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On the same track?

The Top 40 Foreign Companies kept the same general direction of their local counterparts, but did better.

Mexico’s Energy Reform Explained

Two lawyers from Baker & McKenzie look at the specifics of Mexico’s energy reforms, and opportunities for diverse sectors.

Can Mexico Keep up the Tide of Reform?

LBC spoke with CEO of Bancomext, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero about Mexico’s economy, reforms, and aspirations.

Top 10 Companies to Watch

LBC takes a look at the top 10 companies in Latin America, which offer the best return on investment in the last five years.

Venezuela: One year after Maduro, what’s next?

NicolásMaduro was elected to the presidency one year ago. How do we take stock of his one-year, and what’s next?

Environment vs. Economy: the Hydropower Debate in Latin America

Hydropower has been the traditional route for clean power generation in Latin America, but environmental concerns have given rise to public opposition.

A Milestone Year for Latin America Private Equity

Private equity and venture capital continues to boom in Latin America, with 2013 a record year in many countries.

Brazil: “A natural partner for the United States”

LBC spoke with U.S. Ambassador to Brazil Liliana Ayalde about U.S.-Brazilian relationsand opportunities for business.

NAFTA at 20: a Discussion with Canada, Mexico, and the United States

LBC talked with top officials from the three NAFTA countries on what the trade agreement has achieved in 20 years, and what could be done to make it stronger.

The Keystone XL Pipeline: A Win-Win for the United States and Canada

The United States would do well to move forward on the project.

Oi’s Acquisition of Portugal Telecom: Top M&A of 2013

Petrobras also unloaded more than $4 billion in assets.

2014 Corporate Outlook

LBC provides the profit and revenue forecasts of 50 large Latin American companies.

What’s in store for Paraguay in 2014?

An interview with Gustavo Leite, Paraguay’s Minister for Industry and Commerce

Latin America’s Top 10 CFOs of 2013

The names on our list head some of the best-performing companies in Latin America.

MNC Index: Let’s Go USA!

Amid a landscape of declines, U.S.-based companies generally performed well.

Multilatina Index: Food & Beverage rule the roost

Meanwhile, industrial and oil companies continued to see declines.

China, Russia, India, and the Venezuelan Petroleum Industry

PDVSA is increasingly beholden to foreign oil companies to keep up production. Is it sustainable?

Argentina, Brazil lead declines in Latin Labor Index

Increased difficulty in hiring new employees was the main factor in the declines.

Venezuela on the brink

The country’s political and economic systems are facing increasing challenges.

As Argentines head to the polls, don’t expect change

Experts consulted by LBC believe the government will lose seats in Congress, but that policy change is unlikely.

Consortium wins bid in Brazil's oilfield auction

A Petrobras strike and poor participation among major oil companies set clouds over the country’s largest auction of pre-salt fields since their discovery in 2007.

Latin America’s Best 100 Companies 2013

The 100 companies on our list come from six countries, largely dominated by the Pacific economies.

Brazil’s economy: more disappointments

Moody’s downgraded Brazil, the latest rating agency to express concern for the country’s performance.

Latin Business Chronicle Infrastructure Guide 2013

Our annual guide to the region’s major upcoming infrastructure bids.

Mexico the newest magnet for private equity

A recent survey by Lavca and Coller Capital shows investor enthusiasm there outpacing Brazil.

Latin American retail stays strong

The region’s retail sector saw the strongest growth this sector, but oil and gas brings in the highest revenues.

Autos and energy lead 2Q13 MNC Index

Nokia continues to see steep declines in revenues.

Argentina courting suitors for VacaMuerta

YPF is seeking partners to develop its shale reserves and halt rising energy imports.

Holland & Knight opens new office in Latin America

The new Mexico City office will help local and international clients who do business in the region.

Latin America’s Top 50 Energy Companies

Revenues were largely up through the region, but Brazilian companies saw particularly steep drops in profits.

LAN makes first flight in Colombia using biofuel

The flight represents the company’s effort to use more renewable fuels.

Top 50 Businesswomen in Latin America

LBC publishes its annual list of the top business women – this year expanded to include 50 names.

Mexico presents first draft of oil reform

Proposal permits private involvement in the oil industry, but maintains Pemex’s oil monopoly.

