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South Korea gains ground in Latin markets

South Korea’s trade with Latin America roared ahead in 2011, up 22 percent to reach a record $53.9 billion, according to Korean government data analyzed by Latin Business Chronicle.

Korea: Peru Exports Double

Peru trade with Korea jumps after they implement a new FTA.

Brazil Auto Tax Violates WTO

Korean auto official urges change of new Brazil tax hike.

Latin America: Record Korea Trade

Korean trade with Brazil and Mexico jump, helping set a new record with Latin America.

Latin America’s Wireless Boom

Latin America’s wireless sector, the world’s fastest-growing, is expected to expand even more, partly spurred by smartphones.

Latin America Trade: Asia Bigger Than Europe

Latin America continues to trade more with Asia than the European Union.

Korea-Latin America Trade Grows

Korean trade with Latin America is growing strongly led by Brazil and Panama.

China Spurs South America Recovery

China is a real engine of South American economic restoration—but still has a long way to go before it approaches U.S. investment in the region.

Promising Outlook for Asia, Latin America

As the global economy begins to recover, the outlook for Asia and Latin America is promising.

Leader of the Year: Alan Garcia 

Peruvian President Alan Garcia boosts foreign investment and helps spur economic growth.

Asia-Latin Trade Boom

Asian-Latin American trade jumps. And the trend will continue, experts predict.

Arcor: Sweet Expansion

The world gets a taste of Argentine candy thanks to Arcor.

Latin Wireless: Strong Growth

An in-depth report on the fast-growing wireless market in Latin America. Both operators and handset vendors are gaining strongly.

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