

Brazil vs. Davos 2014: what’s the result?

Dilma presented a favorable view of her country at Davos. But does she have what it takes to deliver the promise?

The risk of a “selfie” in Davos

Which Brazil will Dilma present this week?

The global competition among elites

Innovation in a country’s industry is more important than ever for economic success.

A Lesson from Chinese-Argentine Relations

What does Argentina’s interactions with China teach the region about the Asian giant?

Powerful Lessons from the Mexican Government’s Shift to Electronic Payments

The government saves $1.27 billion a year by using new technology.

Brazil's Growing Africa Connection

How important are Brazil and Africa to each other?

Province of Chubut: Model Citizen

Argentina's oasis of sound macroeconomic management and prosperity.

Latin America: Female Boardroom Blues

Latin America's businesswomen struggle to break through the glass ceiling.

Third Term for Chavez?

Protests, food shortages and mismanagement undercut Chavez's chances in 2012.

Latin America Embraces Mobile Money

Latin America is one of the most dynamic regions for mobile money.

Colombia FTA: Trade, FDI Boost

The US-Colombia free trade agreement will significantly boost trade, and increase foreign direct investment.

Colombia's Outward FDI Jumps

Colombian companies' foreign investments jumped nearly eight-fold the past decade.

Ecuador: From Waste to Luxury

A German entrepreneur wants to tap Ecuadorian craftsmanship to create high quality goods.

Violence Hits Mexico Business

Violence is beginning to affect consumption patterns and the labor market in Mexico.

Happy Colombia Day!

Congressional approval of the US-Colombia FTA can help stem lost market share by US exporters.

India Eyes Latin America

Why India can and should become a counterbalance to China in Latin America.

China Threat to Brazil?

How big of an economic threat does China actually pose to Brazil? Four experts share their insights.

Colombia: Back in the Saddle

Consumption and mining booms make Colombia one of the hottest investment destinations in Latin America.

Brazil: Growing Beyond Beachwear

How Marisa Alaíde de Castro is expanding her beachwear and uniform business.

Peru Energy: Greater State Role?

Will Peru's energy sector see a greater state role in the economy? Three experts share their insights.

Latin America 2010: A Return to Boom Times?

Helped by growing exports and local demand, Latin America is poised for a solid recovery in 2010.

China Investments: Brazil Top Focus

Brazil and natural resources are the main focus for China’s investments in Latin America

Colombia's Strong Business Record

Colombia has a strong business record and deserves support, including the U.S.-Colombia FTA.

Argentina: Ten Reforms for Cristina

How Cristina Fernandez can make Argentina friendlier to foreign investors.

Reduce Chavez Oil, Help Latin Neighbors

The US should extend the ATPDEA with Bolivia and Ecuador and negotiate FTAs with Paraguay and Uruguay.

Evaluating Nestor Kirchner

Four experts evaluate Nestor Kirchner's record and chances of coming back to power.

Ecuador: Keeping Up With Hugo

The lack of investment is making Ecuador one of the slowest growing countries in Latin America.

Brazil Tax: Uncertain Reform

Brazil won't see a tax reform any time soon, experts say.

Venezuela: Still Negative Outlook

Despite losing a referendum, Chavez will likely continue to radicalize the economy.

Prosperity & Weak Property Rights

Two paths to prosperity when property rights enforcement is weak.

LatAm Finance Lags Asia

Latin America's financial sector lags behind Asia and the region needs further reforms to improve its finances.

Haiti Makes Real Progress

Haiti’s economy appears to be stabilizing after years of stagnation and decline.

Colombia FTA Next?

It remains unclear when and if the US Congress will approve the US-Colombia free trade agreement, experts say.

Dealing With Latin Populists

Populist rhetoric and policies will continue as long as natural resources prices remain high. But what happens after they fall?

Cristina's Short Honeymoon

Views about Argentina's friendliness to foreign investors remain some of the worst among larger Latin American countries.

