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Province of Chubut: Model Citizen

Argentina's oasis of sound macroeconomic management and prosperity.

Colombia: Back in the Saddle

Consumption and mining booms make Colombia one of the hottest investment destinations in Latin America.

Venezuela: After Hugo

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is leaving a permanent scar on Latin America.

Panama: Caution! Men at Work

Panama is on track to becoming a major logistics, transportation and tourism hub for Latin America.

It’s All About Leadership

Why Agustin Carstens should have been chosen as the IMF’s managing director.

Panama: Caution! Men at Work

Panama is on track to becoming a major logistics, transportation and tourism hub for Latin America.

Brazil: O Maior do Mundo

Brazil may be “o maior do mundo,” but at the current pace it is headed for an unnecessary explosion.

Colombia: Too Much of a Good Thing

Colombia is on a very good trajectory, but must end the legacies of corruption and class privilege to make it a truly prosperous place.

Argentina: Frankenstein’s Monster

The Kirchners helped CGT's Hugo Moyano become powerful. Now only Cristina Kirchner can stop him.

2011 IDB: Is it Different This Time?

Latin America will return to its old ways once the commodity boom comes to an end.

Brazil: What a Party!

To avoid a nasty hangover, Brazil needs to cut into the bureaucratic fat and frivolous expenses.

Venezuela: Hell on Earth

The reckless tyranny of Hugo Chavez squandered away Venezuela's abundant natural resources, sound infrastructure and skilled labor.

Brazil: A Quick Honeymoon?

Dilma Rousseff must take the unpopular measures needed to keep inflation and account deficits from getting out of control.

Chile: No Rest for the Weary

The Pinera Administration is moving fast to introduce the necessary reforms that will make Chile into a stronger economy.

Argentina: Dangerous Precedent

The immediate outlook for Argentina is positive, as the dark shadow of Nestor Kirchner fades away.

Chile's Tradition Helped Mining Rescue

Chile's successful mining rescue reflects its tradition of strong leadership, commitment to mining and sense of nationalism.

Uruguay: The Pearl of the West

Uruguay's economy is booming, partly helped by foreign direct investment.

Currency Wars

It is unfair for Brazil to lay all of the blame for its overvalued currency elsewhere.

Peru: Attention K-Mart Shoppers

A wave of consumerism is washing over Peru, thus helping to create a strong base of domestic demand.

Venezuela: No Vuvuzela for Chavez

The Venezuelan economy is spiralling out of control and President Chavez's political future looks bleak.

BCP Picks: Brazil, Peru, Mexico

Peru will grow most among Latin America's top economies this and next year.

Uruguay: In Lula’s Footsteps

By emulating Brazil instead of Venezuela, Mujica will make Uruguay one of the most attractive economies in Latin America.

Venezuela: Go Hugo, Go!

The looming collapse of Venezuela’s infrastructure could spell the demise of Hugo Chavez.

Peru: Hands Across the Amazon

A series of major infrastructure programs are triggering a productivity revolution that will sharply accelerate Peru’s economic development

Costa Rica: Speedbump

Costa Rica has one of the healthiest economies in Central America.

Avianca: World-Class Quality

Avianca confirms that Latin America has the talent and resources to provide world class quality and services.

Peru: Pure Paradise

Peru's economic and political outlook looks bright despite the recent global crisis.

Brazil, Peru Top Picks for BCP

Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru are BCP's top recommendations, with Ecuador underweight.

Argentina: Provincial Problems

Just as midterm elections loom, Argentina's provinces are now completely subject to the whims of the Kirchners.

Brazil: Party On...For Now

After Carnival is over and Lent kicks in, pessimism will take hold as Brazil is forced to face the sobering reality of the crisis and its effect.

Mexico: Iceberg Dead Ahead!

A huge iceberg lies ahead in 2009, but it's too bad that very few Mexicans appreciate the calamity that lurks in the shadows.

Bolivarian Dreams

Common characteristics of Bolivarianism inlcude the destruction of all independent political and economic institutions.

Peru: Apex during APEC

Peru’s hosting of the APEC meetings occurred at its cyclical apex, but serious economic and political challenges lie ahead.

Ecuador: Hopeless

Ecuador is heading towards debt default, an end to dollarization, soaring inflation and economic decline.

Argentina: Reopening the Exchange

Argentina's new debt proposal allows creditors to restructure their bonds and the government to access capital markets.

