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Growing risk of legal abuses in Latin America

A recent report from the US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform warns of a growing risk of litigation in Latin America.

Mexico’s Energy Reform Explained

Two lawyers from Baker & McKenzie look at the specifics of Mexico’s energy reforms, and opportunities for diverse sectors.

Mitigating Corruption Risk: How can business protect itself?

Doing business in Latin America exposes multi-national companies so significant risk of corruption. What steps can businesses take to protect themselves?

Could Argentina be heading for a second fault?

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Argentina’s appeal in its battle with holdout credits. Is the country headed for a second default?

Could sanctions on Venezuela hurt U.S. business?

The U.S. House of Representatives passed sanctions against the government of Venezuela. LBC explores how it would affect business in the United States.

Women, business and the law:  how do legal restrictions affect women in business?

A new report by the World Bank presents key findings in legislation that continues to restrict women’s economic opportunities in 143 countries.

Spain’s law firms go it alone in Latin America

Spain’s largest law firm broke its ties with a local firm to go solo in the region. The other law firms are following suit. What are their strategies?

Argentina, Brazil lead declines in Latin Labor Index

Increased difficulty in hiring new employees was the main factor in the declines.

Latin America’s Rising Stars of Legal

The 25 names on our list are lawyers to keep an eye on in the region’s legal sphere.

Holland & Knight opens new office in Latin America

The new Mexico City office will help local and international clients who do business in the region.

Top 50 Businesswomen in Latin America

LBC publishes its annual list of the top business women – this year expanded to include 50 names.

Are Brazil’s proposed political reforms worth it?

Rousseff proposed reforms in response to protesters demands, but is it worth the political energy?

Latin America needs a shake-up in commercial law

George Mencio, associate of Holland & Knight, examines existing legal structures for creating companies, arbitration and bankruptcy laws throughout the region.

Mexico's Major Antitrust Reforms

An overview of Mexico’s major antitrust reforms, including increased sanctions and fines for violators.

Setting Up a Business in Colombia

Practical legal advice for setting up a business in fast-growing Colombia.

Brazil: Tax Reform Likely

President Rousseff's tax reform will likely be approved by Congress, but piecemeal and within the next two years.

Judge Blocks Chevron Ruling

A U.S. injunction blocks the $18.2 billion ruling against Chevron in Ecuador.

Brazil Boosts Legal M&A Business

Brazil helped boost international law firms' M&A business in Latin America last year.

Subpoena Looms for Chevron Opponent

A subpoena looms for attorney Steven Donziger, the lead US attorney in the Ecuador lawsuit against Chevron.

Janszky: Brazil's Time Has Come

Brazil's time has come, but it needs to get its act together in terms of infrastructure, argues Milbank’s Janszky.

Chevron, Software, Banking

The Ecuador lawsuit against Chevron gets even bigger, Colombia best on software piracy and second-best on banking.

Latin America’s Legal Stars

Latin Business Chronicle selects the top 30 foreign lawyers in Latin America.

Ecuador: Chevron Asks for Dismissal

Presents video footage showing Ecuadorian court-appointed investigator in collusion with plaintiffs.

Ecuador Law Threatens Oil Assets

Foreign oil firms in Ecuador have to accept renewed contract terms or face expropriation. Chevron presents evidence of fraud.

Letter to Ecuador's Prosecutor General

Letter to Ecuador's Prosecutor General Washington Pesantez from Chevron attorney Thomas F. Cullen, Jr.

M&A Outlook: Brazil, Colombia, Peru Best

Brazil and energy will dominate mergers and acquisitions in Latin America, experts predict.

More FCPA Cases in Latin America

Growing enforcement leads to more focus on the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in Latin America.

FCPA: Execs See Benefits, Challenges

U.S. and Latin American business people see benefits and challenges with the FCPA.

How to Avoid FCPA Violations in Latin America

Experts share their advice on how US companies can avoid violating the FCPA in Latin America.

FCPA in Latin America: Case Studies

A closer look at some case studies of criminal FCPA violations in Latin America.

Venezuela Currency Rules Hit Business

New measures in Venezuela will make it even harder for foreign companies to repatriate profits.

LBC Article Wins Burton Award

A Latin Business Chronicle column on Latin American firms going global wins the prestigious Burton Awards.

Brazil: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

New Brazilian rules increase the risk that executives may be held personally responsible for their company’s tax liabilities.

Ecuador: Chevron Bets on Arbitration Case

A U.S. ruling last week should help Chevron's case as it continues to fight a major lawsuit in Ecuador.

Chile: Team Piñera

Latin Business Chronicle takes a closer look at the new cabinet of Chilean President Sebastian Piñera.

Aldrich: Successful Skadden Anniversary

Richard Aldrich celebrates his first year at Skadden with a solid track record and strong outlook.

Brazil, Infrastructure Drive Law Business

Brazil, energy and infrastructure are driving legal business in Latin America.

Latin American Legal Outlook Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks US law firms about the outlook for their Latin American business and results last year.

Legal M&A Advisors: Top Winners

Several Brazilian and US firms see strong gains despite a declining M&A market in Latin America.

China Safeguard:  What Can Latin America Do?

A safeguard can be an effective tool by Latin American countries to protect a domestic industry harmed by a surge in Chinese imports.

