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A new environment for banks

Will Latin American banks need more regulation? An exclusive interview with Georges Ugeux,Columbia University professor and author of the book, “International Finance Regulation: The Quest for Financial Stability.”

Can Mexico Keep up the Tide of Reform?

LBC spoke with CEO of Bancomext, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero about Mexico’s economy, reforms, and aspirations.

Technology Changing the Mexican Market

The Mexican financial market is going through a period of technological changes and is set to see a dynamic year.LBC spoke with Jorge Alegría, CEO of Mexican Derivatives Exchange, MexDer, about what CFOs should expect in the near future, as well as the latest developments in the markets.

“Capital will be scarce in the coming years”

Majorchanges are coming to the banking industry, said Roberto Setubal, CEO of ItaúUnibanco, the largest bank in the Southern hemisphere. He shared with Latin Trade his view of a world with costlier capital and with no advantages to being a global bank.

A Milestone Year for Latin America Private Equity

Private equity and venture capital continues to boom in Latin America, with 2013 a record year in many countries.

Technisys: offering clients multi-channel banking experience

MultilatinaTechnisys is making waves among the region’s financial institutions

Andbank’s international push

Andorra’s oldest private bank is undertaking an international expansion aimed at the United States and Latin America.

NAFTA at 20: a Discussion with Canada, Mexico, and the United States

LBC talked with top officials from the three NAFTA countries on what the trade agreement has achieved in 20 years, and what could be done to make it stronger.

Emerging markets: the great reckoning

As pessimism grows around emerging markets, how will Latin America fare?

Oi’s Acquisition of Portugal Telecom: Top M&A of 2013

Petrobras also unloaded more than $4 billion in assets.

Colombia: a new frontier for private equity

Despite challenges of financing and scale, the Andean country provides opportunities for investment.

Latin America’s Top 10 CFOs of 2013

The names on our list head some of the best-performing companies in Latin America.

Powerful Lessons from the Mexican Government’s Shift to Electronic Payments

The government saves $1.27 billion a year by using new technology.

BBVA Optimistic for Latin America in 2014

The bank sees growth in consumer credit and energy reforms as bright spots.

Bachelet: Chile’sPresident Again

In her second term the president has promised better quality public services.

Argentina, Brazil lead declines in Latin Labor Index

Increased difficulty in hiring new employees was the main factor in the declines.

Mexico’s tax reform: a guide

Latin Business Chronicle spoke with Alfredo Álvarez and Enrique Pérez Grovas from Ernst and Young at the Latin Trade CFO Forum in Mexico City.

The challenges ahead: Mexico

Mexico continues to move toward the center of the global economic stage, but the day to day realities of business in the country create challenges that require informed and disciplined leadership.

As Argentines head to the polls, don’t expect change

Experts consulted by LBC believe the government will lose seats in Congress, but that policy change is unlikely.

Brazil’s economy: more disappointments

Moody’s downgraded Brazil, the latest rating agency to express concern for the country’s performance.

Mexico the newest magnet for private equity

A recent survey by Lavca and Coller Capital shows investor enthusiasm there outpacing Brazil.

Holland & Knight opens new office in Latin America

The new Mexico City office will help local and international clients who do business in the region.

Top 50 Businesswomen in Latin America

LBC publishes its annual list of the top business women – this year expanded to include 50 names.

Latin America’s Top 100 Banks 2013

Brazilian banks suffer amid slow economic growth, but an election year in Venezuela helps drive up that country’s bank’s assets and net incomes.

Staying close to customers is critical for success in Latin America

Such is the advice of Emerson Process Management CFO Alex P. Russell

Cracks in the Pact?

What do tensions in the Pact for Mexico mean for EPN’s reform agenda?

Bancolombia hungry for new acquisitions?

Latin Business Chronicle interviewed Carlos Raúl Yepes, Bancolombia’s CEO. The bank will not venture outside Central America and the northern tip of South America, but it will continue to look for opportunities in banking and other financial services.

A record-breaking year for M&A deals

Most of the acquired companies were in Brazil, Mexico and Chile. Most of the acquirers were in Brazil, the US and -- surprisingly -- in Colombia. Trends and data drawn from the Latin Business Chronicle 2012 Latin America’s top 100 M&A ranking.

Latin America Embraces Mobile Money

Latin America is one of the most dynamic regions for mobile money.

Latin America's Top 100 Banks 

Brazil dominates ranking of Latin America's 100 largest banks.

Fernandez, Carstens Receive Bravo Awards

Dominican President, Mexican Central Bank Governor and Chilean Minister among 2011 Bravo winners.

It’s All About Leadership

Why Agustin Carstens should have been chosen as the IMF’s managing director.

Latin America's Top 50 Businesswomen

Latin Business Chronicle selects the 50 top women in Latin American business.

Latin America: Store Cards Surge

Promotions and rewards programs fuel card lending in Latin America.

Spanish Banks Eye China-LatAm Business

Spanish banks are leveraging Latin America's growing ties with China.

Uribe's Legacy: Business Booms

Foreign companies report strong growth during Alvaro Uribe's tenure as Colombia's president.

Brazil Banks: Argentine Shopping Spree?

