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Amid Regional Declines, Mexican CFOs Remain Optimistic

A year ago Latin American CFOs were the most optimistic in the world, but that positivity has been tempered, says John Graham of Duke University.

Argentina, Brazil lead declines in Latin Labor Index

Increased difficulty in hiring new employees was the main factor in the declines.

Panama: Caution! Men at Work

Panama is on track to becoming a major logistics, transportation and tourism hub for Latin America.

Panama's Dash for Growth

How Panama went from a declining economy to a business star in a decade.

Brazil: Real Estate Bubble?

The Brazilian real estate market is headed for a crisis, warn some experts.

Latin American Construction: Solid Outlook

Growing real estate, infrastructure and economic expansion is spurring Latin America's construction sector.

Peru Retail Boom

Peru's retail sector is booming -- spurred by a growing economy and under-penetration.

Arab Investors Eye Latin America Real Estate

Arab investors join the real estate fiesta in Latin America, including Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil.

Real Estate Transparency: Latin America Weak

Chile is best and Dominican Republic worst in Latin America in real estate transparency.

The Rebirth of Juan Dolio

How the Group Metro is converting once-decayed Juan Dolio into a new hotbed for upscale living and tourism in the Dominican Republic.

Peru's Real Estate Boom

Peru's real estate did not suffer from the global crisis and is expected to continue expanding at strong rates.

Chile Real Estate Recovers

Major office towers, along with other development, is helping boost commercial real estate in Santiago.

Rio's Real Estate Boost

The value of commercial real estate in Rio should grow more than 50 percent over the next seven years, experts say

Mall Outlook: Brazil, Colombia Best 

Development of shopping centers continues in Brazil, Colombia and Peru despite the crisis.

Dominican Republic Starts to Recover

The Dominican Republic is starting to see signs of recovery, leading to more optimism among local and foreign investors.

Panama's Hotel Boom

Panama is seeing an hotel boom, both in and outside of Panama City, for both business and leisure travelers.

Rent: Caracas Most Expensive

Caracas is more expensive than Copenhagen, while Mexico City is among the least expensive house rental locations worldwide.

Ivanka Trump: Panama Hottest Market

Ivanka Trump sees Panama’s real estate market as the hottest worldwide, with demand outstripping supply on the Trump tower there.

Latin America Real Estate Outlook

Brazil's real estate market has the best outlook this year, but it will be affected by the growing credit crisis and economic slowdown.

Latin Real Estate Outlook Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading experts about Latin America's real estate outlook in 2009.

Latin Real Estate: Country Outlooks

A country-by-country overview of the outlook for real estate in 2009 in seven major markets in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sam Zell: Focus on Brazil, Mexico

Mexico and Brazil continue to offer strong potential for real estate, especially housing, Sam Zell argues.

Horn: Real Estate A Safe Harbor

Brazilian real estate mogul Elie Horn talks about the global crisis, Brazil and the real estate outlook.

Panama's Hottest Properties

The hottest residential properties in Panama, both in capital Panama City and other areas of the country.

Brazil: Full Speed Ahead

Brazil is set for another strong year despite the U.S. slowdown and growing global credit crunch, experts say.

Brazil Real Estate: Having a Ball

Real estate loans in Brazil have nearly quadrupled the past three years. And the sector should continue growing at strong levels.

Guadalajara Expands Offer

Mexico's "Silicon Valley" is boosting office and industrial space, driven in part by new demand from logistics companies.

Parque Arauco's Latin Expansion

A closer look at Parque Arauco, the successful Chilean shopping mall developer expanding into Colombia and Peru.

Costa Rica Hospitality: Strong Demand

More foreign hotel operators are setting up in Costa Rica, but strong demand will help the country's real estate sector continue growing.

Medellin: The Next Panama?

Medellin's real estate sector is growing. Can it even become the next Panama or Costa Rica?

Montevideo Real Estate Grows

Montevideo's real estate market sees growing demand and European investments.

Pirates of the Caribbean

A tale of foreign investors navigating shady rules, a corrupt judicial system, unscrupulous attorneys and an assortment of political games.

Latin Real Estate: Strong Growth Ahead

The U.S. subprime crisis is having a minimal impact on Latin America's fast-growing real estate sector. Brazil, Mexico and Chile lead the way.

Panama: Commercial Real Estate Grows

Commercial - rather than residential - may be the main growth driver for Panama's real estate sector, experts say.

Brazil Real Estate: Bullish Outlook

Experts are bullish on the outlook for Brazilian real estate, but also point to several challenges.

