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Cracks in the Pact?

What do tensions in the Pact for Mexico mean for EPN’s reform agenda?

Top 50 Energy Companies

From Petrobras to Comgas, a who's who in the oil and gas industry and in the electricity business

Latin America's Companies Boost Revenues, Profits

A closer look at the winners and losers among Latin America's 500 largest companies.

Latin America's Best Websites

Latin America's 50 best websites for business, economics and corporate data.

Pemex Needs Reforms

The discovery of new oil deposits largely depends on major investment with technologies not currently available to Pemex.

Petrobras Largest Company in Latin America

Brazilian oil giant is Latin America’s largest company, according to the LBC500.

Pemex: No Speedy Recovery

Can Pemex reverse declining oil production by 2010? Four experts share their predictions.

Energy: Brazil, Colombia Best Outlook

Brazil, Colombia and Trinidad offer the best potential this year among energy markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, experts say.

Latin America's Top 500 Companies

Brazil and energy dominate the ranking of Latin America's top 500 companies.

More Mexico Reforms Necessary 

Failure to advance more rapidly with reform runs the risk of turning Mexico’s dependence on oil and emigration into a chronic addiction.

Mexico Needs Reforms

Mexico should open its nationalized oil, natural gas, and electricity sec­tors to private investment and participation.

Transparency: Pemex Best, PDVSA Worst

When it comes to transparency about revenues and anti-corruption programs, Pemex is best in Latin America, while PDVSA is worst.

Mexico: A Light Energy Reform?

Although too light for many foreign oil companies, the proposed reform of Pemex is a smart effort by President Felipe Calderon at this point.

Oil: Venezuela, Mexico Need Reform

Pemex and PDVSA should learn from Brazil's Petrobras, which is setting new records in oil production.

Latin America Oil: Winners & Losers 

Colombia is among the main beneficiaries of the growing "resource nationalism" in neighboring countries. A closer look at Latin America's top oil producers.

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