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On the same track?

The Top 40 Foreign Companies kept the same general direction of their local counterparts, but did better.

Kroton, the best company in the region

Yura, Pinfra, Eztec, Plaza, Cerv. San Juan, and Enersur follow. The 100 Latin American Best Companies.

Best performers in Latin America

Four companies from Brazil, Mexico and Chile are the best performers in the first ranking released by Latin Trade.

Latin America’s Best 100 Companies 2013

The 100 companies on our list come from six countries, largely dominated by the Pacific economies.

The best 100 Companies of 2012

Mining and construction companies in Latin America have increased their sales, net revenues and profitability more than other firms in the last three years. See the complete list of best companies from Shougang to Corporacion San Luis.

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