Ecuador Judge, Official in Bribe Scandal

A government party official asks for a $3 million bribe to him, Correa and a judge to hand out environmental remediation contracts.

Dominican Republic Starts to Recover

The Dominican Republic is starting to see signs of recovery, leading to more optimism among local and foreign investors.

Latin America Boosts Harper Meyer

Latin America business is helping boost the bottom line at law firm Harper Meyer.

Newsmaker: George Harper, Harper Meyer

George "Rocky" Harper, the new president of the Inter-American Bar Association, promises to keep a high profile.

Latin American Firms Pursue Global Status

Once targets, Latin American businesses are increasingly the acquirors in the international M&A market.

Latin America: Legal Disputes Grow

Legal disputes with governments as well as other private parties are growing in Latin America and are likely to increase further this year.

Latin America Disputes Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading experts about Latin America’s growing legal disputes and the outlook this year.

Trade Experts Support Mexico

Experts say Mexico was right to retaliate for U.S. violations of NAFTA and warn against rising protectionism in the United States.

Astigarraga Davis: Brazil, Mexico Boost 

Brazil and Mexico - and some Stanford cases - help spur growth at litigation and arbitration specialists Astigarraga Davis.

Mexico Success for Jones Day

Mexico and infrastructure work in countries like Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica are driving Jones Day's growth in Latin America.

Fulbright: China-Latin Growth

Fulbright & Jaworski boosted Latin America business last year and expects this year’s business to be helped by growing ties with China and the Middle East.

Latin America: More Ponzi Schemes

Latin America remains fertile ground for Ponzi schemes, experts warn.

White & Case: Strong Latin Growth

White & Case boosted its Latin America business by 20 percent last year and expects continued growth this year.

Latin M&A's: U.S. Law Firms Jump

Several U.S. law firms dramatically boost their Latin American M&A business, but Mattos Filho still leads the way.

Multilatinas: Continued Expansion

Despite the current financial crisis, multilatinas are poised for continued expansion in pan-regional Latin markets and internationally.

Peru's Legal Boom

Peru's legal sector is booming thanks to a strong economy, investment grade and a trade agreement with the United States.

Q&A: Michael Gillespie, Debevoise & Plimpton

Michael Gillespie, Co-Chair of the Latin American practice at Debevoise & Plimpton, talks to Latin Business Chronicle.

Argentina Law Firms: Mixed Outlook

High inflation and government intervention in the economy negatively impacts Argentina’s legal sector.

Shearman Bullish on Colombia and Peru

Colombia and Peru are helping boost Shearman & Sterling's business in Latin America.

Venezuela: Squire Sanders Grows

Venezuela’s combination of growing nationalizations and a fast-growing economy are boosting the demand for legal services.

Colombia's Legal Boom

A growing economy and increased foreign investment is boosting Colombia's legal sector.

Q&A on Colombian Law Boom

Latin Business Chronicle asks five leading lawyers about the outlook for Colombia’s legal sector.

Brazil's Legal Samba 

Brazil's legal sector is booming. The country’s new investment grade will help boost foreign law firms' business further.

Q&A on Brazil Law Boom

Latin Business Chronicle asks four leading lawyers about the outlook for Brazil’s legal sector.

Brazil Keeps Booming

Brazil reaches investment grade earlier than expected. Meanwhile, FDI is setting new records. Brazil's boom appears without end.

The Case for NAFTA

NAFTA benefits both the United States and Mexico, experts say. Any renegotiation would result in U.S. job losses, they say.

Ecuador and Investment Treaties

Three experts on the results of Ecuador's withdrawal of bilateral investment treaties.

NAFTA Revisited

In the grand scheme of economic forces, NAFTA is no more than a blip on the U.S. employment picture.

Mexico's Legal Boom

Rising foreign direct investment is giving a boost to Mexico's legal sector.

M&A Advisors: White & Case Jumps

Mattos Filho is the top legal advisor, while White & Case sees the strongest growth.

Latin Law Business Boom

The growing number of disputes in Latin America is good business for U.S. law firms as is the IPO and M&A boom.

Latin Law Boom Q&A

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading law firms about the results of their Latin American business and the outlook.

Dealing With Latin Populists

Populist rhetoric and policies will continue as long as natural resources prices remain high. But what happens after they fall?

Ecuador Oil: More Trouble Ahead

President Correa's oil policies will result in more disputes with foreign companies and reduced oil production, experts predict.

Brazil M&A Boom Continues

Brazilian law firm Mattos Filho, a leading M&A advisor in Latin America, expects another strong year.

FDI Grows, But So Do Risks

A closer look at foreign direct investment in Latin America and the key trouble spots.

Real Estate: Cross-border Finance Explodes

Mexico's real estate sector, already benefiting from a mortgage and tourism boom, gets a push from U.S. cross-border financing.

CAFTA Disputes Grow

Trade and business grows in CAFTA. But so will the number of disputes, experts warn.

Skadden and Citigroup Top M&A Advisors

Big changes from 2005 to 2006 in the advise business.

Latin America: More Disputes

A debt default in Ecuador and future expropriations in Venezuela will likely lead to a wave of disputes with private investors, experts say.

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