Latin America's Outlook

The impact on Latin America of US presidential elections and the global credit crunch.

Argentina: Exit Kirchners?

It is no longer a question of "if," it is now a question of "when" the Kirchners will be ousted.

Argentina: Waiting for Revenge

No one knows how and when the Kirchners will strike, but retribution is inevitable. Investors are wary.

Peru Investment Grade: Finally!

Peru's new investment grade rating could spark the social-economic transformation of the country.

Brazil: No Dutch Disease

Concerns about Dutch Disease in Brazil may be uncalled for. The South American country is recouping all of the benefits.

Brazil: Lula, Lisa and Pele

The fact that S&P upgraded Brazil despite no major improvement in the country’s macroeconomic variables was not much of a surprise.

Uruguay: The Other Side of the River

Uruguay’s sharp contrast with chaotic Argentina is making it a haven in the southern cone.

Argentina: In Distress

Argentina may be the most distressed story in Latin America, but it is also the most undervalued.

IADB 2008: The Party is Over

The mood in Latin America may be bright, but the clouds gathering on the horizon suggests that the party may soon be over.

Argentina: Opening Old Wounds

The clashes in the streets of Buenos Aires were the fruit of the populism that is spreading throughout Latin America.

Brazilian Semantics

The day Brazil registers net interest inflows will be when it can truly brag about becoming a creditor nation.

Brazil: Inspecting the Couplings

Brazil’s inability to take advantage of the external situation means that it will remain vulnerable to external events.

Venezuela: "For Now"

Venezuela's economy may look good “Por Ahora,” but a change in external conditions may cast a dark pall over the oil-fueled economy.

Argentina: Just Plain Hot

Booming grain prices are keeping the Argentine economy afloat offsetting the effects of government price controls and inflation.

Uruguay: Sunshine on the Eastern Bank

Uruguay's economic revival is a boost for Latin America, by creating an oasis of stability in a region renowned for extreme volatility.

Ecuador: Keeping Up With Hugo

The lack of investment is making Ecuador one of the slowest growing countries in Latin America.

Brace for Snapback

A Latin America economic slowdown is close on the horizon and may be severe.

Argentina: Pack Your Bags

On suitcases with cash and suitcases for moving out and into Argentina's presidential palace.

Ecuador: Getting Ugly

The erosion of Ecuador's political and macroeconomic conditions is putting it on a trajectory to debt default - or the end of Correa's presidency.

Ecuador Hurts Its Potential

The constant barrage of Bolivarian rhetoric, political intrigue and corruptions scandals are preventing Ecuador from realizing its full potential.

Sizzling Brazil

In everyone’s eyes Brazil is already investment grade.

Argentina: Waiting for Cristina

Cristina Kirchner may be the right catalyst to make needed changes in economic policies.

Chile: Bachelet's Problems

Chile’s macroeconomic conditions are sound, but there seems to be a political power vacuum in Santiago.

Colombia: Bad Policy Decisions

Colombia is one of the few emerging market countries that is not taking advantage of the commodity boom.

Argentina: Running the Clock

Despite the economic boom, business sentiment is low ahead of the presidential elections this fall.

Latin America: Dirty Politics

Most investors disregard the new authoritarianism tendencies, but they could have dire implications for the future.

Latin Infrastructure: Please Send Cash

The poor state of infrastructure in Latin America threatens future economic development.

Brazil: Stepping Out

As long as external conditions persist, Brazil will realize the destiny that was always so illusive.

Cavalry to the Rescue!

With flags furling and trumpets blaring, President Bush will ride into Latin America bearing treaties, money and arms.

Mexico: The Road Ahead

The Calderon Administration in Mexico has a real chance of succeeding in its energy, fiscal and pension reforms.

Ecuador: Asymmetric Information

The reckless abandon of the Ecuadorian and the Venezuelan governments reflect the lack of regional leadership in Latin America.

Brazil's Outlook for 2007

We expect another year of status quo, but fortunately Brazil remains an investors' paradise.

Debt Default: Don’t Try this at Home!

There is no rational reason for Ecuador to default. Trying to repeat the Argentine experience would be tantamount to suicide.

Panama: A Bubble Waiting to Burst

Panama is a speculative bubble waiting to burst, that is why the government is trying to keep all sharp objects out of the way.

Brazil: Forget the Reforms

Unlike the other members of the BRIC community, Brazil is not enjoying record GDP growth rates. Brazil’s unemployment rate is in the double digits, and it is about to get worse

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