Flores: LatAm Must Fight For Freedom

Contrary to the world's outrage for Pakistan’s martial law, there has been no indignation for the dismantling of democracy in Venezuela. Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

Uruguayan Farce

Uruguay's President Vazquez made a shameful decision to postpone Botnia's permit.

New President, New Policies

The 2008 U.S. elections present an opportunity for leaders of both parties to move beyond the past and revive U.S. diplomacy in Latin America.

Cristina and the U.S: No Change

As president, Cristina Fernandez will likely continue Argentina's dependence on socialist Venezuela rather than embrace free market reforms

Chile’s Energy Crisis: No Magical Solution

Chile’s energy sector faces a dangerous level of insecurity, inefficiency and lack of sustainability - but there's no magical solution.

Latin America's Downside: Competitiveness

If Latin America is doing so well, why can’t it compete? A closer look at the reasons - and solutions.

Costa Rica's Free Trade Victory

CAFTA's main effect will be to change Costa Rica's business environment, which needs urgent improvements.

Bush: Free Trade Benefits US Workers

Free trade agreements with Peru, Panama and Colombia will level the playing fields for businesses, workers, and farmers in the US.

Latin FTAs: What Will Congress Do?

With the inclusion of labor and environmental standards, the FTAs have advanced both in scope and context.

CAFTA's Impact On Costa Rica

Costa Rica's approval of CAFTA will be an overall benefit to the Central American country, most experts say.

Costa Rica & CAFTA: What Next?

With CAFTA passed, Costa Rica now must approve several key laws to comply with the free trade accord.

Latin America: Good Outlook

Latin America's outlook remains basically good despite the international credit turmoil. But the region needs major reforms.

What's Driving Brazil M&A?

Two experts on what is driving M&A activity in Brazil this year and what kinds of reforms are needed to spur additional growth.

Boosting Singapore-Latin Ties

Latin America is now appearing on the radar screens of a growing number of Singapore companies.

Costa Rica’s CAFTA Choice

CAFTA will open doors for Costa Rica's workers, farmers, and entrepreneurs.

Is Ecuador's Correa Following Chavez?

Ecuador's constituent assembly will be copying a page from Hugo Chavez' playbook.

Will Raul Reform Cuba's Economy?

Cuba will initiate some degree of economic reform - including more space for private economic activity - during the coming year.

FTA Failure, Chavez' Gain

Failing to pass the FTAs with Peru, Panama, and especially Colombia would be a win for Hugo Chavez.

Open Letter to Congressional Democrats

Prominent Clinton officials and other Democrats urge prompt passage of U.S. FTA's with Colombia, Panama and Peru.

Global Outlook: Implications for LatAm

Latin America needs increased investment and faster productivity growth.

Exhausting Democracy in Ecuador

Another election looms for a country that has been in a constant state of transition for more than a decade.

Improved Logistics Key For LatAm

For Latin America to truly excel, the key is greater access to the global economy through improved logistics.

China Safety and Latin America

Will China's failure to secure safety standards negatively impact its trade relations with Latin America?

Singapore: Latin America's Asian Partner

Latin America is becoming more important for Singapore. Latin American companies can use Singapore as a bridge to China and India.

PDVSA's Grave Has Been Dug

New policies are pushing PDVSA into bankruptcy sooner rather than later.

Canada's Exports to South America Booming

Canada's exports to South America are booming thanks to commodity growth and strong local economies.

Costa Rica's CAFTA Referendum

Costa Rica's CAFTA referendum will decide the future direction of macroeconomic policy.

Latin America's Inflation Success

Better monetary, fiscal, and structural policies are paying off for Latin America.

Dangerous Policies for Latin America

The big losers of the anti-investment policies of Latin America's leftist governments are the people.

Latin America’s Energetic August

August was no vacation for Latin America, especially in the energy sector.

Brazil & Mexico Prepared For Contagion

For once, Latin America is not at center of global financial storm.

U.S. Relations with Latin America

Did President Bill Clinton offer better Latin American policies than George W. Bush? Or did he go from crisis to crisis?

Nicaragua and Esso: What Will Happen?

