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A look at the new world

New areas of opportunity, new trends, the impact of millennials. Latin America, from the vantage point of Osvaldo V. Librizzi, co-president of the Americas for Starwood, and Craig Smith, president for the Caribbean and Latin America at Marriott.

2013 Revenue Forecast for the Top Companies in Latin America

While firms in industries related to massive consumption and commodities will generally have a favorable performance, those in activities, such as telecoms and oil production will probably underperform. Important downside risks to our projections prevail.

“We will capitalize the Central Bank if necessary”

Peru will have a stronger stance against currency appreciation. FDI will increase by 25 percent this year to reach $14 billion. Exclusive interview with Peruvian Minister of Finance, Luis Fernando Castilla.

China Threat to Brazil?

How big of an economic threat does China actually pose to Brazil? Four experts share their insights.

Mexico Gains from Costlier China

Mexico is first in line to benefit from rising labor costs in China.

China Investments: Brazil Top Focus

Brazil and natural resources are the main focus for China’s investments in Latin America

The Dragon and the Anaconda

Tensions are growing between BRIC countries Brazil and China.

China Spurs South America Recovery

China is a real engine of South American economic restoration—but still has a long way to go before it approaches U.S. investment in the region.

China Safeguard:  What Can Latin America Do?

A safeguard can be an effective tool by Latin American countries to protect a domestic industry harmed by a surge in Chinese imports.

China and Latin America: Mutual Benefit 

Stable and open-market governments in Latin America serve China's key goals of expanding markets and ensuring raw materials.

China Sneezes, Latin America Catches a Cold  

Latin America’s economic story is remarkably different if China slows. The energy sector may be in the most perilous position.

China Eyes Latin American Commodities

Latin America needs to respond to China's demand with improved infrastructure and transparency, environmental policies and diversification.

China Safety and Latin America

Will China's failure to secure safety standards negatively impact its trade relations with Latin America?

China, Taiwan and the Battle for Latin America

China appears to be using its economic might as a means to strip Taiwan of its Latin American allies.

Hutchison No Threat to Panama

Comments about Hutchison Whampoa's presence in the Panama ports is, at best, laughable, and at worst, anti-business scaremongering.

China Undermines U.S. in Latin America

China is undermining the U.S. agenda to advance political reform, human rights and free trade in Latin America, the China-Latin America Task Force says.

Mexico Needs China Policy

Mexico will enhance competitiveness and compete with China only if it defines a comprehensive strategy.

Latin Logistics:  A Chinese Concern

China has now come up against the same problem everybody has in Latin America – that of its logistics infrastructure.

China's Latin American Perspective

China, with a population of 1.3 billion, can offer a huge market for the world, including Latin America. Therefore, China’s rise is an opportunity, not a threat.

China and Latin America: Historic Opportunity

Latin America should seize this historic opportunity and take advantage of the unexpected boom in natural resource prices to strengthen technological and production linkages with China.

Ratliff on Cuba and China

Why is economically successful China interested in the economically failed Cuba? And vice versa, asks William Ratliff.

China and Latin America: Shared Gains

Latin American countries have come to matter for China more than ever. The countries that matter the least for China are Venezuela and Cuba. The best relations are with Brazil, argues Jorge L. Dominguez.

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