Mexico: Industrial CRE Outlook Positive

Mexico's industrial real estate sector has a solid outlook, Fitch says in a new report.

Mexico Real Estate: Positive Outlook

Mexico's real estate sector will continue to grow thanks to growing investment and demand, experts say.

Punta del Este Real Estate Grows

Punta del Este is seeing more demand from Brazilians and more supply from international groups.

Latin Real Estate Outlook: Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading experts about the outlook for Latin America's fast-growing real estate sector.

Santiago Real Estate Grows

Santiago real estate sector is growing, but demand from local and foreign companies is far larger than supply.

Brazil Real Estate Outlook: Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks ten leading experts about the outlook for Brazil’s booming real estate sector.

Costa Rica: Bahia Escondida Targets US

Affluent U.S. sports fishermen are among the key the target audience of Bahia Escondida, the new resort underway in Costa Rica.

Mexico Real Estate Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading experts about the outlook for Mexico's real estate sector.

Dominican Republic: Next Riviera?

Will Roco Ki help build the Dominican Republic into the next Mexican Riviera? Prominent designer Richard Knorr thinks so.

Lima Real Estate Boom

Office, retail and industrial real estate is booming in Lima and the outlook is even brighter.

Mexico City: Real Estate Vacancy Falls

Strong demand and little supply are leading to a sharp drop in available office space in Mexico City.

Sao Paulo: Strong Real Estate Demand 

Strong demand is pushing office vacancy rates down and prices up. Meanwhile, investments are pouring in.

Real Estate: Cross-border Finance Explodes

Mexico's real estate sector, already benefiting from a mortgage and tourism boom, gets a push from U.S. cross-border financing.

Costa Rica Real Estate: Strong Outlook

Costa Rica's real estate boom continues. Supply will explode, but the country will be able to absorb it thanks to continued popularity, experts say.

Latin American Shopping Center Boom

The development of shopping malls is booming throughout Latin America.

Ecuador: A new house for $530?

How an innovative Catholic charity has made home ownership a reality for 130,000 of Ecuador’s poorest families

Monterrey: Strong Real Estate Growth

A strong economy is helping drive commercial real estate in Mexico's leading business city.

Property Rights: Venezuela and Bolivia Worst

Expropriations grow in Venezuela, but Bolivia is worst in Latin America when it comes to property rights.

Dominican Real Estate: Sizzling Hot

The Dominican real estate sector - already highly competitive - heats up with Donald Trump entering the fray.

Colombia Real Estate Boom

Residential, office and industrial space are all seeing strong growth, spurring strong construction activity.

Venezuela: High Real Estate Demand 

Venezuela's real estate market has not seen a drop in demand despite expropriations and investor-hostile policies.

Real Estate: Argentina Growth Continues

Despite a slowdown in the economy, Argentina's real estate market is growing strongly spurred by commercial and residential demand.

Latin America Real Estate: Continued Growth

US baby boomers and European investors are helping spur the market. But growth and prices are slowing down.

Real Estate: Brazil Investment Boom

US investment firms are setting their sights on the Brazilian real estate market, lured by economic fundamentals.

Real Estate: Nicaragua Optimism Despite Ortega

Real estate continues its boom in Nicaragua, spurred by low prices and growing tourism.

Real Estate: Mexico Mortgages Spur Boom

Mortgage securitization has helped spur a boom in real estate in Mexico.

Real Estate: Panama Boom Despite Setback

Speculators and buyers fuel continued real estate boom in Panama.

Mexican Housing Boom

Mexico’s mortgage sector is expected to grow significantly thanks to large demand and the recent election of Felipe Calderon as new president.

Panama’s Real Estate Boom is Real!

Panama is a healthy, growing economic phenomenon following a carefully orchestrated plan.

Panama: A Bubble Waiting to Burst

Panama is a speculative bubble waiting to burst, that is why the government is trying to keep all sharp objects out of the way.

Latin Real Estate Boom

Latin America's real estate sector is booming, thanks in large part to a growing number of US retirees buying homes. Panama, Mexico and Costa Rica are leading the way, but also Argentina is seeing a boom.

Empresas ICA: Ready to tackle Mexico’s infrastucture

LBC spoke with ICA CFO Victor Bravo Martín about how the company will take advantage of this exciting time for Mexico.

Latin America’s Best 100 Companies 2013

The 100 companies on our list come from six countries, largely dominated by the Pacific economies.

Mexico the newest magnet for private equity

A recent survey by Lavca and Coller Capital shows investor enthusiasm there outpacing Brazil.

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