Nicaragua's government will likely reach an agreement with Esso over its confiscated terminal, experts predict.

Brazil's Crisis: Could It Happen Again?

Brazil has become remarkably complacent about the longer-term reforms that build economic growth in the long-term.

Brace for Snapback

A Latin America economic slowdown is close on the horizon and may be severe.

North American Summit: More or Less?

North American leaders should articulate a vision of a North American Community and sketch a blueprint for accomplishing it.

Sean Penn and Hugo Chavez

What did Sean Penn tell Hugo Chavez during his recent visit to Venezuela?

Argentina: Pack Your Bags

On suitcases with cash and suitcases for moving out and into Argentina's presidential palace.

Banco Azteca & Brazil:  Good Outlook

Banco Azteca has good potential as it enters the profitable Brazilian market, experts say.

Closing the Gap in Latin Infrastructure

Public Private Partnerships can help Latin America close its infrastructure gap, as it has done in Spain.

Ecuador: Getting Ugly

The erosion of Ecuador's political and macroeconomic conditions is putting it on a trajectory to debt default - or the end of Correa's presidency.

Latin America: Adios to Market Reforms?

The market retreats have been limited to a few countries and a small segment of the overall population.

China, Taiwan and the Battle for Latin America

China appears to be using its economic might as a means to strip Taiwan of its Latin American allies.

Brazil Auto Boom: Can Supply Keep Pace?

The outlook for Brazil's domestic auto market is bright, but the outlook for exports does not look as promising.

Brazil: Vivo Hurts Competition?

Vivo's latest purchases should not negatively affect Brazil's telecom competition, experts say.

Latin America's Educational Challenge

Education is the only long-term solution to Latin America's development and competitiveness.

After the IPO: Redecard's Outlook

A closer look at the outlook of Brazilian card processor Redecard following its successful IPO.

Drummond: Charges Were False

Statement from Drummond on the jury verdict.

Ethanol Push: Pork Barrel Boondoggle

The U.S. ethanol program is just another form of political pork that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

Gustavo Cisneros: No Deal With Chavez

Venezuelan media mogul Gustavo Cisneros details his 2004 meeting with Hugo Chavez.

Hutchison No Threat to Panama

Comments about Hutchison Whampoa's presence in the Panama ports is, at best, laughable, and at worst, anti-business scaremongering.

Canada's Renewed Commitment to Latin America

Canada's prime minister Stephen Harper on the benefits of free trade as the Canada-Chile FTA celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Cristina's Travels

Cristina Fernandez should travel more within Argentina and voters should remember Kirchner's policies at the ballots.

Venezuela: In the Hands of the State

The government acquisition of private enterprise has no economic or social justification.

MiningWatch Response to Open Letters

Joan Kuyek at MiningWatch Canada responds to open letters from Ruben Naichap of the Shuar Federation of Zamora Chinchipe and Jose Aviles of the Ecuador Amazon Indigenous Nationalities Confederation.

Ecuador: Mining Reduces Poverty

Open letter from Jose Aviles from the Ecuador Amazon Indigenous Nationalities Confederation to Joan Kuyek of MiningWatch Canada.

Support Colombia With FTA

The Government of Colombia should be applauded and rewarded by approving the Free Trade Agreement.

Kirchner: Nothing Lasts Forever

President Kirchner's closest circle is trying to make sure that Cristina Fernandez doesn't risk the same political fate as Royal in France.

Argentina’s Energy Tango

Argentina has failed to take serious policy action to solve the depressed domestic hydrocarbon production.

Ecuador Hurts Its Potential

The constant barrage of Bolivarian rhetoric, political intrigue and corruptions scandals are preventing Ecuador from realizing its full potential.

Unfair Treatment of Colombia

Democrat lawmakers are treating Colombia unfairly and should reverse their position immediately if they have Colombia's well-being in mind.

Open Letter To MiningWatch Canada

Open letter to Joan Kuyek, national Coordinator of MiningWatch Canada, from the Shuar Federation of Zamora Chinchipe in Ecuador.

