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On the same track?

The Top 40 Foreign Companies kept the same general direction of their local counterparts, but did better.

The Top 10 Growth Markets In Latin America

What are the hottest products selling in Latin America?

Can Mexico Keep up the Tide of Reform?

LBC spoke with CEO of Bancomext, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero about Mexico’s economy, reforms, and aspirations.

Top 10 Companies to Watch

LBC takes a look at the top 10 companies in Latin America, which offer the best return on investment in the last five years.

NAFTA at 20: a Discussion with Canada, Mexico, and the United States

LBC talked with top officials from the three NAFTA countries on what the trade agreement has achieved in 20 years, and what could be done to make it stronger.

MNC Index: Let’s Go USA!

Amid a landscape of declines, U.S.-based companies generally performed well.

Argentina, Brazil lead declines in Latin Labor Index

Increased difficulty in hiring new employees was the main factor in the declines.

Toyota revs up for Brazil sales

Auto sales grew 80 percent in the first half of this year.

Autos and energy lead 2Q13 MNC Index

Nokia continues to see steep declines in revenues.

Top 50 Businesswomen in Latin America

LBC publishes its annual list of the top business women – this year expanded to include 50 names.

The Mexican Big Bang  

A “Big Bang, the establishment of a new Mexico,” is how the newly appointed head of ProMéxico, Francisco Gonzalez Diaz describes this moment for Latin America’s second largest economy.

Wal-Mart: Latin America’s Top Employer

The U.S. superstore chain employs over 600,000 in the region – more than the next four largest employers combined.

Is Mexico the new Detroit?

Recent investments in the country by Honda and Audi have led some to dub it the “new Detroit.”

Innovation, the Porsche way

How does the icon in sports car design and engineering manage its innovation process. Lessons to be learned from one of the world´s best. Interview with Matthias Brück, CEO for Porsche Latin America.

Casino, Electrolux and Volkswagen growth champions in Latin America

The 3Q12 results of the Latin MNC Index from Latin Business Chronicle

Chinese Carmakers Eye Brazil

Chinese automakers want to capture a slice of the world’s fourth-largest car market.

Latin America Leads Twitter Growth

Twitter, Starbucks, Colombia, Sao Paulo and Aston Martin are the key topics of this week's TradeTalk.

Lieblein:  Let the Job Speak for Itself

Getting too tied up in gender, dilutes efforts by female executives, argues GM Mexico head Grace Lieblein.

Latin America: Audi Growth in Key Markets

Audi expects to see growth in Mexico, Brazil and other key markets this year despite the global crisis.

Latin America's Top 25 Businesswomen

Latin Business Chronicle selects the 25 top women in Latin American business.

Brazil Drives GM Sales

Brazil is General Motors’ shining star in Latin America and worldwide, with a robust outlook after a record second quarter.

Newsmaker: Maureen Kempston Darkes

Maureen Kempston Darkes, who retires from GM after 34 years, gets much of the credit for the company’s strong Latin America performance.

Porsche: Brazil Demand Grows

Brazil and Chile are starting to see increased demand and Colombia is expected to become a key market.

Venezuela: Replacing Colombia Not That Easy

Can Venezuela replace its imports from Colombia? Four experts share their insights.

LatAm Five: Latin America's Stars

Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Panama are garnering more attention from investors than Venezuela & Co.

Venezuela: Hard Landing

Venezuela faces dollar shortages, rising inflation and further payment problems. Even private aircraft are grounded.

Bolivia Attracts Auto Manufacturers

Auto manufacturers race for Bolivia’s lithium reserves

Petrobras: Latin America's Largest Company

Brazilian oil giant is Latin America’s largest company, according to the LBC500.

Latin Auto and Global Turmoil

How will the global turmoil, as well as local trade and tax changes, affect Latin America's auto sector? Three experts share their insights.

Survival Guide to Venezuela

What are foreign firms doing to survive the lucrative, but highly difficult, market of Venezuela?

Latin Profits Help Ford

South America provided the highest profits for Ford last year and its only profits in the fourth quarter.

Latin America Helps General Motors

While General Motors is losing billions overall, its Latin America division is setting new sales and profit records.

3Q Results: Ford, AES, Colgate

Strong third-quarter results for U.S, European and Latin American companies.

The U.S. Crisis and Latin America

There is growing concern about the U.S. crisis hitting Latin America, but also some good news about the region's overall outlook.

Chrysler: Latin Boost

Chrysler is booming in Latin America thanks to models like the Grand Cherokee and markets like Brazil and CAFTA.

Venezuela Auto Imports Plummet

Venezuela's once-booming auto market is hit by a new auto law that is driving down imports and overall sales.

Companies: Strong LatAm Quarter

Latin America again outperforms global sales for multinationals, first quarter results show.

India Boosts Latin Trade

India's trade with Latin America is growing, as are investments by Indian companies.

China: Latin Business Boom

China's trade with, and investments in, Latin America are growing significantly and expected to continue doing so in the future as well.

Venezuela's Hummer Revolution

Venezuela's affluent class revs up spending. Despite risks, they represent a tremendous opportunity for vendors.

The Case for NAFTA

NAFTA benefits both the United States and Mexico, experts say. Any renegotiation would result in U.S. job losses, they say.

Siemens PLM Software: LatAm Sales Up

Latin America's growing auto production benefits companies like Siemens PLM Software.

Cadillac Eyes Latin America

Cadillac, already doing well in Mexico, may start selling actively in the rest of Latin America as well.

Brazil Auto Boom: Can Supply Keep Pace?

The outlook for Brazil's domestic auto market is bright, but the outlook for exports does not look as promising.

Latin Americans Find Their Niche

How an expanding middle class sends the affluent searching for something new.

Colombia: Strong Business Optimism

Foreign companies are pleased with their business in Colombia and express strong optimism about the future outlook.

GM Boom in South America

GM sets new records in South America helped by growing economies and extensive dealerships.

Brazil Auto Show Unveils New Models

The Sao Paulo auto show, the largest in Latin America, unveiled a broad range of new models.

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