The Mexican Big Bang  

A “Big Bang, the establishment of a new Mexico,” is how the newly appointed head of ProMéxico, Francisco Gonzalez Diaz describes this moment for Latin America’s second largest economy.

Assessing Maduro’s first 100 days

The Venezuelan president has faced more opposition than his predecessor, forcing him to be more collaborative and pragmatic.

Staying close to customers is critical for success in Latin America

Such is the advice of Emerson Process Management CFO Alex P. Russell

Latin America could supply 100% of its power from renewable sources

The region has a “fantastic endowment” for renewable energy, but regulatory and policy barriers impede its implementation.

Energy on the agenda in Chinese leader’s LatAm tour

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s stops show China’s desire to diversify its energy base, say experts.

Cracks in the Pact?

What do tensions in the Pact for Mexico mean for EPN’s reform agenda?

Brazil rolls out mega concession program

Minister of Finance Guido Mantega lists economic conditions, tax incentives and figures of a large underserved market to convince investors to participate in a $200 billion concession program to be announced Tuesday in New York.

A record-breaking year for M&A deals

Most of the acquired companies were in Brazil, Mexico and Chile. Most of the acquirers were in Brazil, the US and -- surprisingly -- in Colombia. Trends and data drawn from the Latin Business Chronicle 2012 Latin America’s top 100 M&A ranking.

Top 50 Energy Companies

From Petrobras to Comgas, a who's who in the oil and gas industry and in the electricity business

Infrastructure bids in Latin America

More than $31.6 billion in 20 major infrastructure bids which are open in 7 countries, are listed in the new Latin Business Chronicle Infrastructure Guide. Descriptions, deadlines and contacts for each bid.

Peru Energy: Greater State Role?

Will Peru's energy sector see a greater state role in the economy? Three experts share their insights.

Bolivia: Boom Amid Problems

Bolivia’s government is wealthier than ever, but institutions are weaker than ever, experts say.

Petrobras CFO: We Are Prepared

With $35 billion available in cash, Petrobras is prepared for any market turmoil.

The Rapid Decline of PDVSA

Production is too low and too little of it is commercially driven, resulting in a need for more cash.

Latin America Fuel Theft Serious Problem

Latin America's major hydrocarbon producers lose billions of dollars in crude and oil product theft.

How Petrobras Compares

Petrobras outperforms foreign oil giants, but lags Ecopetrol in revenue and profit growth.

Petrobras: State Threatens Efficiency

Petrobras is a great driller but government agenda threatens its efficiency, experts warn.

Terpel: Colombia Still Key 

Colombian fuel distributor Terpel sees higher profits in Ecuador and great potential in Mexico.

Chevron Lawsuit: Greed & Deceit

The legal action against Chevron in Ecuador is a story of greed and deceit.

Experts Praise Colombia Oil Plans

Experts praise Colombia's president Juan Manuel Santos for his plans for oil and gas revenue reforms.

Sale of Citgo Would Be Suicidal

The political and economic effect of a sale of Citgo would be disastrous for Venezuela.

Dilma Could Radicalize Brazil Energy

A Rousseff presidency will likely further radicalize Brazil’s energy policies, experts warn.

Chevron, Software, Banking

The Ecuador lawsuit against Chevron gets even bigger, Colombia best on software piracy and second-best on banking.

Ecuador: Chevron Asks for Dismissal

Presents video footage showing Ecuadorian court-appointed investigator in collusion with plaintiffs.

PDVSA: More Contradictions

PDVSA's 2009 profits are half of what company president Rafael Ramirez said they were only a few months ago.

Pacific Rubiales: Strong Colombia Growth

How a group of former PDVSA executives are creating success across the border.

Venezuela: Rotten Food in a Rotten Revolution

The spoiled food scandal is only the latest blow to Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA.

Latin America's Companies Boost Revenues, Profits

A closer look at the winners and losers among Latin America's 500 largest companies.

The Mystery of PDVSA

Experts doubt PDVSA’s preliminary profit figures for last year as the market awaits the company's official 2009 report.

PDVSA's Credibility Problem

PDVSA’s chief Rafael Ramirez faces a huge credibility problem over his investment plans.

