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On the same track?

The Top 40 Foreign Companies kept the same general direction of their local counterparts, but did better.

Best performers in Latin America

Four companies from Brazil, Mexico and Chile are the best performers in the first ranking released by Latin Trade.

2013 Revenue Forecast for the Top Companies in Latin America

While firms in industries related to massive consumption and commodities will generally have a favorable performance, those in activities, such as telecoms and oil production will probably underperform. Important downside risks to our projections prevail.

A record-breaking year for M&A deals

Most of the acquired companies were in Brazil, Mexico and Chile. Most of the acquirers were in Brazil, the US and -- surprisingly -- in Colombia. Trends and data drawn from the Latin Business Chronicle 2012 Latin America’s top 100 M&A ranking.

Latin 500 Top 50 technology companies

Telefonica Brazil was the growth champion. America Movil had a lackluster year

Telefonica Outperforms Wireless Index

For the second quarter in a row, Telefonica is the leader of the Latin Wireless Index.

Telefonica Leads Wireless Growth

Telefonica's wireless operations saw a strong first quarter in Latin America.

Latin Wireless: NII Gains Most

NII Holdings leads wireless growth in Latin America ahead of America Movil and Telefonica.

Multilatinas Outperform Multinationals

The multilatinas post higher growth than multinationals operating in Latin America.

Peru: Claro Boosts Business

America Movil is giving Telefonica a run for its money in Peru's wireless market.

Latin Wireless Index: The Vivo Factor

Latin Wireless Index gains in the second quarter, with Vivo and Oi leading the way.

Latin Wireless: Telefonica Declines 

Oi, Vivo gain most. Telefonica declines and Iusacell grows the least.

Latin America's Companies Boost Revenues, Profits

A closer look at the winners and losers among Latin America's 500 largest companies.

Latin Wireless Index: Oi Gains Most

Brazilian wireless carriers Oi and Vivo gain most, while Millicom and Iusacell post the weakest results.

Latin Wireless Index: Telefonica, Vivo Gain

Telefonica and Vivo gain on the Latin Wireless Index, while America Movil and NII lose.

LBC 100: Top Pan-Regional Power Players

Latin America's top ten most powerful pan-regional business people.

America Movil: Latin America's Top Tech Company

Brazil and telecom dominate the ranking of Latin America's top 40 technology companies.

Latin Wireless: First Quarter Growth

The economic slowdown has not stopped Latin America’s wireless sector from seeing another increase in the first quarter.

America Movil: Top Revenue Earner

America Movil beats Telefonica when it comes to wireless revenues, profits and subscribers in Latin America.

iPhone Boosts Replacement Market

Latin America's wireless market grows solidly in the second quarter, with Nokia boosting its gap to Motorola.

Latin America: iPhone Fever

3G and handsets like the iPhone are helping boost Latin America's wireless market, already the fastest-growing worldwide.

Telefonica and America Movil: Who Leads?

An in-depth analysis of first quarter revenue, profit and subscriber data from Telefonica and America Movil.

Latin 3G: Strong Outlook

3G demand in Latin America will be spurred by growing supply, affordable prices and low Internet penetration, experts say.

Millicom: Strong Niche Player

Swedish-owned Millicom is carving out a profitable niche in Latin America's wireless sector.

Latin Wireless: Strong Growth

An in-depth report on the fast-growing wireless market in Latin America. Both operators and handset vendors are gaining strongly.

Multimedia Spurs Nokia Growth

Nokia boosts Latin America sales and widens the gap with Motorola. Multimedia phones are helping drive the growth.

Brazil Wireless: Lasting Boom

Brazil's wireless market is booming and will grow even more thanks to upcoming 3G licenses.

Yahoo! Expands in Latin America

Yahoo's Latin America sales are up thanks to growing advertisements. It now hopes to get a further boost from wireless.

Mexico's Wireless Boom

Mexico, Latin America's second-largest wireless market, is growing the number of subscribers and the size of the market. Telcel remains the undisputed market leader.

Latin Smartphone Market Explodes

The sales of smartphones in Latin America are expected to jump dramatically the next five years.

Brazil Wireless: More Competition?

Brazil's booming wireless phone market will continue seeing the same or more competition, experts predict.

Brazil: Vivo Hurts Competition?

Vivo's latest purchases should not negatively affect Brazil's telecom competition, experts say.

Wireless: Latin Churn Remains High

Latin American churn rates for wireless subscribers remain high and are expected to continue being high for some time.

Sony Ericsson Hits the Right Notes

Music helps Sony Ericsson boost sales and market share in Latin America.

Guatemala: Economic Success

Good infrastructure, a relatively open economy and good location are among the top benefits Guatemala offers foreign investors.

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