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US-Panama Trade: Fast Facts

Key facts about U.S. trade with Panama.

US-Colombia Trade: Fast Facts

Key facts about U.S. trade with Colombia.

Singapore-Latin America Trade Jumps

Trade between Singapore and Latin America grew by double-digits last year.

Latin America: Record Korea Trade

Korean trade with Brazil and Mexico jump, helping set a new record with Latin America.

Latin America Trade: Asia Leads Growth

Asia is gaining most in trade with Latin America, led by China and Taiwan.

Brazil-Iran Trade Grows

Brazil remains top exporter to Iran, but Venezuela becomes Iran's top market in Latin America.

Latin America Trade: Asia Bigger Than Europe

Latin America continues to trade more with Asia than the European Union.

China’s Latin America Deficit Jumps Fourfold

Chile replaces Mexico as China’s second-largest trading partner in Latin America.

U.S.-Latin America Trade Rebounds

Mexico and Costa Rica lead Latin America's growth in U.S. trade in the first half of 2010.

Canada-LatAm Trade: Peru, Ecuador Lead

Peru and Ecuador lead growth in Canada trade, but Mexico remains the top partner.

Argentina Third-Largest Exporter to EU

Argentina, Colombia, the United Kingdom and Denmark move up in EU-Latin America trade rankings.

Latin America Trade: Panama Best, Venezuela Worst

Only Panama boosts exports, while Central America fares better than expected. Venezuela and Ecuador lose most in exports.

Latin America: Iran Trade Triples

Brazil is Iran’s top partner in Latin America, with Argentina and Ecuador trailing close behind.

China-Latin America Trade: New Record

Brazil replaces Mexico as China's top market in Latin America and boosts its surplus as well.

Korea-Latin America Trade Grows

Korean trade with Latin America is growing strongly led by Brazil and Panama.

Singapore-Latin Trade: Strong Growth

Singapore continues boosting its business and trade relations with Latin America.

Japan: Latin America Trade Grows

Brazil is now Japan’s top trade partner in Latin America and the leading exporter from the region.

Latin America Trade: New Record

Latin American exports and imports set new records, helped by strong growth in Brazil.

Canada: Latin America Export Boom

Canada's exports to Latin America grow three times more than U.S. exports to the region.

Latin Trade 2008

Exports and imports of goods and services in millions of US dollars.

Trade: Panama Best, Venezuela Worst

Latin America's best and worst countries when it comes to exporting and importing containerized goods.

Latin Trade 2008: Winners & Losers 

Exports and imports of goods and services.

Latin Exports: 2008 Rank

2008 exports of goods and services in billions of US dollars compared with 2008 GDP.

Singapore Boosts Latin Business

Singapore's trade with Latin America doubled the past five years and is expected to grow further with new free trade agreements.

US-Latin Trade Slows Down

Economic slowdowns in the United States and Mexico result in lower U.S.-Latin American trade.

US Latin Trade 1H 2007

All figures in US$ millions. Percent change over first half of 2006.

NAFTA Trade: Weak Growth

The Montebello summit coincides with new data showing weak trade growth in North America.

Latin America Trade Sets New Record

Mexico, Chile and Peru are among the key winners, while most of CAFTA are among the losers in export growth.

Canada-Peru Trade Boom

Peru replaces Venezuela as third-largest trade partner in Latin America. Overall Canada trade with the region grew as well.

Mexico: Export Competition Costs $15 billion

Mexico lost $15 billion in potential exports to the United States thanks to competition from China.

US-Latin Trade Slows Down

Economic slowdowns in the United States and Mexico result in lower U.S.-Latin American trade.

CAFTA 2007: Good Outlook

CAFTA faces 2007 with the likely implementation in two more countries and the start of free trade talks with the European Union.

Latin Trade 2005

Latin American trade grows, driven by increase in both imports and exports.

Mercosur: Unclear Outlook

The expansion of Mercosur is weakening, not strengthening, the group, experts warn.

CAFTA: Positive Outlook

As the U.S. Congress approves CAFTA, U.S. trade with the pact's countries - already up - is expected to increase substantially. Likewise, the CAFTAeconomies should expand as a result.

US-Latin Trade Boom

Latin America set a new record in trade with the United States last year, with Chile and Mexico leading the way. But China is growing its marketshare at the expense of the United States.

FTAA: What Now?

Despite the crisis in Argentina, delays in getting "fast track" in the US Congress and other hurdles, the much-anticipated Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) is expected to launch as planned in 2005.

EU-Latin Trade Up

The European Union posted strong trade growth with Latin America last year, led by Venezuela and Mexico. But future EU relations with the region will depend on expanding free trade agreements.

Central America's Vienna Victory

The EU still has to wait for the big prize - a free trade agreement with Mercosur, but in the interim Central America and parts of the Andean Community are ready.

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