Latin America: Oil For China

China turns to Latin America to meet its energy demands

Repsol Finds Gas, Chavez Puts On A Show 

Repsol finds natural gas in the Gulf of Venezuela, Chavez puts up a show.

Ecuador Judge, Official in Bribe Scandal

A government party official asks for a $3 million bribe to him, Correa and a judge to hand out environmental remediation contracts.

Petrobras Largest Company in Latin America

Brazilian oil giant is Latin America’s largest company, according to the LBC500.

Pemex: No Speedy Recovery

Can Pemex reverse declining oil production by 2010? Four experts share their predictions.

PDVSA Issues Delayed Report

PDVSA finally releases its 2008 report, but doubts remain over its production figures.

PDVSA: Where's the 2008 Report?

PDVSA is several months delayed in releasing its audited annual report and an unaudited version is sowing doubts.

Brazil: Latin American Energy Model

Brazil's energy policies are a worthy model for other Latin American countries.

Repsol Changes Latin America Strategy

Brazil, Peru and the Gulf of Mexico are helping Repsol reduce exposure to volatile markets like Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela.

Nationalization Worsens PDVSA's Finances

Venezuela's recent nationalizations will worsen PDVSA's finances and scare off new investment, experts warn.

Energy: Brazil, Colombia Best Outlook

Brazil, Colombia and Trinidad offer the best potential this year among energy markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, experts say.

Venezuela Oil: Worse Shape

The Venezuelan economy may be in far worse shape than officially announced, and in a weaker position to face the present sharp fall in oil export revenue.

Chavez' Temporary Victory

Despite his referendum win, Hugo Chavez will likely be ousted by popular vote in 2012, experts predict.

PDVSA Finances Suffer

Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA will likely have to cut staff as a result of falling revenues and growing costs, risk analysts warn.

Invest in Argentina Energy?

Can Argentina spur investment in its oil and gas sector? Three experts share their insights.

Venezuela Boom Slows Down

Falling oil prices mean weaker economic growth for Venezuela, but inflation will likely to grow at record levels.

Latin America: Solid Third Quarter

Latin America helps boost the bottom line for U.S. and European multinationals in the third quarter.

Emerson Boosts Latin Sales

Latin America sales for Emerson are growing swiftly thanks to markets like Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

Chevron: Evidence Fabricated

Chevron denounces fabricated evidence and political interference in Ecuador.

Brazil: New Oil Company?

Will Brazil create a new state oil company that will undermine Petrobras? Three experts share their insights.

Ecopetrol: Star Performer

As Ecopetrol prepares to float more stock, it posts strong growth in production and income.

Biofuels: Strong Potential

Sugarcane ethanol from Latin America needs to be an integral part of the United States’ energy strategy.

Venezuelan-Russian Energy Axis

Hugo Chavez and Russia's leaders are well-positioned to plan substantial international mischief.

Colombia's Legal Boom

A growing economy and increased foreign investment is boosting Colombia's legal sector.

Ecuador's Mess

Thanks to an angry and authoritarian president, Ecuador will see less private investment and more poverty.

Latin America's Top 500 Companies

Brazil and energy dominate the ranking of Latin America's top 500 companies.

Oxy Denies Peru Blame

Occidental is blamed for environmental damage in Peru - nearly a decade after it left and transferred operations to another company.

Transparency: Pemex Best, PDVSA Worst

When it comes to transparency about revenues and anti-corruption programs, Pemex is best in Latin America, while PDVSA is worst.

APC: Latin Sales Surge

Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia are helping boost APC sales in Latin America.

Companies: Strong LatAm Quarter

Latin America again outperforms global sales for multinationals, first quarter results show.

Mexico: A Light Energy Reform?

Although too light for many foreign oil companies, the proposed reform of Pemex is a smart effort by President Felipe Calderon at this point.

Pemex, Chevron, Nicaragua

Mexico's energy bill, environmental award gets it wrong, Nicaragua's old Ortega is back, James Bond gets help and more.

The Future Privatization of CESP

What is the future of Cesp and of the planned privatization? Three experts share their insight.

Ecuadorian Farce

It is not Chevron which should be sued for environmental damages in Ecuador, but the country's own state oil company.

Chevron: Biased and Improper Report

Chevron's statement and background on the latest developments in the Ecuador environmental damage suit.

PDVSA: Financial Collapse? 

