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A lukewarm quarter for MNCs

The MNC Index falls in the second quarter, a reflection of the cooling of economic growth in key markets, as well as weakening currencies in the region.

Casino, Electrolux and Volkswagen growth champions in Latin America

The 3Q12 results of the Latin MNC Index from Latin Business Chronicle

Latin Wireless: NII Gains Most

NII Holdings leads wireless growth in Latin America ahead of America Movil and Telefonica.

Latin Wireless Index: The Vivo Factor

Latin Wireless Index gains in the second quarter, with Vivo and Oi leading the way.

Latin Wireless: Telefonica Declines 

Oi, Vivo gain most. Telefonica declines and Iusacell grows the least.

NII Holdings: Brazil, Peru Up 

Brazil and Peru grew, while Mexico and Argentina declined at NII Holdings.

Latin Wireless Index: Telefonica, Vivo Gain

Telefonica and Vivo gain on the Latin Wireless Index, while America Movil and NII lose.

Brazil: Foreign Companies See Recovery

Brazil's economy is starting to recover, boosting the overall business outlook for this year, foreign executives say.

America Movil: Latin America's Top Tech Company

Brazil and telecom dominate the ranking of Latin America's top 40 technology companies.

Latin America's 500 Largest Companies

2008 figures in millions of US dollars. Notes and sources at the end of ranking.

Latin Wireless: First Quarter Growth

The economic slowdown has not stopped Latin America’s wireless sector from seeing another increase in the first quarter.

Latin America's Top 25 Foreign Companies

Ranked by 2008 Latin America revenues in millions of US dollars.

3Q: Carrefour, NII, Philip Morris

Strong Latin America growth at Carrefour, NII and Philip Morris, while sales at Telmex and Eastman Chemical decline.

Latin America: Top 40 Tech Companies

Brazil and telecom dominate the ranking of Latin America's top 40 technology companies.

NII Holdings: Good Outlook

NII Holdings is expected to deliver a solid second half in line with its strong first half, experts say. Brazil leads the growth.

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