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Happy Colombia Day!

Congressional approval of the US-Colombia FTA can help stem lost market share by US exporters.

Colombia: AFL-CIO’s Stuck in the Past

The AFL-CIO is using old arguments – and images – in its campaign against the Colombia FTA.

Who Supports the Colombia FTA?

US companies, state and local chambers of commerce, mayors and prominent newspapers support the Colombia FTA.

U.S.-Panama Trade: A Step Forward

It's time to get the US-Panama free trade agreement approved by Congress.

Consequences of U.S. Trade Inaction

The delay in passing the Colombia and Panama free trade agreements undermines US exports and jobs.

Luis Guillermo Plata: Tireless Trade Booster

Luis Guillermo Plata - the driving force behind Colombia's growing trade ties with the world.

Intellectual Property & Development

Brazil should follow the lead from countries like Mexico and Singapore when it comes to intellectual property rights.

Latin Logistics Needs Competitiveness

Latin America urgently needs to implement reforms to boost trade facilitation or else lag behind.

Costa Rica’s CAFTA Choice

CAFTA will open doors for Costa Rica's workers, farmers, and entrepreneurs.

Deeds, Not Words

The U.S. president's trip to Latin America, scheduled for November, will underscore the excellent relations his team has forged with the Lula Administration in Brazil.