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Latin America: Colon Top Port

Panama’s top container ports are now the largest in Latin America, thanks to strong growth.

Latin America's Ports: Winners & Losers

Winners and losers among Latin America's top 50 ports in 2010.

Latin America's Top 50 Ports (2010)

Top ports ranked by TEU's in 2010. Percent change from 2009.

Latin America's Top 50 Ports: Cartagena, Caucedo Grow

Most of Latin America’s ports see declines, but some managed to expand despite the crisis.

Latin Ports: Panama, Peru Grow Most

Container ports in Panama, Peru and Chile are the fastest-growing in Latin America.

Latin Ports: Balboa Jumps

Panama's Balboa continues its strong growth, but Brazil's Santos is still the top port in Latin America.

Central America Ports Need Reforms

As trade grows in Central America the region needs to improve its ports infrastructure, shippers and port experts say. El Salvador leads the way.

Latin America's Top 50 Ports (2007)

Top ports ranked by TEU's in 2007.

Santos Largest Latin Port — Again

Santos and Valparaiso grow most, while Colon and San Antonio see the strongest declines.

Santos Top Latin Port

Latin America's container ports are growing strongly. Balboa grows most and Buenos Aires sees the worst decline. But Santos is now the top port, dethroning Colon.

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