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Chile: Globalization star

Chile is the region’s only large economy to make the top 10. Mexico also shines.

Colombia, Costa Rica flirt with OECD membership

The group extended invitations to both countries this week, but formal adhesion will require a large effort and will take many years.

The Pacific Alliance: The start of something great

Enthusiasm surrounded the formation of the Cali summit, but short-term benefits may not be much.

Brazil, the least globalized economy in Latin America

Brazil ranked for the second consecutive year, as the least globalized country in the region. Venezuela and Colombia are also at the bottom of the list. Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras and Chile are the most connected to global trade flows.

Mexico, Colombia More Globalized

Venezuela becomes the least-globalized country in Latin America.

Honduras: Second-Most Globalized

Heavily-isolated Honduras is Latin America's second-most globalized country.

Latin America More Globalized

Most countries - including Brazil and Mexico - become more globalized. Nicaragua improves most, Panama remains the leader.

Globalization:  Latin America Improves, Brazil Worsens

Panama and CAFTA are most globalized in Latin America, Brazil and Mercosur the least, according to the 2006 Latin American Globalization Index.

Mexico More Globalized, Brazil Less

Panama and CAFTA are most globalized, while Brazil and the Andean Community are the least globalized.

Panama Most Globalized

Panama is the most globalized country in Latin America, followed by the Dominican Republic. Argentina is the least-globalized, the Latin American Globalization Index shows.

Up, Not Down

Globalization means upward mobility andincreased prosperity for Latin America and the developing world, a new book argues.

China Doubles Latin FDI

China's direct investments in Latin America have grown dramatically and are expected to continue growing at strong rates over the next few years as well.

EU-Latin Trade Up

The European Union posted strong trade growth with Latin America last year, led by Venezuela and Mexico. But future EU relations with the region will depend on expanding free trade agreements.

US-Latin Trade Boom

Latin America set a new record in trade with the United States last year, with Chile and Mexico leading the way. But China is growing its marketshare at the expense of the United States.

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