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Best of Latin American Travel

Hotels, meeting spaces and issues of interest in the region's top business destinations.

Extended Stay: Slowly Entering Latin America

Kitchens, desks and larger rooms have made these properties popular in the U.S., but expansion in the rest of the Americas has been slow.

Car Rental Considerations

Travelers unfamiliar with the challenges of driving in developing countries should carefully weigh all the pros and cons before deciding to rent a vehicle in Latin America.

Expedited Clearance Programs

Stiff requirements, limited options for Latin America Travelers mean they're not always worth the trouble.

Black Market Currency Trading: Worth the Risk?

Exchanging dollars for local currency in Venezuela and Argentina can make sense, but carefully consider all the options first.

Latin Hospitality: Room to Grow

Leading hotel brands are expanding in key cities across Latin America.

Destination Mexico City

An executive’s guide to Mexico's capital.

Air Traffic: European Boom

Air traffic with Latin America grows despite the European slowdown.

Destination Sao Paulo

An executive’s guide to Brazil’s business hub.

How Safe is Mexico?

How does the drug violence really affect business and tourism in Mexico?

Latin America: IHG Top Hotel Chain

UK-based IHG has the largest number of rooms in Latin America, followed by Sol Melia from Spain.

Quito Airport: Too Little, Too Late? 

The Quito airport project is back on track, but may be too little, too late, some experts warn.

Brazil Safer, Venezuela Worse

The safest and most dangerous countries in Latin America for foreign multinational executives.

Colombia: Bogota Hotel Boom

Hotel developers look to international chains for growth in Colombia’s capital Bogota.

Sao Paulo Airport: Latin America's Worst

Sao Paulo has Latin America's worst airport and Santiago the best, according to business travelers.

LAN Leads Travel Survey

LAN, TAM, Avianca, American Ailines and Delta Air Lines win reader survey from Latin Trade magazine.

Sao Paulo: The Crime Problem

Crime and insecurity remains a major concern in Brazilian business hub Sao Paulo, but progress is being made.

Deal of the Year: LAN-TAM Merger

The merger of Latin America’s top airlines is shaking up the region’s aviation sector.