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Ecuador, ATPDEA and Chevron

Ecuador's amazing ATPDEA hypocracy and how Newsweek got its facts wrong.

Ecuador's Mess

Thanks to an angry and authoritarian president, Ecuador will see less private investment and more poverty.

Some Advice for Paraguay's Lugo

Paraguay needs to follow Chile's - not Venezuela's - example as a way to reduce the country's poverty and corruption.

Ecuadorian Farce

It is not Chevron which should be sued for environmental damages in Ecuador, but the country's own state oil company.

Where's the beef, Cristina?

The honeymoon is officially over for Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Correanomics Spells Disaster

President Rafael Correa's economic policies are nothing but a recipe for disaster in Ecuador.

Uruguayan Farce

Uruguay's President Vazquez made a shameful decision to postpone Botnia's permit.

Dangerous Policies for Latin America

The big losers of the anti-investment policies of Latin America's leftist governments are the people.

Unfair Treatment of Colombia

Democrat lawmakers are treating Colombia unfairly and should reverse their position immediately if they have Colombia's well-being in mind.

Approve Colombia FTA Now

The U.S. Congress should approve the free trade agreement with Colombia quickly and without any further delays.

Chavez vs Bush: The Real Story 

President Bush's visit to Latin America was a success and will spur closer business ties with the United States.

Commentary: Price Controls Boost Inflation

Price controls in Argentina and Venezuela lead to more, not less, inflation while hurting the soundness of the economy.

Latin Left: Authoritarian & Undemocratic

The leftist leaders in Latin America are not just a threat to free markets, but also to democracy.

Latin America's Nationalist Mistakes

Why the nationalization of telecommunications and electricity in Venezuela, along with resource nationalism in South America, is a big mistake.

Argentina: Lessons for Ecuador

Why Ecuador should not follow in Argentina's footsteps.

Ten Reforms for Lula

Ten key reforms that can boost economic growth in Brazil.

Ecuador’s Political Mess

Ecuador has many world-class companies, but few world-class politicians. And that is a problem for foreign investors.

Counterproductive Tactics

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador should concede defeat, while unions in Chile and Mexico should stop striking.

Cuba After Castro

How Cuba can significantly boost its economy and become a regional powerhouse in business and technology.


Export restrictions, price controls, bully diplomacy and spiralling inflation are among the key results of Nestor Kirchner's misguided economic policies.

Chavez Unmasked

The real Hugo Chavez has stood up. And he's nothing more than a Venezuelan Fidel Castro with tons of oil money to spend.

Free Trade and Poverty

As China's example shows, Latin America needs more, not less, globalization to reduce poverty. And that means pursuing free trade agreements with the United States, Europe and Asia.

Latin Crime: Bad Business

Reducing crime should be a key priority for Latin American countries that want to attract foreign investment. Here are a few ideas on how to achieve that goal.