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On the same track?

The Top 40 Foreign Companies kept the same general direction of their local counterparts, but did better.

Top 10 Companies to Watch

LBC takes a look at the top 10 companies in Latin America, which offer the best return on investment in the last five years.

América Latina tuvo déficit comercial con Europa por otro año

Después de años de superávit comercial, América Latina ahora importa más de Europa de lo que le exporta.Los volúmenes de comercio cayeron un 5,5 por ciento frente al 2012.

Business Implications of El Salvador and Costa Rica Votes

LBC looks at what to expect in the two countries after recent elections.

Oi’s Acquisition of Portugal Telecom: Top M&A of 2013

Petrobras also unloaded more than $4 billion in assets.

2014 Corporate Outlook

LBC provides the profit and revenue forecasts of 50 large Latin American companies.

Costa Rica and El Salvador elections head to run-off

Both countries are involved in tight elections, and will most likely go to a run-off, say analysts.

Bachelet: Chile’sPresident Again

In her second term the president has promised better quality public services.

MNC Index: Let’s Go USA!

Amid a landscape of declines, U.S.-based companies generally performed well.

Multilatina Index: Food & Beverage rule the roost

Meanwhile, industrial and oil companies continued to see declines.

Argentina, Brazil lead declines in Latin Labor Index

Increased difficulty in hiring new employees was the main factor in the declines.

Back to Bachelet?

How will Bachelet's second presidency differ from her first?

Latin America’s Best 100 Companies 2013

The 100 companies on our list come from six countries, largely dominated by the Pacific economies.

Latin American retail stays strong

The region’s retail sector saw the strongest growth this sector, but oil and gas brings in the highest revenues.

Autos and energy lead 2Q13 MNC Index

Nokia continues to see steep declines in revenues.

Top 50 Businesswomen in Latin America

LBC publishes its annual list of the top business women – this year expanded to include 50 names.

Bumpy road ahead for Santos

The Colombian president is embattled by domestic protests and a slow peace process with the FARC.

2013 Revenue Forecast for the Top Companies in Latin America

While firms in industries related to massive consumption and commodities will generally have a favorable performance, those in activities, such as telecoms and oil production will probably underperform. Important downside risks to our projections prevail.

LBC Multilatina Index for 3Q12

The index fell 2.1 percent from 3Q11. Nevertheless Bimbo increased its revenue by 40 percent, Cencosud by 30 percent and Femsa by 23 percent. The fastest growing companies relied on their domestic markets and not on international markets.

The best 100 Companies of 2012

Mining and construction companies in Latin America have increased their sales, net revenues and profitability more than other firms in the last three years. See the complete list of best companies from Shougang to Corporacion San Luis.

Peru: Increased Contract Risk

There is increased risk of contract cancellations in Peru with president-elect Ollanta Humala.

Greystar: Colombia Permits This Year

Greystar expects to get its environmental permit for Angostura in Colombia this year.

Peru Mining: The Social Factor

Social factors are key, but not enough, for the success of Peruvian mining company Buenaventura.

Mining: Mexican Make-Over

Foreign mining operations in Latin America can be reputational powder kegs unless companies work hard at building local community relations and goodwill.

Caterpillar: Record Latin Sales

After a record year in Latin America in 2008, Caterpillar is now hoping to benefit from new infrastructure projects.

Codelco Banks on Expansion

Chile’s Codelco, the world's largest copper producer, hopes increased production will help offset falling prices.

Caterpillar's Latin Sales Grow

Caterpillar boosts sales in Latin America, in large part thanks to the commodity boom. And prospects are bright for continued strong growth.

Brazil Boosts Skanska Sales

Skanska boosts revenues and income in Latin America helped by strong demand in Brazil.

Ecuador: Mining Reduces Poverty

Open letter from Jose Aviles from the Ecuador Amazon Indigenous Nationalities Confederation to Joan Kuyek of MiningWatch Canada.

MiningWatch Response to Open Letters

Joan Kuyek at MiningWatch Canada responds to open letters from Ruben Naichap of the Shuar Federation of Zamora Chinchipe and Jose Aviles of the Ecuador Amazon Indigenous Nationalities Confederation.

Open Letter To MiningWatch Canada

Open letter to Joan Kuyek, national Coordinator of MiningWatch Canada, from the Shuar Federation of Zamora Chinchipe in Ecuador.

Canada-Peru Trade Boom

Peru replaces Venezuela as third-largest trade partner in Latin America. Overall Canada trade with the region grew as well.

Chile Mining: Good Outlook 

Chile's copper boom continues, but mining companies are also facing several key challenges.

Peru: Strong Business Optimism

President Alan Garcia receives high marks from local and foreign investors, who all express strong optimism about Peru's business outlook.

Scania: Mining Sector Spurs Growth

Brazil is the second-largest market worldwide for the Swedish truck giant, but Peru is growing most, thanks to its mining boom.

Latin America: Economic Outlook

A country-by-country breakdown of GDP and inflation forecasts.

Latin Outlook 2007: Business Q&A

Q&A on Latin America's business outlook in 2007.

Canada Boosts Latin Trade

Latin American trade with Canada is growing stronger than with the Unites States and Europe. The growth is led by Mexico, Brazil and Peru.

Peru's Mining Crisis

Privatize the subsoil and turn it over to the legitimate owners of the soil, the peasants and the Andean communities. Let them benefit from the enormous profits of mining, without the corrupt hypocrisy of social aid or the disdain of charity

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