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Korea-LatAm Trade: Korea Eyes the Pacific Alliance

New statistics from LBC show that almost half of South Korea’s trade occurs with the Pacific Alliance, a group the Asian country has highlighted as a priority.

Oi’s Acquisition of Portugal Telecom: Top M&A of 2013

Petrobras also unloaded more than $4 billion in assets.

Olam International: a decade of maximizing Latin America’s potential

Trust, cultural understanding and investment in local communities are the strategic factorsAsian businesses to succeed in Latin America

Maersk opens dedicated Americas-specific line

SeaLand will better address customers’ needs in north-south trade

LBC 2014 Outlook: All Eyes on Mexico and Brazil

Read LBC’s predictions on what will happen in the region this year.

A Lesson from Chinese-Argentine Relations

What does Argentina’s interactions with China teach the region about the Asian giant?

BBVA Optimistic for Latin America in 2014

The bank sees growth in consumer credit and energy reforms as bright spots.

China, Russia, India, and the Venezuelan Petroleum Industry

PDVSA is increasingly beholden to foreign oil companies to keep up production. Is it sustainable?

Sakura Tech invests in its Latin Future

Singapore’s Sakura Tech has seen the potential of Latin America. It opened its first manufacturing plant in Brazil.

Center for Livable Cities: stronger and sustainable cities for better trade relations

The success of Asian-Latin American trade depends on its ability to maximize competitive synergies.

Iran and its Proxies--A Growing Security Threat in Latin America

Does the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism pose a threat to the region’s security?

Grupo Kaybee: pioneers of Latin trade

Education and infrastructure are the keys to boosting economic and trade relations between Asia and Latin America

Argentina courting suitors for VacaMuerta

YPF is seeking partners to develop its shale reserves and halt rising energy imports.

LAC’s Top Trade Partners: India a growing force

Our list of Latin America’s top trading partners shows declines in trade with East Asia, but growth with India and Europe.

The deal of the semester?

The deeper implications of the Brazil-China currency swap deal.

Korea: Peru Exports Double

Peru trade with Korea jumps after they implement a new FTA.

Shougang: Latin America's Best Company

Latin America’s best companies in revenue and profit growth and profit margins

Brazil Auto Tax Violates WTO

Korean auto official urges change of new Brazil tax hike.

China Threat to Brazil?

How big of an economic threat does China actually pose to Brazil? Four experts share their insights.

Singapore-Latin America Trade Jumps

Trade between Singapore and Latin America grew by double-digits last year.

Chinese Carmakers Eye Brazil

Chinese automakers want to capture a slice of the world’s fourth-largest car market.

Latin America: Record Korea Trade

Korean trade with Brazil and Mexico jump, helping set a new record with Latin America.

Latin America Trade: Asia Leads Growth

Asia is gaining most in trade with Latin America, led by China and Taiwan.

Latin America: Brazil Top Japan Partner

Brazil replaces Panama as Japan’s top trade partner in Latin America.

Indian Business Grows in Latin America

After expanding to Europe and the U.S., Indian companies target Latin America.

China: Latin America Trade Jumps

China's trade with Latin America is growing twice as fast as U.S. trade with the region.

Latin America M&A’s: China Surges

China has become the third-largest buyer of Latin American assets, as the region's M&A's double.

China: More Latin America Energy Investments

Chinese firms will likely invest more in Latin America's energy sector, especially in the Southern Cone, experts say.

Asia, Latin America Help Drive Global Growth

Asia’s growing importance to Latin America’s growth became particularly evident during the recent financial crisis.

Latin America Trade: Asia Bigger Than Europe

Latin America continues to trade more with Asia than the European Union.

China’s Latin America Deficit Jumps Fourfold

Chile replaces Mexico as China’s second-largest trading partner in Latin America.

Asia Seeks Closer Colombia Ties

Japan’s planned investment treaty with Colombia could lead to an FTA, while China wants a Colombia FTA as well.

India’s Latin America Booster

How an Indian diplomat is shaping Latin America’s growing relations with his country.

Passion for Latin America

R. Viswanathan, India’s leading expert on Latin America, talks to Latin Business Chronicle about his passion for the region.

China-Latin America Trade: New Record

Brazil replaces Mexico as China's top market in Latin America and boosts its surplus as well.

