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Third Term for Chavez?

Protests, food shortages and mismanagement undercut Chavez's chances in 2012.

Chevron & Ecuador: Highway Robbery

The $9 billion verdict against Chevron in Ecuador represents a travesty of justice.

The Rapid Decline of PDVSA

Production is too low and too little of it is commercially driven, resulting in a need for more cash.

Chevron Lawsuit: Greed & Deceit

The legal action against Chevron in Ecuador is a story of greed and deceit.

Sale of Citgo Would Be Suicidal

The political and economic effect of a sale of Citgo would be disastrous for Venezuela.

Iran: Venezuela Risks US Action

Chavez risks U.S. action by promising to send gasoline to Iran.

Venezuela: Rotten Food in a Rotten Revolution

The spoiled food scandal is only the latest blow to Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA.

Repsol Finds Gas, Chavez Puts On A Show 

Repsol finds natural gas in the Gulf of Venezuela, Chavez puts up a show.

The Dark And Bright Sides of Venezuelans

Between rising crime, food shortages and Hugo Chavez's constant speeches, Venezuelans find some solace in humor.

Venezuela 2009: More Chaos

Food shortages, electricity outages, labor strikes and popular protests will increase in Venezuela this year.

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