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Energy on the agenda in Chinese leader’s LatAm tour

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s stops show China’s desire to diversify its energy base, say experts.

The Pacific Alliance: The start of something great

Enthusiasm surrounded the formation of the Cali summit, but short-term benefits may not be much.

China-Latin America Trade: Balancing out

Trade with China is reaching more normal rates of yearly growth; Colombia and Costa Rica are this year’s success stories.

South Korea gains ground in Latin markets

South Korea’s trade with Latin America roared ahead in 2011, up 22 percent to reach a record $53.9 billion, according to Korean government data analyzed by Latin Business Chronicle.

Korea: Peru Exports Double

Peru trade with Korea jumps after they implement a new FTA.

Singapore-Latin America Trade Jumps

Trade between Singapore and Latin America grew by double-digits last year.

Latin America: Record Korea Trade

Korean trade with Brazil and Mexico jump, helping set a new record with Latin America.

Latin America: Brazil Top Japan Partner

Brazil replaces Panama as Japan’s top trade partner in Latin America.

China: Latin America Trade Jumps

China's trade with Latin America is growing twice as fast as U.S. trade with the region.

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