China Spurs South America Recovery

China is a real engine of South American economic restoration—but still has a long way to go before it approaches U.S. investment in the region.

Promising Outlook for Asia, Latin America

As the global economy begins to recover, the outlook for Asia and Latin America is promising.

Korea-Latin America Trade Grows

Korean trade with Latin America is growing strongly led by Brazil and Panama.

Singapore-Latin Trade: Strong Growth

Singapore continues boosting its business and trade relations with Latin America.

Latin America: More Indian Business

Indian and Latin American exporters are finding new markets to offset weaker growth in developed countries.

Japan: Latin America Trade Grows

Brazil is now Japan’s top trade partner in Latin America and the leading exporter from the region.

China-Latin Boom Continues

Chinese trade with Latin America continues to grow at a rapid pace and will likely get a boost from new trade and investment pacts.

The New Latin America

Latin America has withstood the Western financial crisis with relatively modest impact.

Spotlight: Asia and Latin America

Our recent coverage of the growing Asian business with Latin America.

Trade Helps Offset Crisis

Trade is providing a silver lining for both the United States and Latin America amidst the global credit crisis.

Asia-Latin America Collaboration

Latin America's and Asia's respective strengths present opportunities for collaboration.

After Doha: Advancing the Trade Agenda

Following the collapse of Doha, Latin America and Asia should seize the promise of pan-Pacific trade.

Lower Transport Costs Boosts Trade

12 nations in the Western Hemisphere create a free trade alliance, while business urge Congress to extend ATPDEA for Colombia.

Asia-Latin Trade Boom

Asian-Latin American trade jumps. And the trend will continue, experts predict.

Asia-Latin Trade Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading experts about the outlook for Asia-Latin American business and trade.

Singapore-Latin Trade Grows

Singapore's trade with Latin America is growing - led by Panama and Brazil. And it will likely grow further thanks to new trade deals.

Toshiba Doubles Latin Sales

Toshiba sales in Latin America are growing strongly. Agustín Corona, Latin America commercial director, explains why.

Q&A: Julio Gaitan, Kyocera Wireless

Julio Gaitan, senior director of international sales for Kyocera, talks to Latin Business Chronicle.

Raul and the Beijing Duck  

Raul Castro clearly has a taste for the Chinese model of capitalism and authoritarianism.

India Boosts Latin Trade

India's trade with Latin America is growing, as are investments by Indian companies.

China: Latin Business Boom

China's trade with, and investments in, Latin America are growing significantly and expected to continue doing so in the future as well.

Q&A: Minoru Itaya, Sony Ericsson

Minoru Itaya, president of Sony Ericsson in Latin America, talks to Latin Business Chronicle.

Latin Wireless: Strong Growth

An in-depth report on the fast-growing wireless market in Latin America. Both operators and handset vendors are gaining strongly.

China Eyes Latin American Commodities

Latin America needs to respond to China's demand with improved infrastructure and transparency, environmental policies and diversification.

Rapid Latin Growth for TCS

TCS is growing in Latin America thanks to markets like Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

Singapore Aim: More Latin Business

Singapore's government aims for more trade and investment ties with Latin America.

Boosting Singapore-Latin Ties

Latin America is now appearing on the radar screens of a growing number of Singapore companies.

New Zealand's Ties with Latin America

An FTA with Mexico and increased focus on economic and political relations with Brazil are among New Zealand's priorities.

Singapore Boosts Latin Business

Singapore's trade with Latin America doubled the past five years and is expected to grow further with new free trade agreements.

Singapore: Latin America's Asian Partner

Latin America is becoming more important for Singapore. Latin American companies can use Singapore as a bridge to China and India.

China Safety and Latin America

Will China's failure to secure safety standards negatively impact its trade relations with Latin America?

China, Taiwan and the Battle for Latin America

China appears to be using its economic might as a means to strip Taiwan of its Latin American allies.

U.S. Favors Free Trade, Sees China Threat

A majority of Americans support free trade with Latin America, but say China's influence in Latin America poses a threat.

Hutchison No Threat to Panama

Comments about Hutchison Whampoa's presence in the Panama ports is, at best, laughable, and at worst, anti-business scaremongering.

Latin Logistics:  A Chinese Concern

China has now come up against the same problem everybody has in Latin America – that of its logistics infrastructure.

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