Are Brazil’s banks gearing up for a shopping spree in neighboring Argentina?

BBVA: Latin America Income Up

Strong growth in Chile and Venezuela helps offset declines in Mexico for BBVA.

Financial M&A Advisors: Credit Suisse Leads

But Deutsche Bank and PricewaterhouseCoopers grow most in announced and completed M&A's in Latin America.

Latin America: Successful Veteran for Wal-Mart

Succesful veteran Eduardo Solorzano takes over Walmart Latin America.

Latin Banking: Retailers Spur Growth

Latin American retailers possess advantages over banks such as better penetration and more knowledge about clients.

Will Any Latin America Banks Fail?

Are any financial companies in Latin America 'Too Big to Fail'? Three experts share their insights.

Mexico Correspondent Banking: More Access?

Will correspondent banking increase financial access in Mexico? Three experts share their predictions.

Plastic Card Boom in Brazil

Brazilians are increasingly turning to plastic in lieu of cash. Three experts share their outlook on the country's card market.

Scotiabank Cautiously Optimistic

Scotiabank is cautiously optimistic about its operations in Latin America despite this year’s challenges.

Brazil Banks Stronger Despite Crisis

In a welcome reversal, Brazil’s banks are strengthening the country's economy despite the downturn.

Costa Rica: Future Trade Potential

Costa Rica's economy slows down, but free trade pacts with the United States and China should help future growth.

Panama Economy Holding Up

Panama’s economy will be among the fastest-growing in Latin America this year despite the global crisis.

Colombian Banks:  Better Positioned?

Are Colombia's banks better positioned than others to face the global crisis? Four experts share their insights.

Bancolombia Profits Despite Crisis

Colombia’s largest bank Bancolombia is facing the economic slowdown with a boost in profits, assets and deposits.

Medellin: Global Model

The IDB annual meeting will take place in a city that has become a global model for positive urban change.

Medellin Makes History 

Colombia's business hub Medellin prepares to make history with the Inter-American Development Bank's annual assembly.

Latin America: More Ponzi Schemes

Latin America remains fertile ground for Ponzi schemes, experts warn.

Madoff and Latin America

How will the Madoff losses affect Banco Santander's business in Latin America? Three experts share their insights.

Latin M&A's: Credit Suisse Top Advisor 

Credit Suisse replaces Citibank as the top financial advisor in Latin American mergers an acquisitions.

Brazil Banks: More Consolidation

In three to five years, five banking giants will control 85 percent of the Brazilian market.

Brazil Banks: Positive Outlook

What does the Itau-Unibanco merger mean for Brazil's banking system? Three experts share their insights.

Venezuela Banking Outlook

The nationalization of Banco de Venezuela will create poorer standards, greater inefficiency and declining profitability.

Venezuela: Lowest FDI Per GDP

The nationalization of Banco de Venezuela will deter foreign investors even more, but will likely be followed by more similar actions.

Brazil Keeps Booming

Brazil reaches investment grade earlier than expected. Meanwhile, FDI is setting new records. Brazil's boom appears without end.

Companies: Strong LatAm Quarter

Latin America again outperforms global sales for multinationals, first quarter results show.

M&A Advisors: Citi Falls, Itau Grows

Citi remains the top financial M&A advisor in Latin America, but is seeing falling business. Banco Itau is growing.

Bullish on Brazil

Brazil’s economy is booming and has a bright outlook. A special report on the key benefits and challenges of doing business in Brazil.

Latin America Helps Citi

A strong performance in Latin America helps offset Citi's declines in the United States. An in-depth look at the bank's LatAm operations and outlook.

Latin Leasing: Explosive Growth

Itau remains Latin America's top leasing company, but Banco Saenz grew most. Brazil is the top market and one of the fastest-growing ones.

What's Driving Brazil M&A?

Two experts on what is driving M&A activity in Brazil this year and what kinds of reforms are needed to spur additional growth.

Newsmaker: Peter Cardinal, Scotiabank

Peter Cardinal, executive vice president for Latin America for Scotiabank, talks to Latin Business Chronicle about his career and doing business in Latin America.

Analyzing Scotiabank's LatAm Strategy 

Scotiabank continues its Latin America expansion. Three experts analyze the bank's future strategy in the region.

Banco Azteca & Brazil:  Good Outlook

Banco Azteca has good potential as it enters the profitable Brazilian market, experts say.

After the IPO: Redecard's Outlook

A closer look at the outlook of Brazilian card processor Redecard following its successful IPO.

Wal-Mart: Mexico's New Bank 

Wal-Mart will provide competition for Mexico's banks by following its successful strategy of undercutting rivals' prices.

Banco Santander Chile: Star Performer

Banco Santander Chile, Latin America's highest rated company, is setting new records. And its outlook is even better.

Latin M&A Boom

The number of Latin American merger and acquisition deals - and their value - grow significantly.

Skadden and Citigroup Top M&A Advisors

Big changes from 2005 to 2006 in the advise business.

Citigroup Acquires GFU

Citigroup expands its Central American presence through acquiring a regional bank and credit card leader.

Scotiabank Bullish on Latin America

Scotiabank is growing strongly in Latin America thanks to both acquisitions and organic growth. And it expects further growth in the future as well.

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