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A new environment for banks

Will Latin American banks need more regulation? An exclusive interview with Georges Ugeux,Columbia University professor and author of the book, “International Finance Regulation: The Quest for Financial Stability.”

Cheryl McDowell: The Role of the CFO Is Evolving

The Vice President of Finance & Operations, Latin America at Oracle sat down with LBC to discuss her view on the changing position of the CFO, and her experiences with professional development.

Why CFOs Should Help Set Company Strategy

It's time to change the way we think about CFOs—and the way they think about themselves.

Changes in the Role of the CFO: the view from Mexico

LBC spoke with two CFOs at our CFO Forum in Mexico City to get their insight on this topic.

Technology Changing the Mexican Market

The Mexican financial market is going through a period of technological changes and is set to see a dynamic year.LBC spoke with Jorge Alegría, CEO of Mexican Derivatives Exchange, MexDer, about what CFOs should expect in the near future, as well as the latest developments in the markets.

Steering the course for Odebrecht: Marcela Drehmer’s steady hand

LBC spoke with Odebrecht CFO Marcela Drehmer at Latin Trade’s CFO Event in São Paulo.

What will be the challenges for a CFO in the next decade?

AkzoNobel’sRogerioMenezes weighs in on how he sees a CFO’s role evolving.

Amid Regional Declines, Mexican CFOs Remain Optimistic

A year ago Latin American CFOs were the most optimistic in the world, but that positivity has been tempered, says John Graham of Duke University.

CFO of Bio Pappel: “We are in Mexico for the long-term”

LBC spoke with Bio Pappel CFO MayelaRincón about her company’s plans for the near future.

SAP: Latin America is an exciting an innovative market

CFO for SAP Americas Peter David talks with LBC about the opportunities in the region.

Latin America’s Top 10 CFOs of 2013

The names on our list head some of the best-performing companies in Latin America.

Powerful Lessons from the Mexican Government’s Shift to Electronic Payments

The government saves $1.27 billion a year by using new technology.

CFO Miami

December 6, 2013

Mexico’s tax reform: a guide

Latin Business Chronicle spoke with Alfredo Álvarez and Enrique Pérez Grovas from Ernst and Young at the Latin Trade CFO Forum in Mexico City.

The challenges ahead: Mexico

Mexico continues to move toward the center of the global economic stage, but the day to day realities of business in the country create challenges that require informed and disciplined leadership.

Global CFO Survey: Latin American CFOs are world’s most optimistic

CFOs from LatAm also value CSR more than the global average

New vehicles for infrastructure investment

Seeking to close an infrastructure investment gap, several countries offer high-yield bonds and government backing to private investors.

Argentina, Chile, Venezuela on watch for currency risk

Experts express concern about the stability of the countries' currencies in the coming year, given their unique political and economic circumstances.

How will the Americas fare?

Housing and consumer spending should push U.S. growth to 2 percent this year. Mexico outshines Brazil as growth in Latin America expected to hit 4 percent. Economic projections for 2013.

2013 Revenue Forecast for the Top Companies in Latin America

While firms in industries related to massive consumption and commodities will generally have a favorable performance, those in activities, such as telecoms and oil production will probably underperform. Important downside risks to our projections prevail.

A record-breaking year for M&A deals

Most of the acquired companies were in Brazil, Mexico and Chile. Most of the acquirers were in Brazil, the US and -- surprisingly -- in Colombia. Trends and data drawn from the Latin Business Chronicle 2012 Latin America’s top 100 M&A ranking.

Consistent economic policies foster economic growth and stability: Larraín

The reasons behind the Chilean economic success. An exclusive interview with Minister of Finance, Felipe Larraín

Brazil’s Hypermarcas: Homespun Success

How Brazil’s Hypermarcas has succeeded competing with foreign rivals like Unilever and Procter & Gamble.

Petrobras CFO: We Are Prepared

With $35 billion available in cash, Petrobras is prepared for any market turmoil.

Petrobras, Copersucar CFOs Win Awards

The CFO’s of Petrobras and Copersucar win Latin Trade awards as CFO’s of the Year in Brazil.

Copersucar: We Have Alternatives

Copersucar, Brazil's top ethanol and sugar company, has several alternatives after it delayed its IPO.

Q&A: Denise Farinos, CFO, GM South America

Denise Farinos, the CFO of General Motors in South America, on her career, Brazil and more.

Brazil: "Pretty Girl" With Challenges

Brazil remains a magnet for foreign companies despite major challenges like taxes, education and infrastructure.

America Movil’s Garcia CFO Of the Year

Carlos García Moreno, CFO of America Movil, has been named CFO of the Year in Mexico.

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