After RCTV: End of Solidarity?

Unless we demonstrate real leadership in the Americas, only a handful of countries will enjoy democracy.

Middle East and Latin America: Same Errors?

Will Latin America make the same errors and have the same destiny as the Middle East?

Sizzling Brazil

In everyone’s eyes Brazil is already investment grade.

Bearish on China, Bullish on Latin America

Doubts about the Chinese Stock Market? Consider the hot investment climate in Latin America.

Argentina: Waiting for Cristina

Cristina Kirchner may be the right catalyst to make needed changes in economic policies.

Venezuela's Trade Limbo

The agreements promoted by ALBA are making a lot of political noise but have little commercial substance.

Costa Rica: A Real Business Guide

Finally, a guide to the real business vocabulary in Costa Rica.

Latin America: Strategy for Competitiveness

Capital will go to those markets that promote education, innovation and economic freedom.

Supporting Small Business in Latin America

A U.S. plan to catalyze market-based bank lending to small businesses in Latin America.

Chávez Conditionality

Hugo Chavez' alternative to the multinational banks includes off-budget consumption and less transparency.

China Undermines U.S. in Latin America

China is undermining the U.S. agenda to advance political reform, human rights and free trade in Latin America, the China-Latin America Task Force says.

Argentina's Environmental Hypocrisy

The government of Argentina are monumental hypocrites and are feeding misinformation to the public about Uruguay.

Colombia: Bad Policy Decisions

Colombia is one of the few emerging market countries that is not taking advantage of the commodity boom.

Venezuelan Intrusion in Bolivia

President Chavez's intrusion in the internal affairs of Bolivia is raving interventionism and a flagrant attack on national sovereignty.

Central America: Common Ground

Energy efficiency standards will give Central American companies a more productive and competitive edge.

Approve Colombia FTA Now

The U.S. Congress should approve the free trade agreement with Colombia quickly and without any further delays.

Colombia Infrastructure Needs Attention

Colombian authorities need to confront the issue of investments in transportation infrastructure, so foreign commerce can be competitive.

Improving U.S.-Mexican Competitiveness

How the United States and Mexico can make NAFTA, already an overwhelming success, even better.

Thinking Out of the Box

Border conflicts are rife in Latin America, and they could become a disruptive force in the region.

Democrats and Free Trade

By turning down or delaying indefinitely the FTAs, Congress will make the US appear even less reliable as a partner and ally.

Argentina: Running the Clock

Despite the economic boom, business sentiment is low ahead of the presidential elections this fall.

Mexico Needs China Policy

Mexico will enhance competitiveness and compete with China only if it defines a comprehensive strategy.

Neighbors Have Shared Responsibilities

Making Mexico a foreign policy priority can increase US security and prosperity.

Argentina on Kirchner's Time

A closer look at Nestor Kirchner's recipe for Argentina: economic recovery, but growing authoritarianism, anti-Americanism and relations with Chavez.

Latin America At the Crossroads

Foreign direct investment is still deterred by inadequate legal protection, corruption, poor education and over regulation.

Two Cheers for U.S. Ethanol Initiative

The Bush Administration should eliminate the tariffs and quotas on sugar-cane ethanol before 2009.

Commentary: Price Controls Boost Inflation

Price controls in Argentina and Venezuela lead to more, not less, inflation while hurting the soundness of the economy.

Brazil: Anti-American Foreign Policy?

Three experts comment on the recent statements by former Brazilian ambassador Roberto Abdenur on Brazil's "anti-American" foreign policy.

Latin Left: Authoritarian & Undemocratic

The leftist leaders in Latin America are not just a threat to free markets, but also to democracy.

Venezuela Oil: Wiped Out!

Venezuela’s passage towards communism has sent out messages that are crystal clear. To investors it says: "We don’t want you in Venezuela."

Venezuela: Instability & Isolation

Chavez's nationalization will lead to uncertainty, instability and isolation, experts say.

Argentina: Lessons for Ecuador

Why Ecuador should not follow in Argentina's footsteps.

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