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Calm seas for shippers in Latin America?

Maersk CEO Robbert Jan van Trooijen tells LBC what to expect from shipping this year.

Fedex HealthCare Solutions, a hot debate requires a cold chain solution

As extreme temperature conditions become a logistic challenge, FedEx HealthCare Solutions apply science and innovation to its transportation processes

Protecting reputation in international supply chains

Risks in international trade and supply chains can be managed through careful planning and vetting, say experts.

NAFTA at 20: a Discussion with Canada, Mexico, and the United States

LBC talked with top officials from the three NAFTA countries on what the trade agreement has achieved in 20 years, and what could be done to make it stronger.

FedEx Ship Manager Lite, an easy shipping solution for SMEs in Latin America

Shipments can now be easily processed in Latin America and the Caribbean through a user-friendly online tool from FedEx Express

Maersk opens dedicated Americas-specific line

SeaLand will better address customers’ needs in north-south trade

Argentina, Brazil lead declines in Latin Labor Index

Increased difficulty in hiring new employees was the main factor in the declines.

Latin Business Chronicle Infrastructure Guide 2013

Our annual guide to the region’s major upcoming infrastructure bids.

Guatemala’s Big Plans: an Interview with Guatemala’s Minister of Economy

What is Guatemala doing to attract foreign investment? What projects are in the pipeline? An interview with Guatemala’s Minister of Economy, Sergio de la Torre.

Bumpy road ahead for Santos

The Colombian president is embattled by domestic protests and a slow peace process with the FARC.

DHL hedges its bets on Latin America

The region is a “big part of our bottom line,” DHL CEO for the Americas Stephen Fenwick tells LBC.

Nicaragua announces plans for transoceanic canal

President says the country will move forward with $40 billion canal project, pending feasibility studies.

Full-steam ahead on Brazilian port reform

The president pushed a major overhaul of the country’s ports through Congress, which will increase investment by $27 billion.

Brazil rolls out mega concession program

Minister of Finance Guido Mantega lists economic conditions, tax incentives and figures of a large underserved market to convince investors to participate in a $200 billion concession program to be announced Tuesday in New York.

Infrastructure bids in Latin America

More than $31.6 billion in 20 major infrastructure bids which are open in 7 countries, are listed in the new Latin Business Chronicle Infrastructure Guide. Descriptions, deadlines and contacts for each bid.

Panama Canal CEO Gets Bravo Award

Panama Canal Authority CEO and Administrator Alberto Aleman among 2011 Bravo Business Award winners.

Latin America: Colon Top Port

Panama’s top container ports are now the largest in Latin America, thanks to strong growth.

Latin America's Top 50 Ports: Cartagena, Caucedo Grow

Most of Latin America’s ports see declines, but some managed to expand despite the crisis.

Panama Canal Revenues Fall

Toll revenues grow, but other sources of income decline at the Panama Canal.

Panama Canal Marks 10th Anniversary Amid Success

Ten years after assuming control of the Panama Canal, Panamanian authorities can boast a highly efficient and lucrative operation.

Panama Canal Outlook Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading experts about the Panama Canal’s results and outlook.

Panama Canal: Transparent Process

The Panama Canal has been transparent in its multi-billion dollar bidding process, experts say.

Latin Ports: Panama, Peru Grow Most

Container ports in Panama, Peru and Chile are the fastest-growing in Latin America.

Latin America: Top 20 Transport Companies

Brazil dominates the ranking of Latin America's Top Transport Companies.

Panama Economy Holding Up

Panama’s economy will be among the fastest-growing in Latin America this year despite the global crisis.

Lower Transport Costs Boosts Trade

12 nations in the Western Hemisphere create a free trade alliance, while business urge Congress to extend ATPDEA for Colombia.

Trade Costs: Venezuela Worst

Panama, the Dominican Republic and Chile have the best overall trade climate, while Venezuela and Haiti have the worst.

Lehman, Panama Canal, Bolivia

The Lehman bankruptcy effect on Latin America, Panama Canal gets investment grade and Bolivia's violent outlook.

ALL: Strong Outlook

America Latina Logistica is set for another strong year, helped by a continued commodity boom and its own impressive transport network.

Latin Ports: Balboa Jumps

Panama's Balboa continues its strong growth, but Brazil's Santos is still the top port in Latin America.

Panama Canal Awards Contract, Wins Award

The Panama Canal awards construction projects and itself wins awards as a leading infrastructure project in Latin America.

Latin Infrastructure Grows, But Lags Asia

Latin America needs to show more strategic leadership in its infrastructure policies, a leading expert argues.

Latin Logistics Needs Competitiveness

Latin America urgently needs to implement reforms to boost trade facilitation or else lag behind.

Central America Ports Need Reforms

As trade grows in Central America the region needs to improve its ports infrastructure, shippers and port experts say. El Salvador leads the way.

Trade: Panama Best, Venezuela Worst

Latin America's best and worst countries when it comes to exporting and importing containerized goods.

CSI Program Expands in Latin America

Latin America's two largest container ports are now part of the U.S. Container Security Initiative.

Uruguay: Botnia Terminal Opens

Botnia's paper mill is set to open soon, following further tests and the opening of a new terminal.

Asia, Brazil Helps Latin Shipping

China, Brazil and Colombia are expected to continue driving growth in Latin American shipping.

Panama Canal Expansion Underway

Traffic is up as the Panama Canal awards the first construction, financial and legal contracts in its $5.2 billion expansion.

Santos Largest Latin Port — Again

Santos and Valparaiso grow most, while Colon and San Antonio see the strongest declines.

Canal Urged to Revise Toll Plans

Shippers are asking the Panama Canal to revise its toll hike. Meanwhile, there is some concern about the financing.

Panama Canal: More Traffic

The Panama Canal boosts traffic, but its recent toll announcement may deter future usage.

Santos Top Latin Port

Latin America's container ports are growing strongly. Balboa grows most and Buenos Aires sees the worst decline. But Santos is now the top port, dethroning Colon.

Slow Customs Means Lost Capital

Much of the working capital available to Latin American companies lies dormant in sluggish supply chains and customs cargo warehouses.

McMillan: Panama Canal Expansion Healthy for Global Trade

An interview with Robert McMillan, former Panama Canal Commission Chairman and author of Global Passage.

Panama Canal expansion could help US cargo flow

Expansion of the Panama Canal and increases in all-water services to the US east coast will alleviate some of the pressure on the US west coast.

Panama: A Bubble Waiting to Burst

Panama is a speculative bubble waiting to burst, that is why the government is trying to keep all sharp objects out of the way.

Panama Canal Expansion Overdue

Shipping lines and several U.S. ports support plans to widen the strategic Panama Canal. Some say it may even be overdue thanks to the heavy increase in China-U.S. cargo traffic.

Robert McMillan: Expanding the Panama Canal

There is no doubt that Panama can take on the canal expansion successfully. Hopefully that will mean a totally transparent process for construction contracts and financing, argues Robert R. McMillan.

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