PDVSA's dispute with Exxon Mobil isn't the only problem for the company. Falling profits and production are posing even greater challenges.

Chevron: Brazil, Colombia Growth

Chevron's downstream business is growing in Brazil, Colombia and Panama.

Petrobras: A Latin Model?

Can Brazil's state oil giant Petrobras serve as a model for Mexico and Venezuela? Three experts share their perspectives.

Ecuador Oil: What's Next?

Will foreign oil companies agree to radical changes in their Ecuador contracts before the March 8 deadline?

Oil: Venezuela, Mexico Need Reform

Pemex and PDVSA should learn from Brazil's Petrobras, which is setting new records in oil production.

Venezuela: "For Now"

Venezuela's economy may look good “Por Ahora,” but a change in external conditions may cast a dark pall over the oil-fueled economy.

Argentina: YPF's Outlook

Repsol's sale of a minority stake in YPF to Eskenazi's Peterson Group will benefit the company, experts say.

Petrobras: Picking Up The Slack

Brazilian oil giant Petrobras helps customers reduce energy consumption.

Argentina: What Now?

Argentina urgently needs several reforms, but they may not happen under Cristina Fernandez, experts say.

Argentina Outlook Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading experts about the outlook for changes in Argentina, including debt and energy policies.

Latin Earnings: Solid Quarter

Local and multinational companies report another exceptional quarter in Latin America.

Chile’s Energy Crisis: No Magical Solution

Chile’s energy sector faces a dangerous level of insecurity, inefficiency and lack of sustainability - but there's no magical solution.

Ecuador Oil: More Trouble Ahead

President Correa's oil policies will result in more disputes with foreign companies and reduced oil production, experts predict.

Chevron: Ecuador Tests Flawed

Chevron denounces faulty "evidence" and "expert" bias in the $6 billion contamination case in Ecuador.

Dangerous Policies for Latin America

The big losers of the anti-investment policies of Latin America's leftist governments are the people.

Latin America’s Energetic August

August was no vacation for Latin America, especially in the energy sector.

Nicaragua and Esso: What Will Happen?

Nicaragua's government will likely reach an agreement with Esso over its confiscated terminal, experts predict.

Nicaragua Confiscation Illegal, Unsafe

Nicaragua's confiscation of an ExxonMobile terminal for offloading Venezuela oil is both illegal and unsafe, company officials say.

Brazil Boosts Skanska Sales

Skanska boosts revenues and income in Latin America helped by strong demand in Brazil.

Chevron: US Victory, Ecuador Doubts

A US court has dismissed an Ecuadorean lawsuit against Chevron, but the firm is concerned about an even bigger case in Ecuador.

Ethanol Push: Pork Barrel Boondoggle

The U.S. ethanol program is just another form of political pork that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

Ecuador's Oil Paradox

Ecuador, already hostile to foreign companies, advocates a novel oil policy. Meanwhile, Chevron sets the record straight.

Colombia: Strong Business Optimism

Foreign companies are pleased with their business in Colombia and express strong optimism about the future outlook.

Brazil's Ethanol: Big Potential

Brazil has several competitive advantages over the United States when it comes to producing ethanol.

Latin America Oil: Winners & Losers 

Colombia is among the main beneficiaries of the growing "resource nationalism" in neighboring countries. A closer look at Latin America's top oil producers.

Two Cheers for U.S. Ethanol Initiative

The Bush Administration should eliminate the tariffs and quotas on sugar-cane ethanol before 2009.

Brazil-US Ethanol Alliance: Beyond Energy

What is the significance of the U.S.-Brazil agreement on ethanol? Three experts share their insight.

Guatemala's Biofuels Success

A Guatemalan entrepreneur makes fuel from native plant. The new crop also helps check soil erosion.

CAFTA Disputes Grow

Trade and business grows in CAFTA. But so will the number of disputes, experts warn.

Dominican Republic: Energy Problems Continue

Blackouts continue in the Dominican Republic thanks to massive fraud and theft.

Brazil: Foreign Trade Boom

Trade with China leads to a record surplus, but business groups want more trade with the US and Europe as well.

The age of ethanol?

Brazil has shown the world that biofuels can be used to reduce dependence on petroleum. But will other Latin American nations follow its lead?

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